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  1. I have two essay deadlines and 2 final exams to go then I'm back to a full-time job until school starts again. Not that I'm complaining since I get paid and no home works but...I'm graduating soon and I still don't know how to adult yet *laughs* that's why planning to extend my stay at the university. And I don't know what a vacation is because I'm broke.
  2. Hurray for Haikyuu anime season 3!!
  3. ...but for how long? I'm giving it 10 chapters this time and this is me being optimistic. But seriously, I'm glad it is back so Hurray for Togashi!
  4. DC is such a wordy series and it's really intimidating to translate for it so I can't either. However, I can be your podcast co-host, NOT! Goodluck in finding people though. I just worked on an assignment on the last minute last night too! I just never learn. Just call my name and I'll be there. xD
  5. All I know was that I was about halfway or something so I started from there but I skipped the Anime original and the less important episodes. But back as in actively back probably not. I'll definitely be here lurking though whenever there's a new file to look at. I don't know. Japanese anime/manga series adapted into a Hollywood movie usually doesn't come out as good so I'll keep my expectations low.
  6. That aside, is Crunchyroll even planning to sub and post all the episodes from the beginning?
  7. It appears that「浅」means light or shallow or it could also mean disgraceful as in 浅ましい (Asamashii). 「香」basically means scent or fragrance as in 香り... Not sure where I'm going with this but given the meaning of his/her name, I think Asaka is probably not a nickname given by Amanda but it still depends on her knowledge of the language, noting that she's most likely non-Japanese who is a fan Kohji Haneda either through chess or shogi.
  8. After however many years since I've known DC, I'm finally caught up with the latest manga chapter...err...file(?)
  9. Anyone reading Boku Dake ga Inai Machi a.k.a. ERASED? I found out about it through the anime which started airing in January and it reminded me of Detective Conan, only it's the seinen version, but it's really good
  10. Hi! I'm trying to catch up with this series. Just wanted to say that. Lol. Bye.

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