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  1. Just curious, as I'm not educated on Japanese, but what is the term/word if you happen to know? I know it was mentioned on the cbox before that it was intended to refer to a 6-7 year old... (Disregard that, I actually found it in the replies here, and just managed to overlook it) Though I'll agree with what you said here for sure. Also while it's probably an old topic here, is there really any significance that the MG appears to be of middle school age? It doesn't seem like it really changes anything to me. Even if Haibara used that term, it's not like she could possibly know such a specific range with Conan and herself being the only two living examples... (and that they were close in age to begin with) I suppose the biggest issue is finding out when or how the MG was shrunken.
  2. Unfortunately, we can't do that as it is against the rules. You'll have to search for them yourself. DCW no longer has episodes streaming on this site due to a DMCA, so you can't watch them here. I can however, offer some legal options. You can check out http://www.crunchyroll.com/case-closed for episodes 754 to the most recent ones. They are subbed one week behind Japan's release date. You can also find the first 123 episodes here: http://www.funimation.com/shows/case-closed/videos There are a couple episodes and some of the movies on hulu as well: http://www.hulu.com/case-closed The first 570 episodes are available in Japanese here: http://www.hulu.jp/case-closed Because of region locks you may need to use a VPN to watch it on any of those sites.
  3. So far, I'm kinda liking the Mystery Tour this year.
  4. Text spoilers Translations from bash7353 and presumenothing from the cbox Text Spoiler Summary by Spimer
  5. December 12th So if it's like last time, probably around 8pm EST on the 11th? Here's some high quality scans of the poster, and two of the recent anniversary surprises for a better look at things.
  6. File 941 Chinese: http://tieba.baidu.com/p/4192921852 Imgur Link: http://imgur.com/a/3ovXf This time they've uploaded all of the images and cover from Shonen Sunday.
  7. Most all of the anime I've seen are fairly enjoyable, at least completed... however, I've been revisiting some anime from the early 2000's when I used to watch Adult Swim regularly, and found something I think can be posted here. Android Kikaider... I believe it is an anime adaptation of an old Japanese TV-show, something like Power Rangers? In any case, I see why it got cancelled. Animation was terrible, plot didn't have much to it, and the whole "psychological" aspect to it was just bland and uninteresting, despite trying to focus on it solely for a couple episodes and throughout its 13 episode run. Wish that I hadn't watched it. For some reason I was thinking it was a lot more interesting.
  8. I'm a bit mixed on this one, but I'm looking forward to this cover more than I am the new opening by Koshi Inaba.
  9. I like the M20 poster, though Amuro's face seems a bit odd. Akai and Gin look great! Sounds like one of Kogoro's "epic" puns
  10. B'z are pretty much hit or miss for me. Sometimes I like their tracks, and other times his vocals just kinda irk me a bit. Not really a fan of this one in particular, but I'm interested in seeing the animation for the opening. Not sure why they chose La PomPon to do another cover either... They could have got someone else - I won't say their rendition of Nazo was awful (as long as we aren't talking about live), but I have a feeling this one won't translate nearly as well. Though I suppose I'll reserve judgement until I hear it.
  11. I wonder if the movie writers will hold the same principals Gosho seems to in regards to wine and liquors (though I don't think he ever officially confirmed that he follows this pattern). I'm not sure how I feel about introducing three spies with code-names at once, even if it's just a movie. It just kind of reinforces how ridiculous the whole spy debacle has got in the series. Regardless of Gin's statements, it's just a bit much. Still looking forward to the movie regardless. The plot seems a little much like Movie 13, but perhaps it'll improve upon that movie and won't be overly deceiving. It would be nice to get a pure BO movie, no matter how unlikely that is...
  12. Well, I suppose I was already expecting to be disappointed. Not many AOs really hold my attention these days. I didn't mind the pacing though, and the case was somewhat enjoyable despite it being quite simple. Average though. No strong words of recommendation, that's for sure. Oddly enough, the only AO I've really liked since 775-776 has been a Detective Boys case. Though I did like 791 despite how silly it was. This season has had no shortage of awful filler cases. I saw a preview of the special earlier on Facebook, and it looks like it'll be pretty good. Hopefully it's not a disappointment since it's basically a 2 hour special.
  13. And nothing overly special about it I liked it more than the last two, but not very memorable or anything that really sets it apart. Animation was okay, and some moments got me a quick laugh towards the end of the episode. I noticed a couple officers from one of the earlier Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story episodes.
  14. So it seems like we'll be getting the Movie 20 trailer next weekend. Some spoilers have already hit 2ch, but can't be confirmed for accuracy. Given we've been getting text spoilers every Saturday, and they've been fairly consistent, I doubt they are fake. (Apologize for the double post, though it has been 2 weeks) Movie 20 Title: Text Spoilers from .2ch (Can't be confirmed for accuracy just yet) Some translations from presumenothing There is a translation and organization of the list better found here, by Detective Conan - the Red Thread
  15. File 940 Chinese: http://tieba.baidu.com/p/4181860724 Alternate Link: http://imgur.com/a/Tkq6f
  16. Yea, the conclusion will be File 941. We don't always get a break between each case. Aside from the magazine break, I think we went from File 925 to File 935 without a single break.
  17. Heliotropic


    This is quite cool! Thanks for sharing I've only seen the Live a Live and the Lum stuff before. The first one reminds me of Yaiba for sure. It's pretty funny how clear his art style comes through on these, especially with the Pokemon card.
  18. Yep! Really looking forward to the Kawanakajima case since it's really the first time we've had something so "brutal" in a long time, and I'm always for more Nagano prefecture. The peak of Conan in general was probably 345. You're absolutely right in that they can't compare to the old ones, at least most of them..., though I did like a good portion of the AOs in the 400s. Animation style was also much better back then imo. It wouldn't be surprising if they are milking it (you could easily say they are doing that now regardless of the crappy AOs), but I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. After 800 episodes in, it must be hard to put together a "unique" and interesting case. These days I don't look for mystery in an AO, just something that can keep my attention. Even if the mystery is crappy, if it has something else to fall back on I can enjoy them.
  19. I like most old AOs, up till probably 400s or early 500s, but dealing with a mountain of them these days... Well, you might get one good one every 5 or so Towards the beginning many of the AO episodes were just as good as some of the manga cases, some undoubtedly better. I'm okay with them though, since really I just view them as something extra every week since I follow the manga, but it's disappointing to go through this many in a row and know that quite a few of them are going to be crap. On the other hand, it'll be nice since they are almost certainly going to play Kamaitachi and Kawanakajima back to back now.
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