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  1. W.H.E.R.E


    When silence fills the air

    Here I witness darkness

    Eerie to eyes of the soul

    Run, run, run...

    Enlighten the fear with courage

  2. This topic is pretty old and quiet but it's not too late to reply right? :DDDD Detective Conan was already aired in my country for some time during my childhood (2000s) so I already know the background of the anime. But one day when I was 10, I decided to watch from the first episode of Det. Conan. I was surprised with the old artstyle and the totally low quality (good streaming sites don't exist then) but I kept watching anyway. As a child, of course I would be awed about the complicated tricks and puzzles the anime provided. As I grew up I still follow the series and with more information about the anime leaked out, I dare to point out the reasons I will still put Det. Conan as one of my top anime. If you think they're wrong, fight me 1. The anime uses real fact and logic. MUST SEE! --> Gosho Aoyama Interview video [link] Aside from the anime often broke the laws of physics, this anime uses legit facts in their reasoning. Gosho Aoyama actually researched the facts in a wide range of aspects for the content of his manga/anime. Besides that, he also tests the tricks for the murders (idk how many times tho) before he actually writes them in his manga/anime so NO ONE has the right to say that his tricks in the anime are 'not logic'. Anyone remember when Conan and Reiko dialed the phone using their voices in movie 12? It actually works in real life! I wish I remember where to find the video though... 2. The artstyle I'm not sure about other long-running anime but I'm sure none has a gradual change in artstyle as Det.Conan. We know some long-running anime like Pokemon and Naruto that stick to one artstyle in a period of time before changing it (or maybe the change is not obvious enough, I'm probably wrong). I find it fascinating to see the change of the art slowly change as I watch the whole series. 3. The connection and complexity of the plot. Det. Conan fans know how Gosho always make the plot for an arc complicated. Especially in the current arc in the manga that connects with the old cases we won't expect to appear (don't worry no spoilers). I wish I could explain in detail but then there would be spoilers and I forgot most of the details because I'm currently watching Pokemon anime. 4. The balance I'm not sure if I'm looking this too deep but I feel there's a certain balance in Det.Conan. Like Vermouth who is the antagonist but is protective of Shinichi and Ran, proving that she is not heartless. Or Mouri who is a drunkard but is a really caring father to Ran. I don't enjoy watching anime if I could predict what a character does next and go "Oh, of course he does it because he's like that." I won't say that the characters have realistic personalities but I enjoy seeing two sides of a character that make us understand them better. Last but not least... 5. This awesome fan-base. (except those immature ones, including hard-core shippers) I admit that I haven't watch or been in Det.Conan community for a while but I really enjoyed my past experience in the Det.Conan fandom. I enjoy reading threads about fan-theories and some theories really amazed me. I mean, the possibilities are endless and it's fun to throw out opinions about a never-ending series. Besides, I'm glad that I don't see too much hate comments regarding 'new Det.Conan vs old Det.Conan' so I think this fandom is the best one I've been so far. Yeah... these are my reasons to love Det.Conan.
  3. Dh lama x masuk tmpt ni.... :'DDDDDD S I L E N C E . . .
  4. I have a feeling Haibara will get a sad ending. I'm not saying she's going to die but just think about it. Haibara is the creator of APTX-4869. Even if she is bonded with Conan and the people around her, she is still the 'criminal' in this story. Let's just say Vermouth became Conan's ally in the near end of the series (I'm begging you don't spoil me, please), she will still be sent to justice. I think Haibara will still be sentenced for her involvement in the BO.
  5. Detective Conan was quite popular in my country(Malaysia) a few years ago because various channels aired it on a daily basis. Everyone around my age knows who Conan is. It's funny bc everyone of my friends would ask me, "Hey, does Ran know Shinichi's identity yet?" or "When is DC going to end?" since I'm the only one who follows the anime to the latest episode. xD Well, I doubt that the young generation (those who are born in the year 2010+) here actually knows this anime today bc they stopped airing it.
  6. As we all know, 'Kimi ga Ireba' is the most iconic song in Detective Conan and has been played for 20+ years since it first aired. Everyone can just search 'detective conan main theme' and can easily find the song. But there are other long running anime that dont have an iconic theme like DC. I was just wondering why Kimi ga Ireba became so iconic in the first place and why did this specific song became the theme of DC. Feel free to put any info or discuss about it.
  7. Black Butler is just getting freakin dark...

  8. Cant decide whether to catch up the manga, catch up the anime or rewatch the movies... TT^TT

    1. Ryo


      all three like I did >

    2. nis-aihara


      It's pretty hard cause I'm currently in the middle of my Pokemon marathon... xD

  9. I havent been here for a long time but i just want to ask...

    Is this site dead or something?

    Or maybe people in the world are just too busy. Sorry. :)

    1. Ryo


      Oi, welcome back! been awhile!


      Yeah it's really quiet now a days, but some members (including myself) come on here from time to time. 

  10. I like that "Because I love you." moment in Movie 4... (melts my heart every time) and the time Conan and Ran jumped off the building in Movie 5... (again, it melts my heart) and everyone's favourite... ... the London Confession Scene!! (i smiled creepily by myself for days in class because i would remember that moment)
  11. Weird. I dreamt Conan and Haibara tamed a lion, literally... :D

    1. Kid the Phantom Thief

      Kid the Phantom Thief

      Why would they tame a lion? haha

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