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Found 22 results

  1. I felt we needed a thread for discussion of suspicious and recurring arc characters like Hyoue Kuroda, Wakasa Rumi, Sakurako Yonehara and others so we have a place to talk about them outside of their intro chapters and the Rum thread. I figured there might be more continuous discussion if I lumped all the suspicious arc characters into one thread rather than give each one a separate thread. Secret spies? Enemies of the Organization? Hidden backstories? False identities? Awesome? Stupid? Please post theories and comments about these characters here!
  2. Hello... So I have an enormous amount of episodes to catch up on, and I had an odd thought occur to me today. If this has already happened in the series (anime or manga) I'm hoping someone can point me that direction. It boils down to this: Is there any evidence that the Black Org has continued testing Apotoxin-4869 specifically, beyond the point where Sherry took the capsule and escaped? I was just sort of mulling this over, and a couple of possibilities occurred to me: If they HAD tested it, then if it regressed their subject to childhood, they'd know that someone who they thought they'd killed was probably still alive (Kudo Shinichi) and, by extension, Sherry. So... why didn't they come after their families and close associates? Going the other direction, if they HAVEN'T tested it, why not? It was supposed to be this useful new assassination drug, right? Of course, maybe Vermouth suppressed testing and all that, but... Anyway. I'm so behind on episodes that I've probably missed all sorts of plot developments that toss these questions right out the window, but then that's why I'm asking. Was any further testing done? Did any 'children' show up? If no testing, why not? Thanks.
  3. Okay, as I have said in many of my posts, my reading of the manga is progressing much slower than my watching of the anime. I am thinking now that this may be a good thing, as I can view the earlier cases I am reading in light of the later episodes I've seen, as well as discussions I have read on here. It is in this way that I just spotted something that I think might be a hint towards the identity of the Black Organization. Please note that I said the Organization, not the boss. There is already a thread for that, as well as threads about the Organization's goals, but I couldn't find any about the true name/identity of the Organization as a whole, so I decided to start one myself. If you have any thoughts on my theory and want to help develop it further, then please contribute. If you have your own theory and want to express it, please feel free to do so. If you are Aoyama-sensei and want to use my thread as a means to reveal the truth behind the Black Organization, then...I am just speechless! Anyways, in the manga, I just read the case with the gathering of detectives at the Sunset Mansion and something caught my eye. In a lot of discussions, I have seen several people associate the Black Organization with crows. I believe I even remember hearing Haibara say in the anime that the Boss wants the Organization's members to appear like crows, hence the black theme. Plus the reference to crows in Nanatsu no Ko, the starting notes of which the Boss purposefully chose for an e-mail address. Now, as I am on episode 730 without rewatching any earlier cases, I don't remember many of the small details from the gathering of detectives case on the anime, so it may or may not be that the hint I just caught in the manga did not survive the adaptation to the anime (although, I have to be honest, it's just as likely I have forgotten about it because I did not yet realize the significance). Either way... In the manga case, the story was recounted to the gathered detectives about the man who had previously owned the mansion and passed away, then many people gathered there for an auction of his belongings. As the story was told, it was stated that the man had been a member of a group known as the Crow Association. It was even alluded to that this Crow Association might have had something to do with the massacre that ensued during the auction, if not the man's death in the first place. Crows. Associated with a shady organization. Hmm. Now, the manga said the Crow Association disappeared about 40 years before the current story. Is it possible that, when the Crow Association disappeared, they hadn't disbanded, but merely went into hiding? Is it then possible that the hidden Crow Association is the true identity of the Black Organization? Granted, the only name mentioned as being connected to the Crow Association was the man whoowned the mansion, but it wouldn't be much of n association if he was the only member, so surely there were others. It has also been stated that Haibara would be able to figure out who the Boss is if she heard the true name of the Black Organization. Is it not possible that the reason for that is because of that person's previous known connection to the Crow Association? Another possibility, though slim, is that the man who owned the mansion and supposedly died 40 years earlier, Karasuma Renya, didn't actually die but instead went into hiding and he actually IS Anokata. Karasuma. Karasu. Crow. Again with the crows. And Aoyama-sensei has said that Anokata's fill name has been given already. Thoughts? Rebuttals? Accusations of insanity? Let me know what you guys think.
