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Found 6 results

  1. I felt we needed a thread for discussion of suspicious and recurring arc characters like Hyoue Kuroda, Wakasa Rumi, Sakurako Yonehara and others so we have a place to talk about them outside of their intro chapters and the Rum thread. I figured there might be more continuous discussion if I lumped all the suspicious arc characters into one thread rather than give each one a separate thread. Secret spies? Enemies of the Organization? Hidden backstories? False identities? Awesome? Stupid? Please post theories and comments about these characters here!
  2. Meitantei Nopp


    okay lets give your opinion guys. who RUM is? at first, i think it's Wakasa Rumi. from his name and his instint are excelent. But lately , it's more like Kandika (Hyoue Kuroda). one eye, his body and his face, and also feminim (never saw him fighting and so silent). but i think he is undercovering but i dont know. So, what about you guys??your opinion??
  3. As most of us already know by this point about the Haneda Kouji's dying message, I thought we might work something out if we do it in a separate topic. As far as the conclusion of Conan and Shuichi came to, I'm still doubtful about their resolve. Even though the BO thinks of the code in the same manner as Conan and Shuuichi think of (as proven in the "A Song named Asaka" Case), I still am curious about it's true meaning. Instead of the left off characters, I though of the PTON characters, I managed to find a certain idea. Though it might be all wrong, I just want to share it, it might help with something else. So PTON is what Kouji left in a mirror cut by him. Since he is a Shogi player, I took the idea to know if these letters mean anything in Shogi although I'm not an expert of the game. I manged to get the following; if P is the abbreviation of the pawn and another Japanese abbreviation is Fu, and the N is the abbreviation of cassia horse which also have the Japanese abbreviation of Kei. Then PTON could mean; Fu TO Kei, which might mean FUKEI, that perhaps coincidentally means policewoman in Japanese. Perhaps it is Kouji's way of saying that his killer is a policewoman, perhaps I'm thinking too deep into it. Just thought it might be an interesting idea.
  4. Does anyone have any news regarding Kaito kid series ?? will it be started again by some other company?? C'mon everyone loves it and i cant find a reason why Gosho Ayoma stopped its production...
  5. Jethack Piperr


    So, I just read the new chapter of DC. They mentioned a new B.O. character under the nickname "RUM" Haibara mentioned something about the guy's artificial eye. Who do you think it is?
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