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  1. Hi, what's music (the remix/ reverse one) played during Conan's introduction, flashbacks in beginning & title card of movies?
  2. In which episode does some evil woman food poison her own fat son in either cake or Tea?
  3. When's new trailer going to be released? Probably 7 like countdown implies, also Nanatsu no Ko. Metropolitan HQ, & even PSB/Zero HQ by BO? It might be the thing that Amuro wants to protect at all costs along with Scotch probably.....
  4. Well, as for myself I'm 20, I found & started watching Conan when I was 16, though if I knew Conan earlier like from when I was 5 years old, I'd have watched just like Japanese cool kids So Vivian is your name huh? Hi, welcome to forums, Vivian.
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