  4. Okay, so I have been watching through everything Conan (currently up to episode 730) and I have noticed something of a pattern. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems that nearly everyone that is trying to bring down the Black Organization has some personal reason for doing so. Jodie-sensei's father was killed by the Organization. Haibara/Miyano Shiho's sister (And possibly her parents as well) was killed by them. Andre Camel is dedicated to Akai after blowing his cover in the Organization, and Wil thus do anything to help him stop them. Hondou Hidemi's father died because of the Organization (even though they didn't directly kill him). And Conan, of course, was poisoned by them and reverted to a child's body. The most notable omissions from that list are James Black (who I have a theory about, though I won't get into it here) and Akai Shuichi. But why does Akai want so badly to take down the Black Organization? Well, let's start by looking at the facts. The FBI' s search for the Organization is unofficial. What does that mean to this discussion? Well, since it's not an official operation, Akai couldn't have simply been assigned to the case. For him to be this deeply involved in a case that he wasn't assigned to, it has to be personal. Next, Sera Masumi is Akai's sister. How is this relevant to Akai's connection to the Organization? Well, Sera seems to know Conan's secret even though she has never been told and is not at all shocked by or disbelieving of the idea that the high school detective has been somehow turned into a child, meaning she must have seen something similar before. The prevalent theory seems to be that the mysterious Mary (whom I actually have yet to see, though I know about through accidentally reading some spoilers) is Sera's mother, and presumably Akai's. The most commonly cited evidence is that Sera calls her Mama. It also seems as though Sera and Mary on on the run (according to those same spoilers I mentioned before). But why? This is where everything comes together to form one theory. Is it possible that Mary was formerly associated with the Black Organization? Perhaps she betrayed them, or simply outlived her usefulness, and they decided to eliminate her. What if, to do so, they gave Mary APTX-4869, or an earlier form of the drug, but rather than killing her, it reverted her to a child's body just like Conan and Haibara? It is commonly accepted that APTX-4869's de-aging side effect reverts a person specifically to a child's body, rather than just knocking off 10 years. If we figure that, like Conan and Haibara, Mary was made to appear about 7 years old by the drug, and assume that aging would happen normally from that point, it can be deduced that Mary was given the drug about 5-6 years before the present story, as she now appears to be about 12 or 13. The timing of this is important because it is the key to everything. After being poisoned by the Organization, Mary goes to her family, most likely out of fear that the Organization will harm them as well. Akai then has Sera and their mother go into hiding while he goes after the Organization to stop them and/or get revenge for their attempted murder of his mother (btw, do we know what happened to the father? Is it possible that he too was killed by the Organization?). Why is the timing important? Because after those events, Akai needs time to find and get close to the Organization to infiltrate them (remember, the Black Organization is supposed to be a secret criminal syndicate that nobody outside of their own membership knows about, so such a group would be very difficult to find). Perhaps he was already FBI at the time his mother was poisoned, or perhaps he joined so he could make use of their resources to aid in his search, t which time he learned about other agents bearing a personal vendetta against the Organization. Either way, with the help of the FBI, Akai was finally able to track them down and gain their trust enough to join (though the events with agent Camel show they still felt it necessary to test him). From that point, events played out as we have seen on the show. So, in short, my theory is an extension of the "Mary was poisoned by the Organization" theory, stating that the poisoning of his mother is the reason Akai is so dedicated to bringing down the Black Organization. What do you guys think? Plausible? Possible? Let me know?
