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  1. While this is somewhat unrelated, since Crunchyroll will have nothing to do with it... I watched the first part of the Black Impact remaster, and it's very lackluster. The image quality is of course, slightly improved but there were quite a few things I disliked about it. They cut out the intro/recap, as well as Chianti and Korn's debut scene (which was exclusive to the anime anyways) - so the first part of the episode doesn't start until 8 minutes later. That's a lot of cut content in the first episode even for a remaster. Though I suppose this so far has been more true to the manga since that scene never did exist. I imagine they'll have quite a bit of recap in the parts following this, so not really that surprising. Aspect ratio is essentially 4:3 but that's not really what bothers me. They bordered the rest of the screen with red bricks (just like they've done with some previous remasters) - where it should have been left as black. There is also text on the brick which is clearly promoting Movie 20, so I guess we know the motive behind the remasters if it was ambiguous before
  2. Text Spoilers - File 953 - http://nozomi.2ch.sc/test/read.cgi/ymag/1457481606/0-
  3. New Sherry's Soliloquy (952) さすガ 草薙素子ね... Sasu ga kusanagi motoko ne... jimmy_kud0_tv: "As expected of Kusanagi Motoko" ... Another Ghost in the Shell reference it seems... - I wonder how many times Gosho has made the reference to the Major so far. He really wants to hammer it into our skulls
  4. Are you sure that's not because of Daylight's Saving Time - It's still released right at 3PM EST New episode was good. They blacked out the preview for Episode 813, and I'm assuming because production hasn't started for it. They've never showed the same previews as Japan since they don't air the remasters so I guess it makes sense, but it felt really odd. I thought my video player was messing up.
  5. Saw this in my Google+ feed today... http://meitanteikonanplot.blogspot.com/2016/03/special-post-march-2016-aoyama-gosho.html It's a translation of the interview between Gosho Aoyama and Sakamoto Hayato from the Yomiuri Giants that was featured in SS#16 The translator seems to have some other interviews on their G+ page as well: https://plus.google.com/103831424736476651138/posts
  6. New Sherry's Soliloquy (951) 縞パン見せてんじゃないわよ! Shimapan misete n janai wa yo! "Don't show us your shimapan (stripped panties)!" Translation by Ghaitsa Mahira
  7. Yea, Dimension W is pretty average at best now. Started off pretty good, but at this point I'll probably finish it anyways. I started Ajin a couple days ago. Really liked it so far. Not the biggest fan of the CGI, but this being the first anime that's used it this way, I'd say it's far from terrible and it's been growing on me. The story itself is pretty fun so far. I started with Gate's first season, but didn't really care for the whole concept. I think I dropped it around episode 3. Phantom World... probably around the 3rd episode as well. Extremely bland, but yea, it does have "that scene". I knew nothing about either of them so I wasn't really expecting anything, but they were both accessible so why not Boku dake is still the best one I've seen this season, and episode 10 was still pretty solid. The reveal was really obvious though, so I don't think the "mystery" really held up that well. Everything else about it, especially the pacing has been quite extraordinary though imo.
  8. I thought the facial details were worse this time around, otherwise it was about the same really. Nothing to really complain over, but there were a couple odd moments. I agree. I wasn't expecting them to show it like they did in the manga, there was no way they'd do that. It came across rather well though. The case so far has had really good pacing. Unfortunately we're gonna have a break for a month after next week because of the remastered case, but at least this means we won't have to sift through too many AOs after episode 813, or at least that's what I'm hoping.
  9. The movie website has received another major update. Most of the updates can be found on this page: http://www.conan-movie.jp/message.html The profile of black section has updated with a relationship chart, and the movie website section has also included new sections, consisting of a message from Gosho Aoyama, staff and movie cast, special guest Yuki Amami, and the theme song for the movie. Official art from the Facebook page:
  10. Boku dake ga Inai Machi has been a blast so far, and it's definitely my favorite series of the anime I've watched this season... Though I can't say I've really got invested in much, I've only liked this and Dimension W, and I'm a bit mixed on the latter... Gonna give Ajin a chance once I have the time though, well once I get done with Psycho Pass. Boku dake, unfortunately, kind of disappointed me for the first time today. There's only 3 episodes remaining, and it was still a pretty good episode, but I definitely don't think it held up to the last 8. Hopefully next week is an improvement. Tried a couple episodes of Gate and Phantom World since they were on Crunchyroll, but I couldn't get into them. The Blue Jacket Lupin series is pretty good as well, and I really like what they did with it. Haven't checked out too much though since I want to finish Part 2 and 3 first.
