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  1. Is there a way to change my wiki username? I just realized that it's unnecessarily long and, if you happen to know my language, it's somewhat annoying and immature because when I joined here in 2009, I just graduated from high school so I'm still a bit immature-ish at that time. Now that I'm 23, I facepalm whenever I see my wiki username. I don't wanna facepalm whenever I visit the wiki, especially now that I'm about to continue the transcript of the podcasts.
  2. Monsi


    Hello and welcome to DCW. Hope you enjoy your stay!
  3. I guess I should be glad that I still know my password. So yeah welcome back to me. Anyone that I know still alive? :P I dunno but I'm thinking of doing the next DCW podcast lol.

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    2. Monsi


      @Balthazar: Nah, it's not. Coz I have internetz lol :P

      @Kid: Thanks!

      @Henry: Hello there. Nice to meet you. :)

      @Rye: Hello Rye. Weh di nga? Na-miss niyo ko?

    3. Kid the Phantom Thief
    4. Kirsch


      DCW podcasts were the best. Great to see that you're planning to take that mantle!

  4. No problem. ^^ Anyways, the new chapter's now out. Aaaaaaaaaaaaand it's up to you guys to find it since I won't post the link to that. :V
  5. We'll translate it since we doubt some other group besides a group that also scanlates DC would pick it up. And yes, I'm currently a staff member and a typesetter at Souka Scans.
  6. Nope, MK isn't new. Actually, MK was published first before Detective Conan (MK - 1987; DC - 1994). However, DC became more famous than MK so Gosho devoted more of his time in writing DC. MK is still ongoing, but the release of new chapters is "very" irregular. Well...last time I checked, yes. I'm just around everyone, stalking and waiting to take over all of your lives :V
  7. So I was just looking at DCTP's spoilers page, and I happened to see this message from Fujiwara: EDIT: Here's DCTP's article about it with more details: http://www.dctp.ws/2014/09/13/new-magic-kaito-chapters-in-october-conan-manga-goes-on-hiatus/
  8. Yeah, I realized that after posting this. I'm just waiting for this to be deleted or moved or locked.
  9. Link: http://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-news/2014/07/28/japanese-government-to-start-anti-animemanga-piracy-operation-next-month Looks like our happy days are about to be over.
  10. The rank titles are great, especially those who are banned here. However, I just hope that members wouldn't abuse posting here just to be able to reach whatever rank they want. Anyways, thanks.
  11. *rises from Loyola Memorial Park* Anyone still alive? :V
  12. Oh my god...it's been a year already since the last podcast? O_O

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