  5. Greetings, all! I have been watching through everything Conan (currently up to episode 530 and movie 13), and a random thought just occurred to me which I find rather intriguing, The Black Organization uses alcohol names for their codenames (at least thus far). Gin, Vodka, Vermouth, Chianti, Kron (presumably for corn whiskey), Bourbon, Irish (explained in the movie as Irish whiskey), Sherry. The thing that just occurred to me is this: What was Conan/Shinichi's first big hint toward an antidote for the Apotoxin? Baigar, a Chinese ALCOHOL! Could that really be a coincidence? Or is is possible that it was intentional? Consider this. Miyano Shiho was neither the only, nor the first scientist the Organization had working on the Apotoxin. What if her parents or some other scientist INTENTIONALLY made the APTX-4869 so the Baigar could counter it under the instruction of Anokata? Why would they do that? Clearly Anokata has a love of liquors as he/she bestows alcohol codenames upon the Organization members, perhaps Baigar is Anokata's personal favorite liquor. But why make it counter the new poison the Organization cientists are developing? Simple, if Baigar is indeed Anokata's favorite, he/she would clearly keep it on hand, so if he/she were ever betrayed by a member of the Organization who tried to poison him/her with the Apotoxin, he/she would have the antidote readily available. Conversely, for anyone not in the know about Baigar being able to counter the poison, it is uncommon enough that they would have little or no chance of accidentally stumbling across it and saving themselves, and even if they had somehow learned the secret, it is unlikely they could get to that particular kind of liquor in time. In short, Anokata have the counteractive properties of Baigar built into the poison from the beginning (which explains Sherry not knowing about it at she built on the research of other Organization scientists to create the Apotoxin) as a self preservation insurance policy! In fact, what if Anokata had the very first scientist working on the poison specifically find some chemical compound that will combine with something in the Baigar to neutralize it, then killed that scientist so nobody else would know exactly what the purpose of that particular compound was, and ordered subsequent scientists to base all of their research into the new poison SPECIFICALLY on that compound?! I think that fits, and I think it would be an interesting twist! And then, perhaps, the Baigar could be a clue not only to reversing the effects of the APTX-4869, but to finding Anokata and bringing down the Organization itself!!! What do you guys think? Plausible theory? I am probably not the first to have this thought, but there are just WAY too many topics to go through them all and ook for anything that might relate, so I sincerely apologize if I am restating anything that has already been run into the ground. Anyways, just wanting to see what others think of this theory. Ja na!!!
  6. So, me and labba94(http://labba94.deviantart.com/) have been discussing the big mysteries of DC. Here's a theory/overview from the results that I came to. WARNING! THIS THREAD HAS A LOT OF SPOILS INCLUDED SINCE IT REVOLVES AROUND THE LATEST CHAPTERS/STORY! IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A SPOILER-FREE DISCUSSION THREAD, THIS IS NOT FOR YOU! (Summary further down below) Black Organization's Goal this is a subject that is a bit hard to address directly since we've only gotten puzzle pieces. The most common possibility, from a typical story standpoint, is that it's deeply connected with the main Antagonist(the Boss). We can pretty much assume that the APTX4869 research is the Boss' true goal, or at the very least a part of it. Since we know that a multiple of big unbelievable names is supporting the organization(File 475), and that Pisco expressed knowledge of the Miyano's research(File 242), it's likely to assume that the big names, along with Pisco, were funding the Miyano's research. It would mean that the boss had to have at least approved the research, if he/she were to accept financial support. On the other hand, Itakura's software really didn't show any significant connection to the boss, but rather to someone who is likely Vermouth. So far, we've gotten nothing but harboring of ill intent towards the APTX research from Vermouth: - Calling Sherry's parent's research foolish (File 434). - Attempting to kill Sherry, the only researcher with a lot of knowledge of the APTX research, no matter the cost (File 434, File 824[risking her secret being exposed if Bourbon died]). - her state of not aging, that she doesn't seem to fond of(talking about "angels never smiling upon her"[File 350]), as a possible result of the research. - her constant hope and trust on the "silver bullet"(Shinichi) taking down the BO(most likely because of their goal). Another suspicious incident was how Sherry's parents died. The BO wanted to use the Miyanos for their own research, which was indirectly stated by Haibara in her thoughts(File 948). Assuming the parents death wasn't an accident, If they wanted to change the directory of the SB(Silver Bullet) project towards their goal, than the easiest way is by manipulating them into doing it through threats, instead of killing them and use their infant daughter. Even if that was the case, it was a very sloppy move to burn them in their research laboratory, since it could burn important research data and materials that they need, which it did(File 948). This also leaves me to believe that the accident was orchestrated by Vermouth, who we know has shown reasons to stop their research. If Itakura's software is connected to the progression of the APTX research, then it's doubtful that Vermouth would contribute as much as she did, if the one on the phone with Itakura was indeed her. This leads me to believe that the Itakura software is NOT meant to fulfill the BO's true goal, if vermouth was the one that ordered Itakura. In short, we can consider the APTX research as the Boss' only true goal. APTX4869 Research Sherry took over the research of her parents and used their research materials, that was left after the accident, as a foundation. What she didn't know was that she