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  1. I was kinda hoping for the Mystery Tour this month, since those AO episodes are usually somewhat decent. Dunno what's going on with them. Nice timing with the Department store case though.
  2. Subs are out... Ran and Conan's ages were stated as 16 and 6, just something little, but that matches the manga. Only thing I really "missed" by not having subs, seeing as how most of the special is a pretty faithful adaptation of the manga, or a criss-cross between anime/manga canon. Still really enjoyed watching it for the second time. Subs are very well done too, which helps.
  3. We should see a sub sometime today. It's being done. Doubt that Crunchyroll will touch it at all though. I was able to understand a good portion without subs, but I'd just wait.
  4. With Detective Conan - Episode One - Chiisaku Natta Meitantei aired this morning. How did you like it? Hate it? Episode One is supposedly supervised or written by Gosho Aoyama, but I'd be curious as to how much he was involved. It's more along the lines of a re-imagining of the first episode than it is a remake, and features a lot of recap scenes from future episodes, anime original scenes, as well as a new character introduction, before the TV anime got to it anyways... I felt like this special was good for what it was, primarily being a treat for long-time fans. I wasn't disappointed, and my major grievance with this special was that it felt a little too convoluted at times, and we didn't need an introduction for certain characters that appeared in this special. Some of them contradicted canon, and others didn't make any sense for them to be here anyways. I think it would have been perfect if this could have served as an actual introduction to the series, but I couldn't even recommend it in that manner. Thankfully, it doesn't really spoil that much. Highlights of the film: Did anyone hate it? Despite some problems, I can't see this being a turn off for any fan of the series.
  5. Didn't feel strongly towards 840... Though I will bring up that Crunchyroll, for some reason, either forgot or didn't upload the episode in 720 or 1080. Confirmed that it's not just me in the comments, but I hope it's not a recurring theme. I do pretty much pay to have a subscription to watch Detective Conan, so I'd like to have those options
  6. I did. I don't even know if we'll see the DBs in Episode 1 and I could care less about that, just been feeling its time for a DB AO.
  7. Been finding this season pretty lackluster, though I haven't had time to check out some of the shows I've wanted to get around to. Been watching 3 gatsu no Lion, Drifters, Flip Flappers, Keijo!!!!!!!!, Bungo Stray Dogs, Occultic Nine, Trickster, Magical Girl Raising Project, and To Be Hero, and came out rather conflicted about most of it. Oddly, Flip Flappers is my favorite of the season. It's just a series I really like to watch, if only for the animation and color palette. It reminds me of something GAINAX would do, and I've always enjoyed their work, animation wise. The setting and concept is also intriguing enough and fun enough to keep up with, which is much more that can be said about the other shows this season. Bungo Stray Dogs has been a lot better so far than its first season. I absolutely hated the constant comedic switches in the first season, and the tone just sort of ruined it for me, in what would have otherwise been a pretty solid show. The second season started off a lot better, and I hope it continues on the same path. I've left Ajin out of the mix for now. I'm saving it for when its complete (and hopefully finished with no season 3?) to binge at the end of the season. I'll find time to watch it, but I have yet to touch it so far. Occultic;Nine has me rather conflicted, mostly because the first couple episodes were so all over the place, and some of the decisions made with this anime really do confuse me, and some of them I can't even begin to comprehend... Anyways, the supernatural element is starting to pick up, and I think that this series can still turn around for me. It started off terrible, but it is getting better, at least I think. For now I've dropped Trickster, since I was compelled to check it out based on title alone. Definitely wasn't what I was expecting, and very much doubt I'll finish it. Drifters reminds me a lot of Hellsing, and I never found the time to really finish Ultimate, nor did I enjoy what I had watched that much. It seems like a series just to follow for fun, and I won't say it's bad or anything. It's got a very good concept behind it, but... I just don't really care that much. It's just struck me as pretty average so far, which is a let down as I had really high expectations for this series. The new Madoka like magical girl anime is okay (though I don't know if that's a fitting comparison?), but I've never really particularly been into magical girl anime, or found Madoka to be the amazing series everyone says it is, so maybe I'm not enjoying it as much as I could be. I'm not a huge fan of the presentation and it seems like its trying a little hard to be that dark kind of series. I haven't felt strongly about March Comes in like a Lion, maybe because I haven't caught up with it yet, and still