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  1. This huge streak of AOs is quite unsettling...

    1. Heliotropic


      There are other ways to space it out rather than go with 12+ AOs in a row =P - Though really excited to see the new couple manga cases animated.

    2. Rye


      Same here! I can't wait to watch the Kawanakajima arc!

    3. Heliotropic


      Yep! Just hope that they don't censor the living daylights out of it. That case was pretty brutal in the manga!

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  2. She has quite a few good openings. I like Winter Bells and Revive. I'd like to see TWO-MIX go at it again. Favorite opening by far is Truth! It looks like we're in for a couple more anime originals. Episode 800, 801, 802, 803, supposedly a break of sorts on Dec 19th, and 26th, probably another AO on Jan 2nd if there is no break, and then the AO special on Jan 9th/16th. So I guess canon will probably return on January 23rd. So 12 confirmed anime originals in a row? Maybe 13, 14 if you count the remaster. A bit disappointing to deal with this many anime original episodes. We've beat the old record from back in 2000 from episode 179-187 with 803 alone. I suppose this is to be expected since the anime was getting so close to the manga. I guess that's simply not allowed
  3. DEEN had a good ending! Mai Kuraki has had both an ending and an opening running at the same time (Summer Time Gone and Tomorrow is the Last Time, as well as Try Again and Koi no Koishite) Mai Kuraki, ZARD, and Miho Komatsu have all had back to back openings or endings too. I'm sure there might be some more, but I can't really be bothered to go back and check
  4. Aye, that was certainly the "interesting" bit about the episode. I'm not sure what it says about the episode that one of Genta's crack deductions almost got it spot on. I don't dislike LaPomPon. I think their rendition of Nazo was fine, and overall I really liked the opening, but two LaPomPon covers back to back? It'd be nice to have a bit of variety. They could have got someone else to do it. I mean, do they have any original material
  5. 799 was pretty bad imo. There wasn't anything particularly interesting about the episode, and the entire case was just disappointing and ridiculous. It wasn't a fun episode, that's for sure. I didn't like 798 very much, but it at least had a couple enjoyable moments. 800 looks like a step in the right direction. We'll be getting a new ending, which should air on the 9th with the AO special. It is yet another La PomPon song. This time they'll be covering ZARD's Unmei no Roulette Mawashite. I'm not thrilled at all about La PomPon doing another cover, but It's nice that we'll be replacing the current one. It's the longest running ending to date, and by quite a significant amount. It does seem like the specials are simply 1 hour AO episodes (805+ ish?), so Crunchyroll should sub them.
  6. Recently finished Neon Genesis Evangelion, and it has some great music imo. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CuRwRlicEmw
  7. I think that the eyes definitely are supposed to represent Rum, but I don't think they belong to Rum, so I can definitely agree with you here. But to quote myself on why I don't think that these will be Rum's eyes, from what we know in canon... We're "overdue" for a lot of things, but I suspect if Rum makes a direct appearance in the movie, and not as a silhouette, he'll have to show up in the manga before hand. The scenario with Akai/Subaru was a bit different because we also had plenty of hints to come to a conclusion before the "reveal" in Movie 18. While it was a first to do something like this before the manga, we had basically had the answer in the anime at the end of the Mystery Train (and other hints to draw from as well). By the time Movie 20 airs in theaters, we certainly won't have nearly the same level of information on Rum as we did in the the anime before 18. Even most of the current "suspects" can be dismissed in one way or another. Even if we learn Rum's identity by April, I'd still find it a bit strange that Rum would be revealed in the movie with so little hints in the anime. Overall, they're definitely doing a good job of hyping us up, Gosho included. We've got the AC hint, and the movie website and promo are certainly alluding to an appearance from Rum. I suppose the question remains... in what way... The trailer should come out around December 2nd I think? Maybe a little bit after once the title gets an official reveal. Coincidentally, the latest file should conclude on Dec 2nd, so maybe this will be an opportune time to reveal something? (Highly doubt this though)
  8. Or a character completely unrelated to the BO. There is also the possibility that the eyes are just included in the promo to generate hype and get people talking, and it worked. Maybe there won't even be a character like that in the movie. It does have to be said that this is a promo. The "real" trailer hasn't even came out yet, but I agree with this. I don't think there's any way that such a significant thing would be revealed in a movie promo, and I have my doubts on how Rum will "appear" in the movie to begin with. However, I do think that the eyes are supposed to represent Rum, and they know people are going to draw the comparison. It's good marketing, and I'm sure they are going to pull out all the stops to try and make the movie as successful as possible.
  9. This probably could have went in the DC Question and Answer thread, but here you go! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lA9IveeuLsE
  10. File 939 Chinese: http://tieba.baidu.com/p/4165961451 Alternate link: http://imgur.com/a/60LZo
  11. 798 pretty average all the way around. Had a couple funny moments, and man, that opening scene was completely over the top... So many more AOs to go - Hope there are some decent ones, but I have pretty low expectations for the Mystery Tour. The special in early January is going to be 2 1 hour specials as well, so it's nice that it's not your typical 2 part AO advertised as a special. Unfortunately, I have my doubts that Crunchyroll will sub it.