was working with a different drug, "APTX4869", which was the drug the BO was trying to make, contrary to the "Silver Bullet" project that her parents were working on(File 948). Haibara clearly expressed her regret of starting something that was never supposed to be done(File 821). What we know about the Silver Bullet project and Haibara's parents is: - Atsushi Miyano was considered a "Mad Scientist" because of his abnormal style of thinking and theories(File 384). - Elena Miyano refers to it as a "terrifying drug" while their research mates called it a "Dream drug"(File 821). What can we get from this? let's start with Atsushi. Gosho loves making reference to old famous novels. The "mad scientist" is clearly a reference to Frankenstein, where Frankenstein created an artificial human. The reason for Frankenstein being called a "mad scientist" is because he tried to achieve something that should be beyond the capacity of a human, and that goes to a forbidden realm, namely the God's realm(according to religious believes). things that classifies as "Godly" are things that is believed to only be achieved by a God, like "Control and creation of life" and "Immortality". So far, we know an effect of both drugs(APTX & SB) that fall into the first category, taking life without a trace("Control of life"). APTX is so far the only confirmed drug that has an effect that falls close to the second category, lengthening life through shrinking (Immortality). Since APTX was based on the research materials of SB project(that was left after the "accident"), it is highly likely that SB possess a similar effect. Our first hint to that is Vermouth. Since she has shown signs of not aging since earliest 20 years ago(File 433), 2 years before Sherry(APTX creator) was born and the Miyanos' death, she is most likely a "victim" of the SB drug, and therefore falling even closer to the second category, halt aging (immortality). The fact that such an effect is shown, through Vermouth, indicates that the "dream/terrifying drug" that the parents were working on has to be something that gives longevity/halts aging. This is something that would label anyone, who is trying to achieve that, a "mad scientist", since it's an effect close to immortality(a divine feature). Another hint to that is Sherry's name, "Miyano Shiho", was written in a guest book of people who wished for longer lives(File 281). Even Conan thought it was strange for Haibara to want it, and sure enough, Haibara had said before that anyone who tries to go against the stream of time will be punished(File 191). This implies that she had no interest in the idea of things like longevity, that goes beyond limits set by the stream of time, and that it might have been her parents who wrote her name in the book instead, wishing their daughter a longer life, which indicates that they are interested in the concept of longevity(immortality). So what does this say about the APTX research, the BO's true goal? What we know from Gosho's interviews is that he denied that immortality/longevity is their true goal. Since we know that the Black Organization wanted to create a different drug from what Sherry's parents wanted to make(which we can assume is longevity/halt aging), it confirms Gosho's statement. So then what clues do we have? The prominent clue we have gotten is the statement that Itakura got over the phone: "We can be both of God and Devil, since we're trying to raise the dead against the stream of time"(File 380). This comment is something similar to what Vermouth would say(talking about God and Angels). Adding to the fact that Vermouth didn't show signs of denying it when Yukiko presumed it was her(File 823), it makes it more likely that it indeed was Vermouth on the phone. What we know of Vermouth is that she usually makes references to history or novels(like during File 500, about a perfect "hunting ground"). Her comment to Itakura could be a reference to Frankenstein's original inspiration, "raising dead corpses". Luigi Galvani was someone who researched "animal electricity" and his nephew Giovanni Aldini used his unlce's electricity research to make corpses of executed criminals sit upright, as well as making eye, jaw, hand, leg and thigh movements with the help of implanted metal rods. Their research gave rise to the idea of electric reanimation(raising the dead through electricity) and it was a huge influence to Mary Shelley's(author of Frankenstein) novel(for more info:https://www.insidescience.org/content/science-made-frankenstein/1116). Vermouth's reference is most likely a metaphor that is indicating that the BO is trying to achieve something outrageous, equivalent to electric reanimation(raise the dead), and that belongs in the realm of God, similar to the Miyanos'. It further implies that their drug can be used for good and bad, hence making them God and Devil. The fact that the BO needed the Miyanos' research, in order to make their drug, further clarifies that what they are trying to achieve is still in the realm of God. Then what could the APTX4869 research's purpose be? Raising the dead would've have sounded like reasonable assumption, since it could lead to both good and bad aftermaths. Obviously, that is not the case either according to Haibara. Haibara gives us another interesting angle on the APTX research's purpose, after telling Conan that it has nothing to do with reviving the dead. She claims that the APTX research is something that most people would consider non-beneficial or uninteresting, just like the Japanese dolls that only interests Japanese female kids(File 384). Going by the logic that the research is deeply connected to the Boss, this statement could be indicating that the APTX research is more beneficial to the Boss than to other random people. A possible purpose for the drug, that falls close to this scenario, is a cure. It has been speculated before that the boss could also be a shrunken adult(hence the dial melody of the Boss phone number being the song "Nanatsu no Ko"="child of seven"(or "Seven Children")[File 475] that indicates the Boss is a 7-year-old child), just like Shinichi(which creates a perfect parallel). If the Boss is trying to develop a cure for his condition, it would make sense why it