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  1. agasa is the boss theory? :-o *goes to check that out
  2. hey~ hi there... don't be sad now kay~ :grin: etou, mr. identityunknown, what can i call you? btw, thanks a lot!! i finally found it mr. !! *runs to say thanks
  3. not really~

    i am from the philippines~

    how about you??

  4. thank you all for the warm welcome~ and sorry for replying so late !! i got busy these days..!! KKLT-san: thank you for those revival cookies, i'll save them... :grin: , and i'll be careful..haha, i'll be sure to go to those pages! i LOVE riddles though riddles tend to hate me.. Cure-kun: arigatou for explaining all of them!! you really are hardworking~ *claps bell-chan~ you really are a nickname maker!! *laughs...you can call me anything you like~ but, i do like angel-chan!! you can also drop off the honorifics..^^ berumotto-chan: can i ask how can i put a siggy here?sorry for being clueless misaki-chan: i guess KKLT-san put the wrong description of you...you seem very kind *giggles thank you all ^^
  5. still new to this forum...not sure how to browse around >.<

    1. Hejle


      You will learn... :D

    2. redangelran
  6. O_o youngster? oh well..that's true if you're talking about how long i have registered here.
  7. yay~!! i finally found this topic~!!! SHINRAN!!! and ran and shinichi definitely deserved to be together in the end~~ they suit each other too well, and they love each other from the start up to forever... SHINRAN ftw~!! LOVE EM
  8. obviously, my stand here is shinichiXran. :smile:
  9. i prefer mouri ran. she's my second favorite after all ^^ :razz:
  10. conan, cause i'm a pedophile shinichi, of course.. :grin:
  11. LOL at megure and agasa...XD the bed should be king sized.
  12. awesome deducting skills ^^
  13. konnichiwa minna-san~!! redangel ran here~ a shinran fan desu~ been a fan of DC for 4-5 years~ i just joined and i am not very familiar with the forum here~ i hope you could introduce yourself to me too.. and btw, i was wondering if someone could post the rules here,hope i can catch up to you guys~~ good day ^^
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