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  1. Hello everyone, DCW will be going through a major server maintenance on June 25th, which aims at upgrading the entire server infrastructure. This should help speed up web requests as well as stay updated technology-wise. Since it's a big maintenance it may last the full day, possibly more. The forum and wiki will not be accessible during that time (maybe in read-only format only, not sure). I will post back here as soon as the maintenance is over. Thank you for your patience and cooperation! Maurice
  2. We've made the following configuration changes to the forum: - You may now only change your Display Name once within 60 days and after reaching 750 approved posts. However, donators can still change their Display Name 3 times in 30 days without any minimum post count. - A new sub-forum was created in the Games forum called "Forum games". Since we've had lots of "forum games" topics cluttering the "Games" forum, this new forum will now serve those types of games exclusively. - Posts made in the "Forum games" forum won't increase your post count anymore (again to prevent excessive abuse of the current system, even if involuntary, and further promote DC-related discussions instead). Thank you!
  3. Note: This news item was imported from the old system. ------------------------- It is my great pleasure to announce the release of the subbed version of Movie 13: The Raven Chaser! All credits go to the DCTP team who really did an awesome job there as usual! So, a big Thanks to them! Anyway, the video has been added to the Watch section (both on Youtube and Megavideo). If you find more video links, don't hesitate to submit them. It's super easy! Enjoy and feel free to share your thoughts (and emotions?) about the movie on the forum. Happy movie-time!
  4. Note: This news item was imported from the old system. ------------------------- Due to popular demand (and as also part of my plans), I just updated the Watch section of the site to show a list of OVAs and TV Specials that you can watch right here! Enjoy! Please, feel free to report bugs or ideas and feedback on the forum. Thank you!
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