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  1. Nope. XD I think if once I tried this,I'm going to have a definite low score XD
  2. Miracles in Cell No.7~ (I haven't seen any recent movies though that was a week ago~ XD)
  3. OMG. Another Series! I mean really,DC mostly released a lot last 2010,too good~~ uwaaaaaa <3
  4. I'm glad that everyone is still posting in this thread!! :DD You guys are so awesome!!! <3 The animes I watched recently are: Noragami Magi:The kingdom of magic Kyoukai no Kanata(eps 1-5) Soredemo sekai wa utsukushii Mekaku City Actors Black Bullet Kampfer! Ao Haru Ride Himegoto Barakamon Love Stage! SAO II Sailor Moon Crystal(can't get enough from it's old series uwaaaa)
  5. I changed my twitter account,so please~~ @sakunotsuku
  6. Can someone remember mine? Because you know.. xD I'm lost.
  7. Second Season of Magi,Tonari no Seki-kun and Noragami.
  8. I think hindi na dahil it's too late dail nandito ka na last year pa... Ehehe.. HELLO <3 HELLO <3
  9. I'm not new though ^-^ I'm already a member for the past 3 years here... Ahaha,alam ko! puro alien talaga!! XDD YAY!! NEECHAN~ <3 <3
  10. I just came back after a million decade years(KIDDING JUST 4 OR 5 MONTHS BECAUSE I CAN'T OPEN MY ACCT.)~ I am listening with what the teacher is saying but I might forget it sometimes.. And the more promise to myself the longer I can't do it.
  11. I know their is another person who'll gonna post here...
  12. Hello. May tao po ba dito? Ahehe. TADAIMA~ <3333
  13. conankoibito


    Okay,So I was into this Music section and I'm not wrong that I will find this topic.. xD OH,same here! Lu Han biased ,too. <33
  14. Guess who's back~ CKB here <33

    1. SwiftFeather


      HI!!! Miss you <3 How have you been?

  15. Hi there~ Yatta! Kono akaunto tsukaenai kamo to omotta hontouni dzurai yo nanka~! :33 Yo~ckb yo! Minna saikin genki ka? Ahehehe,dare ka iru?
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