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  1. Ops, I'm late but... Welcome to DCW
  2. Violetta


    Nice to meet you to)
  3. Good morning/afternoon/evening/night. I'm Russian teenager girl. I'm watching DC about 8 mounth. And I'm really love it! Sorry, I know, that my English is bad P.S. I think, it's very cool, that fans of Detective Conan all over the world can chat there! It is really cool! (Для понимающих по русски. Пишу на англе я криво, но это реально круто, что на этом сайте можно встретить людей отовсюду)
  4. Violetta


    Hi, Shizuha. I'm glad to see, that someone don't sure in his English to. Im Violetta and I'm Russian fun of DC)
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