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  1. Sounds good. Sorry if that aggravates you, but, yes, the mangas I have read, even some bad ones, have had more enjoyable moments than Conan is now. Not back in the era I described. And again, it's my opinion and my taste.
  2. Not really. From how they're going about hinting at it, it sounds just as uninteresting to me. It's an F to me, because of how I felt this trend in terms of new characters, character actions and inconsistencies rubbed me the wrong way. I simply don't approve of the types of story and character turns it took. Gosho has to keep it going, and in doing so, lost my interest. Then again, this is just my opinion of the matter, you are all free to enjoy this series, I simply cannot find any more value in it.
  3. First point, the latter. The Kir arc was "okay" for me, it was when the Bourbon arc debut and these additional characters were added that it became irredeemable for me. By then, the Org cases were really the only ones I'd followed, anyway.
  4. Is your alternate Bourbon arc fanfic dead? If so, it's a shame, but I suppose it was inevitable. -_-

    1. DCUniverseAficionado


      Might as well ask now, before you go of to... say, what manga has taken DC's place, in your mind (if there is one)?

  5. It still wouldn't change my opinion, though. It would be an outgrowth of the series as it currently is. To say something back on topic, Shinichi's appearances used to be a fun plot point for me (because I wasn't clear on his re-arrival here, I though it was another flashback case at first.), as the story would also aid it, but it became yet another disappointment as time went on (for me, not the rest of the fans) with the London case being the straw that broke the camel's back. After that, the rest of the Bourbon arc and the circumstances with RUM proved I was done with even following the Org story arc.
  6. Absolutely. This was just my reaction to the 1,000th file. Gosho's handling of all the characters and story turned me off for good, and from what I've seen of the story since I left, nothing has changed.
  7. I remember back when I actually enjoyed "Shinichi comes back" cases
  8. This year, for the Japanese Variety show Gaki no Tsukai (No Job for Kids)'s annual "No Laughing Batsu Special", the theme was "Detectives" where the main cast who would be punished by a slap on the butt for laughing at the funny characters and situations they'd encounter. As per usual, their former manager and guide for these is Fujiwara, who would also dress in according to the theme, usually in drag, but look whom he chose to dress as this time. Not only that, they got a pretty competent child actor who looks like Fujiwara dressed as Conan to do a quick little gag near the beginning, then near the end, when there is a twist regarding a routine, he makes a surprise, dramatic reappearance and even does the "It Was You!" Pointing routine.
  9. Yes, I DID know that. I just thought Gosho was beyond doing that. Doesn't matter at this point, I still hate it. I FIGURED he wasn't the N2 by that point. It's inconstant that at least ONE of the more astute ones couldn't deduce the Mascara clue given the Boss' cautious and have Rum dealt with. This manga has faltered severely in my opinion with the Bourbon arc and I have a right to jump the gun if I please. I simply don't care for it any more.
  10. Well, the other arc disappointed me just as well. I was afraid of what would eventually happen in the Bourbon arc when Amuro was introduced. I WILL NOT take back my statement.
  11. That was the OLDER sillier version of Conan. I didn't expect something like that this far in the series, and I don't care for it either.
  12. What Kurara meant (and I agree with) is "why would the Boss choose someone so clumsy to be the second in command of such a secretive agency?"
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