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  1. Just saw the first episode of "Boku dake ga Inai Machi (ERASED)" and I have to say I'm rather intrigued. Definitely looking forward to the next one. Crunchyroll just started simulcasting it today, and I'm glad I picked something up as it was starting or I'd probably never get into it.
  2. File 945 Chinese: http://tieba.baidu.com/p/4256300386 http://imgur.com/a/zcw4j
  3. Detective Conan has officially been added to Netflix. So far it contains 6 episodes that were not simulcasted by Crunchyroll, and 52 in total from episodes 748-799. The episode listing can be a bit confusing as it lists 748 as Episode 1 and is not listed by the Japanese episode count. The subtitles seem to be a bit different from Crunchyroll, but not drastically so. It's also listed under the proper title, "Detective Conan", not "Case Closed" like Crunchyroll. Despite this, the cover image for the series and the "Case Closed" logo at the end of each episode make their way in, just like the English movies. Edit: Netflix has now changed the title to Case Closed (assuming due to legal issues or something of that nature) Detective Conan is listed as "TV-14", and several English voice-actors are listed in the cast Info. I wonder if this means they have plans to upload older episodes dubbed by Funimation. (It could of course, mean nothing, and there's a next to no chance of FUNi dubbing future episodes) More here: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2016-01-01/netflix-adds-detective-conan-anime-streaming/.97124
  4. Happy New Year!

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      Happy New Year!

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  5. Welcome! Hope to see you around
  6. ML said several months ago that they were working on it, though I don't think there have been any recent updates about it. They just said it would get done eventually, and they release whatever gets finished first. The version that's out now is pretty good though. There were some minor grammar issues, but nothing to really complain about. The subtitles were really small for me and uncomfortable to read, but changing that really isn't difficult by any means.
  7. The cover looks rather enticing, I suppose the same can't be said about the actual content The price does seem pretty fair though, if that's any saving grace.
  8. I liked the majority of the cases this year. Kawanakajima really stands out, and is my favorite case of the year, but then again, I've enjoyed everything with the Nagano prefecture police. I'd say second place goes to the Yoko/Higo case. I liked the case trick as well as the humor in the file. It was really well done imo. I found the Zombie case to be quite exceptional as well. The rest for the most part were all rather enjoyable. The UFO case is probably the first Chiba/Naeko case I've liked, though it was really just "average" as a whole. I really don't think any of the other cases this year were stellar, they are all about on the same level for me. I didn't really like the Shin/Ran flashback. I will say it had some comedic bits, and it was nice to get their first meeting out of the way. I feel that it lasted a bit too long, and I didn't really like how they handled it as a whole (the whole two perspectives bit and reusing scenes). Maybe I'll like it more when the anime comes around to it (or it could be even worse with the recaps ). Looking forward to next year. As dissatisfied as I was with the anime this year, the manga was pretty good.
  9. You might be right about that 803 might be the worst of the lot yet. Though I will say amidst all of these filler episodes, some were definitely enjoyable. They really should have spread out some of the manga-cases a bit further and it might not seem as bad. It's a bit daunting to go from October all the way to February without a single manga-case. The special will hopefully be good, and then we have another 2 part AO after that. The last few (775-776, and 801-802) were decent enough, so I'll be a bit optimistic. For now though, this break will be nice. I guess the positive is that when canon does return, we'll be getting two solid cases in a row.
  10. Actually, that scene was in the manga. BO Cases? I kind of liked the Mystery Train, but I'm a bit torn on the whole thing, and I didn't like the conclusion at all. The Red Shirts case was really boring to me and is probably the worst of them all imo. As someone who didn't absolutely hate Scarlet... the anime certainly didn't make me like it. The animation quality in the early episodes was absolutely terrible, and there was a lot of recap. I liked Akai's signature scene though...
  11. Yea, the remaster had bad pacing too... It wasn't that great. I liked the New York Case remaster though, actually prefer that one.
  12. 176-178 (Reunion with the Black Organization) are my overall favorite episodes in the series, so I'll go with that
  13. File 943 Chinese: Imgur baidu Text spoiler translations from Spimer at DCTP:
  14. Despite it being my favorite anime (I'm really not privy to very much), I wouldn't say so. That's a pretty big statement to declare it the "best anime in existence". I certainly wouldn't call it "under-rated", not that it's over-rated either. It's absolutely massive over in Japan, which is more than enough for me. I do wish that it were more popular in the states, but there were several reasons why it failed. I'd say that Detective Conan satisfies a certain "itch" I have as a whole, which has kept me attached to it for a very long time, and I still find the new cases interesting. The quality of the anime isn't exactly great at the moment. Many of the anime original cases are flat out uninteresting, and I really prefer the older animation style. The show has long past its peak, and I definitely prefer the manga as a whole. Having not watched much anime (mostly just what was on Adult Swim in the past), I can still say there are some that I've enjoyed almost as much as DC, if not more at some times. I love the Ghost in the Shell series, as one example. Having only seen about 10 or so all the way through, I really don't think I'm in a position to label anything as "the best in existence". Narrowing it down to its genre, I might agree.
  15. 801. I lost interest in the second part. Wasn't a bad episode though in terms of the recent AOs. Well... it is another Detective Boys case - Guess we'll wait and see.
  16. I liked the first part, but I wasn't too fond of the second. Next week's AO is the last episode on Crunchyroll until January 16th. The break will be nice. Then I guess we'll return with a bang
  17. Detective Conan - Movie 20 Trailer -

  18. I don't think there's any specific announcement for when the Movie 20 site will update, but if it's like last time, the site should update around 10AM. Edit: Movie website is now updated: http://www.conan-movie.jp/index.html It seems that they went with the title "The Darkest Nightmare" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XiEamTc1R5A
  19. File 942 Chinese: http://tieba.baidu.com/p/4205404434 File 942 on imgur (higher quality): http://imgur.com/a/ki8gI 8th surprise seems to be another "Real Escape Game" event coming on March 18th. It seems to be titled "Escape the Black Assassin". There's also an extra page added in this issue of Shonen Sunday and seems to be related to Tottori Airport's opening?
  20. We should get confirmation on Kamaitachi soon. It seems that Episode 804/805 were confirmed as the specials, so this should mean that CR will definitely sub them. Guess a break was confirmed for January 2nd as well.
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