wouldn't seem that beneficial to others, and that "immortality-like" features is needed in the drug to "reverse an age regression"/"speed-up aging". When it's completed, maybe it can be used to speed-up the growth of other things like bacteria and viruses, to be used as weapon or be utilized for medical purposes(hence making the drug good and bad). This leaves us with questions like "how did the boss shrink in the first place?" It's possible that Conan's recall on haibara's statement, about punishment that awaits those who rush and forcibly tries to go against the stream of time(File 380), is a foreshadowing to what could have happened to the Boss. The Boss might've previously tried to achieve something like a "growth speed-up/rushing drug", and ended up shrinking as a result from a prototype side-effect, as a form of "punishment". Itakura's Software / Vermouth's Secret We find out that Tequila had a mission to make a trade with a Mantendo company worker and that he was apparently supposed to retrieve a list of professional programmers(File 116). It's unknown who this was ordered by. Long after that, we found out that Itakura Suguru had already been manipulated to agree on working with a software. He was requested to make a software with an unknown purpose(File 380). If the woman is Vermouth, it's less likely that it had something to do with the BO's true goal, since she wouldn't have cooperated to that extent to something she despises. The that fact they were still looking for a programmer, after already requesting Itakura, hints to that he might've been slowing down on his work, probably because of his eyesight going bad and that he had doubts. The fact that Sharon(Vermouth) always argued with him a lot(File 823)(because she probably didn't like the program project he was working on in the past) strongly implies that there must be something to gain from using him and his project(despite not liking it). Then what could Itakura's software's purpose have been? Our biggest clue was the conversation that took place between Yukiko and Vermouth in the Mystery Train Case(File 823). After asking why Vermouth is hiding Shinichi and Shiho's shrinking, Yukiko mentions that she and Conan are suspecting that Itakura's software might have something to do with why Vermouth is hiding Conan and Haibara's shrinking. Vermouth reaction to Yukiko seemed to point that it hit the mark. If Gosho is indeed implying that the software is connected to why Vermouth is hiding it from the BO, and since we know that Vermouth found out about the shrinking effect long after she already ordered Itakura, it means that the thing she is trying to cover up is something that the shrinking effect might reveal about something in the past. Examples to what it could be is the progress of the APTX/SB research and the truth behind the Miyanos' accident. If Vermouth hid her halted aging from the boss and the rest of the BO, in other words, the effect of what SB might've done to her, then it makes sense that she would want to hide the progress of Sherry's research, who is based on the SB project. This could most likely be what motivates her to keep her Boss-relationship-secret(File 898) hidden from the BO. If the Boss were to find out that his relationship with "Chris" is the same as with "Sharon", the Boss would realize immediately that they are the same person, and that she has been keeping the info of SB's progress a secret, and then eventually conclude that she was behind the Miyano accident. Whatever their relationship may be, this could be the main reason why it's such a big deal to keep it hidden. If that's the case, going back to Yukiko and Conan's suspicion about the software's purpose, maybe Vermouth wants to use the software to hide information on "the drug's progress"/"her double identity"/"Miyano's accident". It could be through the means of erasing all information of the drug from the BO database(like the "Night Baroon" Virus), as well as hack into hospital database to change/delete "Sharon's" DNA information, in case the Boss wants to verify if she is the same person(which could be the ongoing case, considering she may have been in a hurry to finish the software). Whatever the software does, If it's used incorrectly, it could potentially harm humanity, which is what Itakura was implying(File 380). What's left in Itakura's diary is the info of the "cat" that bothered the caller(likely Vermouth) with it's loud cry before making her hang up in a hurry(File 398). If for some reason, however unlikely, the caller wasn't Vermouth who talked to Itakura, then the cat in the background could attest to that, since Vermouth has never been shown with a cat. But we still have no confirmation that the sound Itakura heard was from a cat. It could have been someone captured, that had their mouth taped/covered, making cat-like sounds in order to call for help for example or some kind of relevant sound interference. Either way, it was definitely given to us as a foreshadowing to something down the road. Summary - The Boss of the Black Organization's True goal most likely lies only in the APTX4869 Research, Sherry's research, and not in Itakura's software. - The Organization's aim was to use the Miyano's, Sherry's parents', research(Silver Bullet Project) as foundation for their own. The Silver Bullet project's purpose is most likely to achieve longevity/halted-aging. - The APTX4869 research is something that might be more beneficial to the Boss than anyone else. Example for that is a cure for his possible shrinking. In that case, the true effect of the drug is likely to "speed-up aging"/"rushing growth"(not necessarily just on humans). - Itakura's software's purpose is probably to ultimately hide the progress of the research, Vermouth's double identity or/and the truth behind the Miyano accident. Vermouth was the one that orchestrated the "accident". - Vermouth's secret relationship with the Boss is important to hide because she is hiding her halted aging(double identity) from the whole Black Organization, including the Boss. If the Boss found out about the secret relationship, he would realize that she is the same person as her "mother", and eventually, everything she attempted to hide with Itakura's software.