need to watch a couple more episodes. Everyone says the manga is really good, so I am looking forward to it, but it's done nothing for me yet... Art style is pretty neat though, and it's a nice change of pace. To Be Hero has actually been much better than what I expected. I like potty humor, and To Be Hero does this well, literally, or at least I think so. Keijo was something I was hoping would be funny in a different context, but can't say I'm really a fan. Tried the English dub, but the character voices were even more annoying and the dub for me couldn't save it. I will say that beyond being some random ecchi show, it's got the Shonen sports genre down pretty well... Still not really worth the watch though. I can't remember if I posted anything about summer, though, but it was a pretty hit or miss season for me. Re:Zero, Mob Psycho 100, 91 Days,Tales of Zestiria, ReLife, Amaama to Inazuma, and Alderamin all held my attention reasonably well, and many others just really disappointed me (Rewrite, Berserk, Orange, New Game, Qualidea Code). Strangely enough, the only show I dropped in summer was Handa-kun. Winter 2017 looks to be a good start to the new year, if only for a couple anime series I've been looking forward to (cough Konosuba S2). A bit off-topic, but wrapped up Tora Dora, which was a romance anime I somewhat enjoyed as a whole, Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, which left me very pleasantly surprised, seeing as how I didn't think I'd like it more than the original adaptation, and I've been enjoying what little of Slayers I've watched. Gintama also holding up pretty well after 150 episodes. Looking forward to finishing it, but I'm taking my time.
  8. Yea, last couple episodes were very typical, and 840 looks like more of the same. I'm hoping we'll end the year with the Department store case, but dunno if the anime is going to get there. It would seem like a wasted opportunity if we had to wait until January for the case. "Episode One" airs on December 9th, but I highly doubt that Crunchyroll will sub it. I'm really looking forward to watching that episode though, even if I have to do it while it's raw. Also, for some reason, I'm just wanting a DB anime original now. The Kogoro/Ran/Conan AOs haven't been doing much for me lately.
  9. New time of release, isn't it still 3:00 PM EST? Liked the last couple episodes. 836 was a good adaptation of the case and am looking forward to 837 tomorrow. (I'll be around DCW more frequently, at least for the next two weeks until things pick up again)
  10. With the intent of having a more active chat-box, like the DCTP Spoiler Box but without the spoilers (and with) and a general place for Conan fans to come together, we've made a server over on Discord. If you are even slightly interested in Conan these days, or still keep up with the series, I encourage everyone to join, we'd love to have you. For those that do not know what Discord is, it's primarily an outlet used for gamers for text-based communication or voice-chat, being free, safe and low latency, but it can be used for virtually any purpose. You can check out the app here: https://discordapp.com/ and join our server here: https://discord.gg/7uvsFHf Feel free to join. The more the merrier!
  11. Here's File 973 in Chinese from mihua: http://imgur.com/a/DdRmj
  12. Been kept a little busy, but really enjoyed the last part of the Zombie case. Looking forward to the next part within the hour. Renewed my subscription to Crunchyroll, or sort of... since they gave me a free 7 day trial while they try to work out my payment method. Took like 5 tickets for Crunchyroll support to even understand my issue, when it was incredibly straight-forward. Their solution apparently was that I either wait for them to fix it (which has been about 3 weeks now and it still isn't) or for me to delete my account and start fresh... I had somewhat of an issue before with them, which is why I stopped using their services for about 3 months. I'd like to continue using Crunchyroll, but they are giving me pretty much every reason not to at this point. Anyways, with the rant out of the way, I really liked 831. I thought it was a good adaptation of the chapter, though certain things in the manga were captured a bit better.
  13. Yep, pretty bland case, and really stretched out... but I thought the ending bits were a bit unique for an AO and I certainly appreciated it. Cut that out though and it's nothing special. Well, we're on break for two more weeks and then, oddly, we are starting with the Zombie case! Much more excited for that anime adaptation than the Shin/Ran flashback, but I really wish they'd get to it already, since it almost seems like they may actually gloss over it.
  14. Good episode, and good anime adaptation to boot. Not much to complain about. I'm actually surprised they didn't censor Takagi and Sato's conversation, since they've done it for less in the past. Always enjoy the end bits too. Can always hope for the best when it comes to AOs, but probably nothing much for the next couple weeks. Hopefully they get to the flashback case after the remaster. It would make perfect sense for them to do so. Surprised we haven't got an announcement yet.
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