  11. The scenery looked great, but most of the background character animation looked a bit odd to me, but this is usually always the case to some extent. Close-ups were quite good though imo.
  12. I believe it was before V53 P8 - I think it came up recently in the "Raven Apocalypse" booklet, but I think there is also an interview from a couple years ago saying the same thing? Another thing in regards to Matsumoto... I think it's possible they will write him off. Kuroda is basically his replacement, and his VA passed away a couple years ago, unfortunately.
  13. Aside from the close-up frames, the background animation was definitely a bit odd. Though I can't say I noticed until I did a direct comparison to the manga.
  14. Oops, guess I got things mixed up, don't even know what I was on about, as I just read through the case again last week
  15. Well, I think the movies certainly continued on with that idea... but I wouldn't say the anime played off of Kid knowing Conan is Shinichi. I don't think there's ever been any connection of any sort in regards to that so we've always pretty much treated that Kid doesn't know in the manga. Even if they did a "reveal" like M18 (which is highly unlikely imo), I think at this point, there's no indication that any of the movies will ever be connected to the manga. I believe Gosho said he wanted to be the director or something of that nature, but simply doesn't have the time... He was responsible for the Mysterious Woman's character design though (but I don't think that really means anything either).
  16. I don't think they've really declined. They've always been a bit "spotty" I guess, but when it comes down to it, I suppose every translator has their own way of wording things... Never too bothered by the timing/subs themselves. Maybe I'm not remembering things correctly, but sometimes it seems like they want to use honorifics and then others they just ditch them entirely? Ahh yes, my mistake. I should have said glasses
  17. I have no large complaints about how the anime adapted this episode, though I still wonder how they'll handle the upcoming scenes. I'm not too happy about them cutting the scene with Heiji, Kazuha, and Yamamura at the beginning, but given they did something similar at the end of the Kamaitachi case, I'm really not too surprised. I suppose the transition might look a bit more awkward had they included that scene there and then skipped right to shadow-man, but I can't really find any justification for doing it. I expected the anime to censor this one pretty bad though, and I mean, there definitely is some censorship... but it was still much more "graphic" than I expected it to be. The atmosphere in the ending scene was done really quite well. Kuroda looked much more threatening in the manga, and while I do like his voice, I definitely don't have the same impression I got when reading the manga. His right eye being shaded looks silly though. That works in the manga, but it just looks weird in the anime. Can't say I was expecting them to do anything different since it is TMS, and not A-1 (which did show Goudzou's prosthetic). As far as the anime is concerned, this case will probably be my favorite this year, since it was my favorite in the manga last year...
  18. The main theme definitely peaks my interest. It'll be a nice change of pace. Let's just hope they don't layer a bunch of unnecessary crap over top of it There's also this (not really sure what exactly they are saying though, I assume just the usual stuff): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6hxUDekmrTQ Trailer looks really good, but I'm still kind of worried about how it'll turn out. There's gotta be something more to the movie, and I'm probably not going to be thrilled with whatever case they give us. I hope that Kir isn't thrown to the sidelines for the majority of the movie either, but she probably will be. I wonder if they finally decided on what colors to use for the mystery woman's eyes... Either way, I'm excited for the movie. Looks like it'll be much more BO focused than the last few, but who knows really... Really looking forward to the fight scene between Akai and Rei, looks great in the trailer!
  19. New Trailers for Movie 20 Long Version https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yxwqMhPjLiQ Short Version https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qfKWDRVx3_o
  20. Yea, I'm not really sure why they changed that, it was much funnier in the manga. Maybe it was too much work for Agasa's VA to come in and do a line
  21. I'll be checking out the remaster, but I'm assuming unless the quality is actually greatly improved (and I doubt it will be), it'll basically just be a rerun. Splitting it up into 4 parts doesn't enthrall me. 813 is kind of unique, but really don't know much about it so far. It could go either way for me. Glad that Kawanakajima is 3 parts, I didn't expect it to be 2.
  22. Episode 810 - Prefectural Police of Darkness (Part 1) - Feb 27th Episode 811 - Prefectural Police of Darkness (Part 2) - March 5th Episode 812 - Prefectural Police of Darkness (Part 3) - March 12th Episode 425(Remastered) - Black Impact (Part 1) - March 19th Episode 425(Remastered) - Black Impact (Part 2) - March 26th Episode 425(Remastered) - Black Impact (Part 3) - April 2nd Episode 425(Remastered) - Black Impact (Part 4) - April 9th Episode 813 - The Shadow Sneaking on Amuro - April 16th
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