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  1. The title is a little misleading to what I meant but, does anyone remember that time that people (in real life) proved that you can make a phone call by singing the right chords, and that you can kick a soccer ball to knock the phone down? It was that one part in Full Score of Fear where Conan and Akiba sing the right notes to call 110. I was looking for the video because I really want to watch it again but I can't find it.
  2. Thanks! I didn't know people from the states was a rarity >.<
  3. Yup A lot of people are waiting for her to announce her candidacy here....
  4. Wellesley College... I'd be surprised if you knew it HAHA
  5. Yup //^.^// I'm actually from LA but moved up here for college. HURRAY FOR ROAD TRIPS!
  6. Hi everyone! I love DC and MK, I have been a fan for a couple years now...I think I've watched/read just about everything I know is out there about DC and MK. I finally got the guts to introduce myself so... Yoroshiku onegaishimasu! (〃⌒▼⌒〃)
  7. Conan is referenced in 360 Degrees Material. There is a boy who kind of looks like him; my favorite reference is from chapter 20: Sorry about the size of the picture, first post so I don't know how to work things yet >.<
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