  7. So, How would Superman deal with the Black Organization and would he able to stop them?
  8. Welcome, my codename is Black Label. I serve as the Organization's medium to obtain the required arms and supplies for their operations. I hope we get to do good blackmail transactions, illegal business operations and other types of malevolent mischief together. Oops. I hear those annoying FBI agents coming. Better go. Nice to meet you!
  9. Mod note: Please also see companion thread: Purpose of that computer program by Itakura? for info about the computer programming agenda Mod note: This post was copied from citan from the Edogawa proboards. See original post. Do NOT copy posts without giving credit to the original poster or you will be banned.
  10. Well, I do not know how it ended up happening. But last night, while I was asleep I was having some kind of random dreams. Many of which were disturbing but were very cool as well, however one in particular came to my interest and to my liking as well. The dream was the last of the sleep's running dreams, and it was as you already figured it out about Anokata himself. From what I remember and almost very accurately, I was having a talk with Shuu, Shinichi in his Conan form, Heiji and surprisingly Shuukichi. I saw them animated of course and it was from my point of view so I did not know if I was animated as well, however after the talk I was struck from behind after leaving the room with something heavy which I presume to be a bat. Then what I remember is that I was inside a moving van with a black mask on my head as I heard the engine running and the sun that shined upon my face through the window of the moving van had my eyes see a very blurry scenery of what is outside, the van came closer to a very big and tall building with some men in black similar in appearance to Tequila and Vodka specifically. As the van entered the basement of the building the men took off the mask that was covering my head and while holding me very tightly they took me to the highest floor, once there they tied me at the end of the hall while my movement was limited as if I try to move to my extreme right or left I would be seen by a camera that had a laser installed to that once seen it would burn me up. But strangely I saw somehow the Detective Boys being captured and crying for help while Agasa is brutally questioned, I was worried (like seriously I was somewhat conscious and knew they are anime characters and would be eventually rescued) and yet I tried to look to the other side which was my right. And there a terrifying scene that I witnessed yet bumped to see, a man in a large office like that of a CEO typing at his computer very fast. Once he glimpsed at me with a black silhouette like that of the criminals seen in DC with shining red eye ( at first I thought it was RUM), but then I quickly returned to my position so he won't notice me glimpsing. Yet again in my head I kept thinking that the whole purpose of DC is to find out his identity, and somewhat magically if I see him his image will be widespread and Conan would know of him. So I said what the hell it is a dream and at least a glimpse won't hurt and at last I would find out his identity, so I turned again to my right and there he was getting angry because he knew I was looking. Then stood up this large man with a scarred right eye while the other was glowing red ( I still thought it was Rum) with tall greenish lit bright brown hair and a large beard than extends to his stomach while his face was turning red, he was getting angry on my curious behalf. His green suit was an attention seeking one, but once up he spoke with a harsh voice:" You are dead, though I liked you". I was surprised at first but then I relaxed as I knew his image will be spread so I did not care much, he shot me with pinpoint accuracy. And while I was in pain from the shot I dropped from the window that laid behind me to fall down while my back was to the ground, while falling down I was kind of happy that the boss would come to an end but I was somewhat disturbed by the smirks and the devlish smiles of the men in black that were standing near to the windows all over the building. Truly like ravens waiting for a prey to fall so they enjoy it, but from behind I heard sirens and Conan's voice. And that were I woke up and the dream ended. I was not watching or reading anything related to DC yesterday and I know that my dreams usually come to exist in a form or another, so for a moment there I thought that would be somewhat similar to the real DC's ending. Hope you like it, a dream that is one of many relating DC that had me worried but I enjoyed as well!..
