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  1. The topic was deleted by error. I was able to restore a backup. It is one of the oldest and biggest/most famous topic on the forum after all. A trip down memory lane and through DCW's history.
  2. Hello, Just letting you know that the forum may be down a little while today for a maintenance operation. Hopefully, it'll be back soon enough. Thank you, Maurice
  3. I would love to find new moderators. Every now and then we recruit new ones but they always end up getting busy in real life and they stop visiting DCW. Honestly, it's quite hard to keep the pace. It would be great to be able to recruit more frequently but that would require some scouting and effort. :/ The process is more tedious than it seems. If you have suggestions, please feel free to pm me. Thanks.
  4. Hello! Thanks for your support/kind words! The best would be to create lists directly on your user page. A lot of other users do that. The thing is that adding a feature that will allow you to favorite/bookmark an episode (or anything) would probably require to install an exension or create one and that will unfortunately create some overhead whenever we need to update/upgrade the wiki or maintain the system. We used to have many extensions in the past but that made upgrading quite tedious. Now, we only use specific custom-made DCW extensions and simple/basic ones that shouldn't cause problems in the future. I might still look into it though cause the idea is nice. But in the meantime, like I said above, you can simply modify your User page and make lists of your favorite stuffs there. That's the power of the wiki: the ability to edit/create anythng and make it work for the community (or for you)!
  5. Once you're registered on the forum (which si the case here), you can juste click on the "Create" tab on that wiki page to create your User page.
  6. Hello. Welcome to DCW. Actually, once you're logged into the forum, you can edit the wiki. They both share the same login system. That's why you're redirected to the forum to login.
  7. Hello! First, welcome to DCW! Thank you for the suggestion. Indeed, that could be something interesting to implement.
  8. Hello everyone, DCW will be going through a major server maintenance on June 25th, which aims at upgrading the entire server infrastructure. This should help speed up web requests as well as stay updated technology-wise. Since it's a big maintenance it may last the full day, possibly more. The forum and wiki will not be accessible during that time (maybe in read-only format only, not sure). I will post back here as soon as the maintenance is over. Thank you for your patience and cooperation! Maurice
  9. Hello, welcome to DCW. I'm glad you like the site. Make yourself at home here! Have fun!
  10. Hello. Can you tell us what's broken exactly? Thanks.
  11. Hello! Welcome to DCW and thanks a lot for your words! Greatly appreciated. Have fun ~
  12. Hello. Your membership status was updated so it should normally work now.
  13. Hello! Welcome to DCW! I'm sorry for taking so long to enable your account. Keep up the good work your your FF creations!
  14. Hi boss, you still up and kicking? :P

    1. Maurice


      Hey there! :)Yes, here and there. Busy with life and family but still checking up on Detective Conan from time to time. And you?

    2. A L

      A L

      I still come back from time to time to this lovely and nostalgic place. You created one heck of a site and memories for us, really appreciate it! :D stay blessed!

    3. Maurice


      Thanks. Happy to see you around! :D

      I'm still around too even though real life is taking a lot of my time.

      See you around! ;)

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