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  1. Yea, it was a fun episode, a bit "different" though. Could still go either way for me. Case doesn't seem that intriguing, but at least it is entertaining. They're really making fun of Sleeping Kogoro every chance they get
  2. Seems just like a change. The ratings on Crunchyroll don't really seem to indicate that it's getting anymore popular (though Netflix did acquire it recently). Perhaps it's just an incentive of sorts to get people to subscribe to Crunchyroll.
  3. Yep, it's now Wednesday @ 3PM EST (for Premium users only) - so I'm assuming it'll be available for free users a week later (excluding 806, of course)? Either way, great news. Glad to see we're getting things even earlier now.
  4. 805 was good, I think they did a good job with the special this year. It was a relatively interesting case, and quite a bit of humor. The next AO looks like it'll be fun as well, if anything it's certainly something "new" or so it seems. No episode next week though.
  5. Unfortunate that Kamaitachi isn't airing on the 30th, but oh well, I'm still interested in seeing this two part AO. Thanks for posting this though. It's nice that Kawanakajima is airing right after, though I'm not sure I could really see them throwing anything in between Kamaitachi and Kawanakajima in the first place.
  6. I would have liked to see the Two-Mix case subbed, but don't particularly care for anything else. Really would have liked to see that subbed though. I think one of the remasters was subbed in French though.
  7. Yep. Kind of to be expected, would probably be too short for 3 parts (though it is 4 files). Kawanakajima should definitely be 3 parts though. I'm just hoping they'll air Kawanakajima right after Kamaitachi. I'm not sure if the Ventriloquist's Illusion was just an error or if it was pushed back for some reason. I don't think there was any confirmed source for it? In any case, really looking forward to seeing the next couple episodes animated, including the 2nd part of the special, of course.
  8. This was from SBD 80+, if that's an answer to your question. I imagine they use it in the anime for the same reason. I don't think there's really any special meaning behind it. Q89: Why are there red bricks on the covers of the volumes? A: The design department decided it.
  9. I have the feeling that he is faking it to some degree, not sure why... Just seems odd to me that he is trying to escape, but someone always conveniently stops him... Maybe I need to rewatch the episode again, but it's not like he's under constant surveillance as a patient is he? I just assumed they checked up on him every couple hours. Not sure what he'd gain by doing this... Judging from her reaction to the president the first time they met in this case, I do think there is something going on there. It could definitely allude to the president being the culprit. The cameraman is interesting for sure. Maybe he's there to simply stir up some trouble. Given he has photographs of the early crime-scene, he probably knows something we don't. Guess we'll find out next week...
  10. Welcome to DCW! Hope you enjoy it here, though things can be a bit slow sometimes Unfortunately it's just not popular over in the United States, but maybe that'll change in the next couple years. We can always be optimistic! There's plenty of people who'll be willing to talk about the series around these parts, or at least I'd hope so
  11. I agree with you about the president, though the playwright seems suspicious to me as well (highly doubt he'll be the culprit though given Ebizo's feelings towards him). I might give it another gander in the coming days and see if I notice anything in particular. I'm sure the security guy doesn't have anything to do with it, but I'm not so sure about the accountant. She'll probably be involved "somehow", but I don't think she's the culprit. I liked how the ended the episode for sure. Kind of gives a level of suspense. They did something similar in the two part AO awhile back (775) and it worked well here too. Hope these next few AOs are pretty good. The break was nice, so I can put up with a couple more
  12. I liked 804. It was pretty entertaining and had a few funny bits. The case isn't too bad either, although I wasn't fond of how the episode started. Just a bit over the top, and it really just seemed unnecessary. Fun episode though. Let's see if it can keep the pacing...
  13. I don't think Gosho has to show them on-screen in their normal, everyday daily lives (would that really be interesting?) so we can really get a proper grasp of things... I think we are just supposed to infer that they have always been close friends since their first meeting. I think saying that they don't have much "chemistry" is quite misleading as well. There's really no point to debate every little detail here, as it's been repeated so much throughout these forums... but I think it's quite obvious that they have similar thoughts and beliefs. Why isn't there a reason to stick with him if they are best friends? I don't follow that logic... I don't think it was until the New York Case that Ran noticed she had clear feelings for him, although Shinichi seemed to feel differently in the pre-school case from the start... It's not like Ran had some ulterior motive to get with him from the start. They were childhood best friends...
  14. File 946: Japanese Text Spoilers Text Spoiler translations by Spimer:
  15. Just caught the second episode of Boku dake ga Inai Machi, and I do have to say I've been really enjoying it so far. I've stayed away from the manga and such spoilers, but the entire premise of the story is quite interesting. Episode 1 was a blast, and the story has great pacing so far. Apparently this is Satoru's voice actor's first role in an anime, and I have to say I really like his voice. Apparently his mom is voiced by Minami Takayama. I didn't even notice it until I checked MAL. I'm going to be finally getting around to the new Lupin the 3rd adaptation this weekend, so hopefully it's decent. I've enjoyed a majority of the Lupin series, so it should be alright. From what I've seen, the art looks incredible. On a mostly unrelated note, I have finished up most of the anime I've been wanting to get around to. Took a "gamble" and checked out Steins;Gate which is more recent in terms of things I usually watch... but I do have to say I really enjoyed it. It would seem there is some sort of new adaptation for it coming either this year or next, so I'll be looking out for that. Also late, as always, but finally did check out Attack on Titan and enjoyed it so I guess I'll be on board with that as well. I don't think there is anything else that I'm really looking forward to.
  16. Here's a general guide. Movie 12, 13, 14, 15, and 16 all have an "OVA" labeled as "Magic Files" to go before or after each movie. After Magic File 6, Episode 694, 735, and 774 were aired as preludes to the movies that year. They aren't really overly connected, but usually just had a bit of dialogue for the movie at the end of each episode. If the pattern follows, we should see the episode for M20 on April 16th.You could watch almost all the movies regardless of where they "fit in", but if you wanted to watch the movies in relation to their air-dates... You could follow the list below. After Episode 54 - Movie 1 After Episode 97 - Movie 2 After Episode 140 - Movie 3 After Episode 186 - Movie 4 After Episode 231 - Movie 5 After Episode 275 - Movie 6 After Episode 315 - Movie 7 After Episode 356 - Movie 8 After Episode 393 - Movie 9 After Episode 434 - Movie 10 After Episode 470 - Movie 11 After Episode 504 - Movie 12 (Watch Magic File 2 before this movie) After Episode 535 - Movie 13 (Watch Magic File 3 before this movie) After Episode 570 - Movie 14 (Watch Magic File 4 after this movie) After Episode 613 - Movie 15 (Watch Magic File 5 after this movie) After Episode 655 - Movie 16 (Watch Magic File 6 before this movie) After Episode 694 - Movie 17 After Episode 735 - Movie 18 After Episode 774 - Movie 19
  17. I really did like A-1's adaptation of Magic Kaito, no sarcasm - It took some time to get used to, but it was something different. (Though I still do prefer the specials in almost every other way, I really do like the art in MK1412)
  18. Most of the cases where Jirokichi has a role, at least the more recent ones don't chime too well with me. I can not stand the latest Kid case with Makoto, but my problem with that episode isn't Jirokichi... Even the cases pre-dating Jirokichi, It's hard for me to say what "ruined" him, since I've never really liked him much to begin with. I wouldn't say Jirokichi is the problem, I've just never really liked Kid outside of Magic Kaito or felt that he really fit in Detective Conan.
  19. Yea I agree with that. I like Magic Kaito, but don't care for Kid in Detective Conan (don't hate him, but pretty apathetic towards his appearances in general), minus some of the early cases. I liked A-1's job with it, so if it does get a second season in the future, I wouldn't mind having them do it. I just picked up Boku dake ga Inai Machi, and the art-style really does remind me of MK1412 I'm not sure how I'd feel about it getting the AO treatment.
  20. Could there possibly be? I don't think there's really enough heist cases to work with, and there are only a few manga chapters that never got an anime adaptation. Unless Gosho decides to take some time off from Detective Conan and release a bunch of chapters, I don't see a second season happening anytime soon.
  21. Yep, I agree with that. Those three in particular were all great openings. The songs were all enjoyable, and the animation was good too. I'm mostly disappointed with 42 simply because I grew to like the song, and the animation was incredibly disappointing. Maybe, that's probably hoping for too much It would have been nice seeing Heiji or Kazuha at the very least make an appearance here, but the Nagano police/Kuroda would have been great.
  22. Figured I'd relay my thoughts on the new opening/ending... (Sorry for the double post, though it has been quite some time)
  23. I'm sure they've done that with other shows as well. They probably weren't able to pick up the beginning episodes, as maybe that was what was included in the deal. I think Crunchy only acquired Detective Conan because it was a package deal for instance... FUNimation is the only legal option I'm aware of that offers the first 123 episodes, and I agree that it would be a good idea to provide a starting point for new fans... that might simply not be an option? I'm not really sure how all of that works out. So far, it seems to be doing rather well on Netflix, despite all of the negative reviews for listing the seasons/episodes incorrectly. Crunchyroll does the same thing, but the difference there is that they are a "simulcast" and broadcast the episodes 1 week behind Japan, so that's an outlet for fans who have kept up with the series over the years. Netflix does kind of offer that... but I doubt they'll ever be able to keep up with Crunchyroll, and they so far, have stopped at 799 (when Crunchy has up till 803). I find that having 6 episodes Crunchy doesn't, despite the subs seeming to be sourced from Crunchy is rather "intriguing". I think for now the Netflix announcement really isn't a huge deal. There is some potential for that to change though.
  24. Happy 20th Anniversary, Detective Conan!

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      20 years!? Holy! haha wow

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      I wouldn't be surprised if at some point we're celebrating the 30th Anniversary. Hope that doesn't happen though...

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      Even I would've left the fandom by then, haha!

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  25. Dunno, I suppose it's the first thread I flocked to, I suppose I'll use that one in the future
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