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  1. Hi, what's music (the remix/ reverse one) played during Conan's introduction, flashbacks in beginning & title card of movies?
  2. In which episode does some evil woman food poison her own fat son in either cake or Tea?
  3. When's new trailer going to be released? Probably 7 like countdown implies, also Nanatsu no Ko. Metropolitan HQ, & even PSB/Zero HQ by BO? It might be the thing that Amuro wants to protect at all costs along with Scotch probably.....
  4. Well, as for myself I'm 20, I found & started watching Conan when I was 16, though if I knew Conan earlier like from when I was 5 years old, I'd have watched just like Japanese cool kids So Vivian is your name huh? Hi, welcome to forums, Vivian.
  5. Still no file! Damn!!!! wish he gets well very soon & make next chapter with huge plot twist, having Bourbon & Vermouth, coincidentally giving hints about ...
  6. Anime is much better than localised releases
  7. As well as Grave of Fireflies, moved me to tears of evil rude fat American atrocities on the Japanese island & millions of undeserving, innocent peaceful Japanese people in name of their propaganda war & yet they cunningly dub all genbakusha as war criminals & ironically fund criminals & terrorists instead of bombing the true terrorist countries & etnicities. False History is written by Victors!!!! . They're just like rude fat Logan Paul
  8. I am exactly like Shin'ichi, I'm a born Genius from great, prosperous, rich ancestry, who rightfully inherited, had perfectly healthy normal small body, smaller neck, huge skull, Brain, eyes, nose, other senses very sharp like that of Cats. baby face just like East Asians ーmainly Japanese, I read lot of stuff inside my mind eversince I was only 3 years old, unlimited memory, perfect pitch, drawing, painting, I like solving mysteries, riddles, puzzles, codes, maths concepts, problem, splendid easoning who was tricked & drugged a fateless Black Sunday the 13th exactly 10 years ago. Conan-kun is my savior who helped me learn the wonderful, holy Japanese language, culture which worked as a silver bullet, and fought against drug effects on my body, prevented my neurological degeneration But despite the damage by toxin drugs to my body, Brain trying it's best to steal my youth, consciousness, bag of wisdom, Kundalini, attacks targeted at myself from inside every single second even now, my wisdom is more-or-less the same, that of a unbeaten invincible normal perfect genius human being. The truth shall prevail!!!! My version of Conan-kun's catchcopy I lke ShinxRan, Kaito Kid, Bourbon, Vermouth's character, Kudos, Prof. Agasa Gees! Both Sonoko & Haibara are annoying
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