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  1. That aside, is Crunchyroll even planning to sub and post all the episodes from the beginning?
  2. It appears that「浅」means light or shallow or it could also mean disgraceful as in 浅ましい (Asamashii). 「香」basically means scent or fragrance as in 香り... Not sure where I'm going with this but given the meaning of his/her name, I think Asaka is probably not a nickname given by Amanda but it still depends on her knowledge of the language, noting that she's most likely non-Japanese who is a fan Kohji Haneda either through chess or shogi.
  3. Anyone reading Boku Dake ga Inai Machi a.k.a. ERASED? I found out about it through the anime which started airing in January and it reminded me of Detective Conan, only it's the seinen version, but it's really good
  4. Hi! I'm trying to catch up with this series. Just wanted to say that. Lol. Bye.

  5. I think it is going to be Takagi. I feek like he is the most curious guy in the Tokyo Police Dept. or at least he has the most screentime.
  6. Lol. Of course Aoyama knows who the Boss of the Black Org. is, he is the writer after all. :V It will end at some point because Aoyama is not immortal and neither his readers. And even if for some reason we become immortal, not having an ending for a series is going to be super annoying and disappointing.
  7. Friendly reminder: I know this is just internet and you can do whatever the hell you want pero sana ingat lang. I understand that you're trying to sound casual pero the "hoy" sounded a little disrespectful. Just so you know kahit common ang paggamit ng "hoy" sa ating mga pinoy, it should not be used to greet people for the first time online and especially irl. Saves you from bad first impression. PS. Sa mga bago Welcome to DCW!!
  8. I like the luffy cameo.. cool
  9. 20th Century Boys/21st Century Boys I read this from someone: "The suspense is better than the reveal." Exactly... Still, it's awesome so read it.
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