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  1. Happy birthday! <333333

  2. Happy Birthday!! (x

  3. Hey Aika, happy birthday!

  4. Liberta and nova are perfect yaoi couple i don't need to interfere Kicks pikachu don't use thunderbolt on me :rage
  5. aika

    Hiya! Tohsaka is one of my fav,Nice to meet you. ~Aika

  6. Rye

    Hiya!~ You like Rin Tohsaka?<333

  7. As the title say's kiss or kick the above poster for any or whatever don't care if it's absurd go Wild People XD
  8. Four Months inactive certainly DCW seems all new O_O;;

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    2. aika


      Well Good to be back.see you later then :) bye for now. Got lots of work T_T

    3. Lovestruck
    4. akaisera
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