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  1. conankoibito

    Filipino Classroom and Chatroom

    Nope. XD I think if once I tried this,I'm going to have a definite low score XD
  2. conankoibito

    What's the last movie you saw?

    Miracles in Cell No.7~ (I haven't seen any recent movies though that was a week ago~ XD)
  3. conankoibito

    Official Magic Kaito 1412 News and Discussion Thread

    OMG. Another Series! I mean really,DC mostly released a lot last 2010,too good~~ uwaaaaaa <3
  4. conankoibito

    What was the recent Anime you watched?

    I'm glad that everyone is still posting in this thread!! :DD You guys are so awesome!!! <3 The animes I watched recently are: Noragami Magi:The kingdom of magic Kyoukai no Kanata(eps 1-5) Soredemo sekai wa utsukushii Mekaku City Actors Black Bullet Kampfer! Ao Haru Ride Himegoto Barakamon Love Stage! SAO II Sailor Moon Crystal(can't get enough from it's old series uwaaaa)
  5. conankoibito

    DCW Alumni List on Twitter

    I changed my twitter account,so please~~ @sakunotsuku
  6. conankoibito

    Your Nicknames

    Can someone remember mine? Because you know.. xD I'm lost.
  7. conankoibito

    What was the recent Anime you watched?

    Second Season of Magi,Tonari no Seki-kun and Noragami.
  8. conankoibito

    Filipino Classroom and Chatroom

    I think hindi na dahil it's too late dail nandito ka na last year pa... Ehehe.. HELLO <3 HELLO <3
  9. conankoibito

    Filipino Classroom and Chatroom

    I'm not new though ^-^ I'm already a member for the past 3 years here... Ahaha,alam ko! puro alien talaga!! XDD YAY!! NEECHAN~ <3 <3
  10. conankoibito

    Tell us a secret about you!

    I just came back after a million decade years(KIDDING JUST 4 OR 5 MONTHS BECAUSE I CAN'T OPEN MY ACCT.)~ I am listening with what the teacher is saying but I might forget it sometimes.. And the more promise to myself the longer I can't do it.
  11. conankoibito

    Last Poster Wins

    I know their is another person who'll gonna post here...
  12. conankoibito

    Filipino Classroom and Chatroom

    Hello. May tao po ba dito? Ahehe. TADAIMA~ <3333
  13. conankoibito


    Okay,So I was into this Music section and I'm not wrong that I will find this topic.. xD OH,same here! Lu Han biased ,too. <33
  14. Guess who's back~ CKB here <33

    1. SwiftFeather


      HI!!! Miss you <3 How have you been?

  15. conankoibito

    Japanese Chatroom for Beginners!

    Hi there~ Yatta! Kono akaunto tsukaenai kamo to omotta hontouni dzurai yo nanka~! :33 Yo~ckb yo! Minna saikin genki ka? Ahehehe,dare ka iru?