  12. Kogoro is one of my favorite characters in the anime (not as much in the manga), and I loved his original voice actor. Don't have a strong opinion towards Eri. As far as the pairing? Stubborn beyond belief, but I think with how Gosho has shown that they still clearly love each other that they'll probably have a happy ending. I imagine most characters will have their love stories resolved by the end of the series. Though I think some of the romances are a bit unnecessary and the whole childhood friendships has gotten a bit out of hand... I think Ran suffers a bit more than some of the other characters simply because there are certain things that can't or likely won't be resolved until a conclusion is near. Shinichi and Ran's love story has always been rather slowly developed and I think that the resolution is considered to be a pivotal moment in the series for many, that and Ran finding out Conan is Shinichi. So for Ran specifically... nothing noteworthy has really happened since the London arc, and I suppose the question is when she'll reply to Shinichi (even if she deems it unnecessary). You don't need to apologize for anything Once you quote somebody, all you have to do is write your reply. Hitting the quote button should automatically start the process. You can preview your posts too in the "More Reply Options", so I'm not really sure what the problem is? Are you using a mobile device? It's just frowned upon to double post, and you can edit, and quote multiple people in a single post.
  13. Probably. I don't think it said anything about a trailer, but it'd be pretty safe to assume that they'd release the trailer once they announce the title of the movie, and if it doesn't come out on the 2nd, it definitely won't be far behind. We'll probably know the title a couple days early if they are going to announce it in Shonen Sunday. Maybe on the 28th...
  14. I think you might have misunderstood what I was trying to say. I don't dislike Ran in any way, and I think she does have quite a few admirable qualities (her patience being one of them). As far as her connection to Shinichi is concerned, well, obviously they have a deep rooted history, and a very similar way of thinking, but I don't really like that much of her character development is dependent upon Shinichi. Gosho likes to use romance to develop characters, and sometimes I feel its because he doesn't know how to do it any other way, and I really don't care much for the romance in the series as a whole. It's just not my cup of tea (but that's not why I love Detective Conan in the first place). Really the only thing left I see happening with her character development is during another suspicion arc or she'll reply to Shinichi's confession. I found Ran to be a more interesting character around the conclusion of the Vermouth arc. I think the peak of the series was either 345 or sometime around the Desperate Revival arc. Personal preference I suppose, and I really like that Ran did her own investigations and we had that iconic scene with Ai, Ran, and Vermouth as a result. People all have different opinions though, I'm just sharing mine. I'm not sure why you are double posting every time you go to quote somebody? For sure. There's quite a few "new" clues Ran has already, she just needs to piece it together. I wouldn't be surprised if the next one is the last, it should be after all this time. Of course, even if we're "overdue" I'd rather see Gosho wait and do it properly one final time rather than sit through another arc where Conan successfully fools Ran and we have to deal with the process all over again...
  15. She's definitely not my favorite character. I don't dislike her, but I don't find her to be a particularly interesting character either. I think at one point I'd say that I did really like Ran, and she definitely still has her moments, but this feeling started to wane following the Vermouth arc. I definitely am not singling out Ran either, as the same is true for other characters and the series as a whole. I'm pretty mixed in general. I don't really like how her character development tends to be so tied to Shinichi, and it's a bit unfair that she really doesn't get to shine as much as she could. I don't think the series length in general has been kind to Ran either. I'm definitely looking forward to if/when she conducts her own investigation though. We've been overdue for another suspicion arc for quite some time.
  16. Isn't the official title reveal on December 2nd? I think the trailer would probably follow soon after that.
  17. Doesn't sound that rough to me - Phenomenal job!
  18. The eye design in the promo is entirely new. They don't match up with any character we've seen in the series before. The options to me are that this could either be a movie only character, and will have nothing to do with Rum or canon, or that it is just something included in the promo to generate hype and won't even be featured in the movie at all. I think the eyes being Rum would be extremely unlikely for a couple reasons. Not only would it be incredibly odd for them to do such a significant reveal in a promo video, not even an official trailer, and with the information we have on Rum in the manga, but if this truly were Rum, I think it's a bit ambiguous that they even have a prosthetic. There's surely a difference, and the eyes don't really match up with how Goudzou's prosthetic was shown in MK1412, of course, this was done by a different animation studio, and wasn't shown in the manga either, so it's not really relevant either. Lastly, I really don't think Rum will have two different colored eyes. I think if Rum had two different colored eyes, and one of them was a prosthetic, the rumors wouldn't be nearly as consistent. I think that Rum's prosthetic will be more akin to Goudzou's in that it was more "realistic" looking. It also seems sensible to me that if you were to get an artificial eye, you wouldn't get one of a different color...
  19. Welcome to DCW, the more the merrier! It seems we came across DC the same way (though I watched it at its earlier time-slot)
  20. I worded that somewhat poorly, but I wasn't saying that people wouldn't notice it immediately. I meant in comparison to something like the promo. Artificial eyes can look quite realistic. Goudzou's prosthetic in MK1412 was certainly noticeable, but it wasn't right in your face either. I think Rum certainly does have a prosthetic, but I don't think his prosthetic will allude to it being something like heterochromia, otherwise the rumor wouldn't be so consistent.
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