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  1. Shinan-kun Yes me too it is not bad, I am happy to see Shinichi saves Ran Yes that's right, and the most I am looking forward is Ran! Women can rescue other people who is in danger. I saw it to Ran I hope I can do Karate he he
  2. Shinan-kun Yes sometimes it happen Shinichi/Conan rescue Ran in some event that Ran is in danger. I am really suprised and happy about the chapter of Ran Girl and Shinichi Boy. The story is really interesting! Ran was crying because of her name tag.
  3. For me this Movie 19 Sunflowers is amazing!! Kaitou Kid is one of my favorite is DC! He is really awesome depends on magic tricks and the way he do steal and get it back! This movie is really awesome for me! I'm looking forward to the coming soon movie 20
  4. Shinan-kun, Yes that is one the most I like to Ran She really is strong in karate I remember the scene's when she fight to the bad guys! And she always protect the people around her most especially the people important to her. That's right she really improve that women can protect themselves and can protect other people. I really admire her because of that also. I remember also that scene that Shinichi's father wants him to go to his father but Shinichi wants to take the BO down by himself and he also remember Ran that I think he doesn't to leave Ran. That's right I also think about that also that Ran is also his inspiration that he can do anything for the sake of justice and he can do anything to protect Ran. I admire there childhood friendship I really like there story that I read the manga how they met the very first time.. Thank you Shinan-kun for the reply to this post!
  5. DCUniverse, Yes, I remember that I really never forget that moment. Well I was thinking that for Conan/Shinichi he didn't have to wait for Ran's reply because he already know the answer.. Well I am really looking forward to the next suspicion story.. And thanks DCUniverse for the response about this topic!
  6. Hi DCUniverseAficionado I already watched about the London Arc long ago. Im sorry about that there is an error of what I mean to say. I am in latests now in manga also in anime. I am just suprise about the London arc that about Shinichi said to Ran is already an confession. I'm really suprised to that. And still Ran had no reply to that.
  7. Well for me all of Conan/Shinichi and Ran moments. Also there childhood days was also sweet and awesome! There bond is strong! No one else can destroy a strong bond. The last ova of 10yrs later was really sad Ran still can waiting for shinichi. I really like about Ran suspicious of Conan's identity! I hope there will be coming episode of that! I really love ShinRan
  8. 'ello

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  9. Hi! For me I have a lot favorite theme song's of DC! One of my most favorite are Mune ga Doki Doki because this is the very first opening theme song! This is really great! Its like very nostalgic from my childhood days. And also Mysterious Eyes! because of this I've been liking Garnet Crow! I like thins song very much! And then Summer Time Gone I also been liking Mai Kuraki because of her song's in DC! She is awesome! Misty Mystery, Miss Mystery I also been liking the Breakerz they are awesome band! In Ending theme songs I have a lot of them I been like! The very first theme ending Step by step! I like that too! Hikari to kage no roman, Kimi ga Inai Natsu by Deen I like it very much too! Also, Still For your Love' I like it too this is really touching song Free Magic by Wag I like it also its nostalgic for me The very best my favorite is Secret of my Heart by Mai kuraki it is really fit for Ran. I really like this song. And also the song Always by Mai And also Yumi Mita Ato de by Garnet Crow I really like it! love it! And many more! I also have it in my phone and laptop.
  10. I'm really excited to Detective Conan latests Episodes! =)

  11. Heliotropic, Yes, I am using mobile device now I just received an email about this topic that someone has an answer. Because my brother used our laptop so for now I am using my mobile device. Me too I like kogorou I like most of kogorou is when he is serious about the case when he is really the one who solve the case. Then I observe when his love ones or friends is on the case he is about too serious and he is really the one who solve the case. Well I hope that they will have the happy ending. Well sometimes love stories are really there if you describe so story there always some romance, action, drama etc. DC is where I discovered about childhood friends For me that is really interesting. Yes me too I observe that Ran really suffer most especialy about her family she really wants her parents come back together again. And for her that Shinichi is really important to her she really suffer about Shinichi being waiting (though he is always there as Conan) but for me you know that is so sad really so sad. I am affected sometimes well you think I am weird but you know I am a girl so a bit I understand Ran's feelings. Well yeah sometimes Ran figure out about Conan's identity but you know she always deceived by Conan. I like those episodes when Ran always think that Conan is Shinichi. And she think why Shinichi confess about it. Well I don't really know that about the London arc? I'm sorry but that is really a confession of Shinichi to Ran? sorry Heliotropic can you please explain to me if its ok with you. Yeah that's what I do but that is always happen it double your post. Well is ok I think I just write then name whom I reply.
  12. Heliotropic, Well in your last msg I'm sorry that I double posting because I can't determine how you reply my post sorry dude! Yeah I think so I misunderstood what you want trying to say sorry for that dude! Well I like gosho how to do romance to develope characters also to have more strong bond between the two characters! Yeah your right that people really have there own opinions. By the way about Ran's parents what do you think of them? Ran is really determine that there parents will come back again together. But his father is really troublesome to cause her mother angry or jealous. And well I think you do like mysteries in DC and I think most of all about BO? Well me too I am curious about BO. And I am looking forward about who really is Rum. Again sorry dude about the double post
  13. Heliotropic, Well I'm not really sure what do you mean about Ran. Just for me I really like Ran she's been my inspiration for being strong and kindhearted. You know for that is natural for Ran that she is really tied to Shinichi they are childhood friends! I'm sure you read about there story that how they first met! For me that was really interesting! What do you mean of started to wane following vermouth arc? Well me too I am looking forward too that she can do investigation like her mother. But being strong can do karate that is one the most I like to Ran. Well I hope there will be suspicion arc again. I do remember the ova I watched about Conan had a dream he become shinichi then there the detective boys are already highschool he also still an highschool then he knew about Ran getting married. Then he found Ran to his house I was really cried that time I saw Ran cry that she is still waiting for Shinichi. I don't know if like you can understand the feeling of waiting the feelings of Ran. For Conan sometimes that feeling is really troublesome. Troublesome indeed that sometimes can't really understand that feeling. Well please don't dislike Ran she is awesome in heart and being strong.
  14. Hobgoblin, me too I admire her faithfulness. But that was so sad for Ran that she didn't know the truth about Shinichi. That's right she is really kind to her friends!
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