  11. Mod note: Please also see companion thread: Black Organization's true plan for info about APTX 4869 and other projects. Discuss the purpose of the computer program by Itakura here! Quick reminders about who Itakura was: Was hired as the system engineer for developing chess, shogi, and go games in File 377 Used to be famous for computer graphics - appear often in movie credits for special visual effects, appeared on TV for it Eyes got worse three years ago, hasn't done CG since and switched to developing systems Had contact with Tequila at his office two years ago, on March 7th Tequila expressed interest in a system software that was currently being developed - Itakura said that he declined developing that software due to his poor eyesight and Tequila left Itakura used transparent fonts to describe how someone kept breaking into his office on March 17th, and continued until January 6th of next year, when Itakura accepted to do what the BO wanted him to do Itakura contacted the queen-like woman over the phone on January 23rd last year - agreed to complete the system software within a year for high pay Itakura says on December 22nd last year that he can't develop that program, not only because he has poor eyesight, but also for the sake of humanity On February 10th this year, Itakura wonders what the BO will do with the software - he remembers the conversation with the queen-like woman; he says, "who do you think you are?" and the woman replies, "We are both the god and the devil - because we are trying to revive the dead against the flow of time" EDIT: Oh, one more thing; it seems that Itakura handed over an incomplete version of the software - does this mean that the BO is still looking for people to complete the software and hasn't used it yet? LOL I have no idea. It's funny that Itakura's wondering about what the BO will do with the software, when he's the one developing it, hmm. It also seems that good eyesight is somehow required for developing the software. I more or less put random ideas into the poll, since I honestly have no idea what the software could possibly be for, ha ha. This is slightly OOT, but I can't help but think that the whole angel-devil thing is a big pun somehow, though I'm not sure why. Apparently there's a cocktail named Fallen Angel, though I'm not sure if this is relevant to anything. So what do you think?
  12. Jethack Piperr


    So, I just read the new chapter of DC. They mentioned a new B.O. character under the nickname "RUM" Haibara mentioned something about the guy's artificial eye. Who do you think it is?
  13. Okay, so there have been a lot of rumors about Snake's Organization being the Black Organization. For those who are confused, Snake is the main antagonist of the Magic Kaito series. He killed Toichi Kuroba, the first Kaitou Kid. Ever since, Jii (and later Kaito), dressed as Kid in order to lure out the elusive Snake and the rest of his comrades. It is known that Snake is looking for an immunity potion in the form of a gem. The only other Organization member that works with Snake is a man named Rose who appeared in OVA 4. Snake's other nickname is Jackal and he wears all black, just like Gin and Vodka. In my opinion, I don't think Snake is part of the Black Organization, but I do hope that he is. His name doesn't fit unless you consider snake wine, and Rose doesn't fit unless you consider rose alcohol which is a stretch. Also, his motive isn't all that consistent with the Black Organization's. He is looking for a gem that grants immortality. Though the Black Organization could also be searching for immortality, they appear to use science rather than myth. Though it seems that Snake isn't part of the Black Organization, I really hope his is. He looks evil, he has the right personality, and he has a great name to tie it all up. But that's just my speculations. What do you think? Is Conan's organization and Kaitou Kid's organization one and the same? Or are they completely different things?
  14. I'm specifically talking about the coded members for the purpose of this thread. As I'm sure everyone would like more info on the Miyano family. Regarding Calvados, and most of the snipers that work for the Bo, I've always been intrested in just how many assassinations they end up doing. I've also been curious as to who the organization usally targets in these assassinations ( as we've only seen one), because most people seem to be targeted up close rather than using snipers. Also Calvados' relationship with Vermouth always intrested me, even though she was using him, because we've seen that Vermouth rarely has any genuine interaction with Org members outside of Bourbon. I wonder if Calvados worked with Vermouth in a lot of the crimes in America she committed, which got the Fbi on her tail. And Calvados seemed to have a pretty close relationship with Chianti, judging from her hostility towards Vermouth. I would have loved to see more from Pisco, because of how long he's been in the organization. Since he's been in the organization for so long, he probally has a wealth of information on the organizations practices and goals that could only be built up from serving for such a long period. He also seemed to have a relationship with Ai's parents, so he's probally been in there long enough to understand fully how the drug evolved (The original goal) and reached the point it is today . Also his involvement in financing the BO's operations, as the Chairman of a major car company, was something I wished to hear more about, as the Bo's sources of income always have interested me. Tequila was always one of the more interesting characters to me, because he seemed to be the man in charge of the BO's computer program agenda. Outside of the game company murder case, Contact with the Bo, and a mention in the mystery train arc, we have no information about what the Bo is using computer programmers to obtain. So I would have loved to hear more and see more, of his interactions with these computer programmers. I mean when you're talking about a major programmer claiming he wouldn't complete a project for humanity's sake, it's really something that you want expanded on.
