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  1. Probably. Maybe it's just there for looks as well and there won't even be a movie character. There's no way that the promo (not even the trailer) would reveal something so significant. Seeing as how the rumor was that he had a prosthetic eye, it would be sensible to me that it's much more subtle, like Goudzou's appearance in MK1412, otherwise the rumor would be that Rum has two different colored eyes, and not a fake (whether they could recognize it or not). You'd think that someone with would choose a fake eye of the same color.
  2. Well, despite Movie 18 revealing that Okiya was Akai, we had quite a bit to draw from long before the movie even hit theaters... I don't think it'll be the same case with Rum. It's not even guaranteed that he'll show up as anything but a silhouette, but if he does, I imagine they'd show up in the manga soon. Who knows though... but with the information we currently have on Rum, I just don't see it making sense for them to do a pre-canon reveal. Movie 18 was unique I suppose in that regard, but it really didn't change anything in the grand scheme of things, nor was it surprising imo.
  3. Well, it's to be expected since this is celebrating both the Anime's 20th anniversary and Movie 20. The movie, as always, won't really have any "significant" value since they aren't canon to begin with, though we might get a pre-canon reveal with Rum like we did with Akai for Movie 18 (I doubt that to be the case though). Looking forward to the promo tonight! I'm still a bit torn on the special from when I first heard of it. It's portrayed as a one hour special, but really it's just a two part anime original? I suppose it features a famous actor, and I'll judge it for its quality after I see it, but it seems a bit disingenuous to me. Curious to see the remaining 17 surprises. This thread on chinese forums has been pretty up to date with each surprise release: http://bbs.aptx.cn/thread-292560-1-1.html
  4. I wonder how many more AOs we'll be getting. Apparently we're getting a "special" on January 9th/16th. I'm not entirely sure if it's going to be a 2 hour special, aired in two parts, or if it's basically just a two-part anime original featuring a famous actor (Ichikawa Ebizo). I'm going with the latter. We still have this year's Mystery Tour, so I really do wonder when we'll be seeing the Kamaitachi/Kawanakajima. I was assuming they'd be aired back to back, but it seems that it might be delayed until late January at this point. If that's the case, this by far breaks the record back in 2000 of 9 AOs in a row. Of course, I don't think it's confirmed yet if Nov 28 will be the start of the Kamaitachi case or another AO. Let's hope I guess!
  5. Autolux - Sugarless https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0uGt1n3xERo
  6. That's quite accurate Here's a short article on Crunchyroll about her voice actress
  7. You're certainly right about that. I hadn't checked so I wasn't entirely sure, but there are many similar topics as is, and a couple "nearly identical" ones. Most of them are on the very first page so it's hard to miss.
  8. Not to be rude, but hasn't this topic been done time and time again? Shinichi and Ran are the canon pairing, so I'd say it's logical to assume that they are going to be together, especially after all of the development, backstory, and the confession... They have a deep history, and a very similar way of thinking. Shinichi and Shiho or Conan/Haibara will only exist in fan-fiction (even stated by Gosho that it's "impossible) so the whole basis for a relationship is that it would be more interesting than the canon pairing. It's pretty much destined to only be a platonic relationship. It's completely one-sided, and most of the implications that Ai likes Conan are rather subtle to begin with. There is no way that Conan will reciprocate the same feelings for Haibara as he has with Ran. I'm on neither side, and I do not care what people "ship", though I'll say that Ai is one of my favorite characters and I think that if she were to have a love interest, be it Shinichi or anyone else, that it would feel forced, nor would it make sense to me at this point in the story. Gosho's not the best at handling romance either, so I think the assumption that Shinichi/Shiho would be more interesting is a stretch at best. I do not like the prospect of Conan/Ai as a couple. However, I very much do like the interactions between these characters. The length of the series can have a rather negative effect when it comes to developing certain characters/relationships too... but that goes without saying.
  9. Episode 797 is a weird one... though that's definitely due to the female "detective", Funachi. I didn't find this episode particularly humorous, or good, though it was certainly different... Still plenty of AOs to come! No subbed episode next week! Definitely wouldn't mind to see that remaster subbed! Maybe someone will get around to it eventually...
  10. No? I'm not even sure how that came up from anything I just mentioned. There are certainly some Sherlock references in the story, yes, like APTX4869 being a reference to Sherlock, and the password for its data being Shellingford I was simply trying to give an explanation for why Vermouth didn't kill Akai back in New York. She even refers to Conan, suggesting that he can be "our long awaited Silver Bullet". After Akai's death she mentions that one Silver Bullet is enough.
  11. Yes, that is what the name means in regards to Akai Shuichi... Vermouth has seemingly wanted a "Silver Bullet", so maybe that's why she was hesitant to kill Akai when she had the chance back in New York.
  12. Because as I mentioned, it suggests so in the story. He doesn't use the number because he directly says it would be like exposing himself, and then goes on to say that he would have Takagi investigate. This idea was abruptly ended after Haibara convinced him not to open Pandora's box and endanger Takagi's life. "Silver Bullet" is used a couple different ways in the story. She refers to Akai as a Silver Bullet, someone who is a threat to the organization.
  13. File 937 Chinese: http://tieba.baidu.com/p/4124750575 http://imgur.com/a/OM7Sw Some translations from presumenothing
  14. Yea, sounds like we're gonna get quite a few more before the Kamaitachi case. We still have the Mystery Tour episodes this year too, and next 4 episodes are AOs 796 was...average. It wasn't terrible I suppose.
  15. The translator mentioned when they started translating again that it might not last longer than the current case.
  16. Is there any reason to second guess it? As previously mentioned, neither Gin or Vodka know that Shinichi is alive. If they did they would surely investigate but have no suspicions. Even if they had heard that he disguised as Kudo a second time it wouldn't necessary mean anything, as long as they weren't aware that Shinichi also appeared in that same case.
  17. Detective Conan/Case Closed is available to free users and premium users at the same time (On Saturdays at 3PM, one week after the episode debuts in Japan). The only difference to my knowledge is that you have to watch ads and you can't watch it in HD if you are a free user. Crunchyroll region locks to North America. I can suggest using a VPN to get by the region locks!
  18. I'm going to quote the wiki on this one. You should also refrain from double posting. You can simply edit your post. Gin doesn't go after Shinichi because he thinks he is dead, and does not remember the faces of those that he's killed. (Vodka makes up for this trait to some extent). Shiho confirmed him as dead when they were investigating the possibility.
  19. The official English release of the manga (by VIZ media) does keep the English names. If you want to read the manga with the original names, you'll have to read fan scanlations. The English manga is also only up to V56 (57 comes out in January) so at some point, if you want to catch up that is, you'll have to read the fan scanlations anyways. The English release of the manga is currently 31 volumes behind Japan.
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