  15. Chapter One She could feel someone brushing her golden locks, playing with it, combing with it. Usually she hated it when people touch her but this time she let it slide since she like the feel of his hands. It's large and very comforting, although a bit cold. She felt very safe. “Melody.” A voice called and she stirs in her sleep, slowly opening her eyes and meeting a pair of green-cold eyes. She yawns a bit and a smirk slowly replaces her blank face, “Don't call me by my blasted name, Gin. I hate it.” She said, slowly sitting up and turning at his hand that was holding a Beretta, “What?” She asks, looking up at him. “Am I order to be killed in spot, right now?” Gin's hand is different. His hands could never be the comforting hand in her Dreams. Gin's. No. Their hands can only shine when it was bathed in Blood. That's their only purpose. Their only use. “I'm just holding in case of emergency.” He gruff, tucking the Beretta back on his coat as he sat at the Bed and staring at her, “What?” She asks. Then sighing as she looks down at her feet, it was wrapped in a tight bandage. “I want to go outside.” “Except you can't walk.” “Doesn't mean you need to tie me.” She said, turning at the cuff on her feet. “If I don't tie you with something. You'll go away.” He simply said. Examining the Red-eyed beauty that was glaring at him while some of her golden hair falls from its disheveled form. "Who said I am going to run away?" "The Stake Out was a failed. Accept it now." He said to her and she just look away. "I told you, I can easily sniff that guy out and kill him! If only you would release me!" Melody snaps angrily! "We got what we wanted from him. No need to go after him." She sighs. Yesterday, she was caught up in an explosion while killing no, taking information from a Guy about Politics. She doesn’t care about Japan nor any country out there but she knows a mere information can change a lot of things once it landed on the Organization. Sounds impossible? No. After all, Common Logic doesn't apply to them. “So, it’s true.” A silky voice said as the door open and reveal a woman wearing a sun glass and a black dress, albeit their Color. Vermouth. “You're tied in a cuff. Poor Melody.” She said, her voice laced with either mockery or sarcasm as she removed her sun glass. “Who gave you damn permission to call me by name?” She asks and Vermouth just smirks. “What? Is it a name that was meant to be used by him?” Vermouth purred as she walks to her, leaning into her ear, “Right… A name that should only be mention by Akai...Shuuichi.” Vermouth pull back and smirk when she saw glaring at her, “Shut up.” Melody angrily sneered, pulling out a Gun from nowhere and shooting her hair! Grazing her face a bit as blood trickled down. "A Gun?" Gin asks, looking at her in disbelief. "How did you-" He slowly ask. He was sure that he got rid of all of her weapon. "Come on, Gin. A Gun is nothing but a pearl to her. She can hide it anywhere." Vermouth said with a laugh. “Isn't that right, Wine?” Wine. Was her Codename. “Just Leave Me Alone.” She angrily snap. And Gin stand up, leading Vermouth to the door and going out. As he close the door behind him, Gin let out a hoarse sigh, “You shouldn't have mention Akai Shuuichi.” He said and Vermouth just smile. “I love seeing that woman in pain.” _______________ My First DC Fiction.. Ahahaha!! since I love Akai so much... Melody is the same name as my Username since I like the name so much... I often use the name...
  16. First of all, we must clear the mystery on whether BO is a BIG organization. Meaning, aside from Gin, Vermouth, and all the other 'named' members, do they have some kind of 'force' to defend the organization and anokata from any future plans to destroy them? Then, we go to the question of how Conan/Shinichi will beat BO. It would be interesting on how Aoyama will think of a good and unique way to beat the org. Will he make Conan back to Shinichi? Or he will put a harder task on him by letting him face BO as Conan. Will he involve the Japanese police? I'm pretty sure the FBI and CIA will connive to think of a way to beat the org, of course together with Conan and probably Heiji and who will be their ally between Sera, Tooru, Okiya, and other important characters in the series. Will DC turn into an action-filled series? Will Conan use guns? Does he have to kill Gin and even anokata to that extent just to stop the BO? So many questions in my mind.
  17. I would like to know more about the virus Night Baron which appears sometimes in Détective Conan.
  18. I was just wondering, why is the Black organization, "black"? It sounds pretty racist to me. lol, im just saying. no offense to anyone. D:
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