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  1. Dear not-so-anonymous, Bleh. -not-so-anonymous
  2. Alas, the REAL champion has returned!
  3. I always wish something on 11:11 PM haha
  4. I learned how to fake calligraphy. Heh
  5. Dear "Jape", Hormones, obviously. Love, Miss Weed (no i am not on drugs)
  6. Think it was My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light 'Em Up) by Fall Out Boy. Yeah the title
  7. I really liked The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga. The wonders of strolling around the aisles of required reading for high school!
  8. I wish we had more in common :/
  9. Hm. Well, I have planned the next three years with a friend. It probably won't happen tho
  10. Dear JK, Dang, I used to call you that last year. I did not know what was up with my friends' ironic obsession with you (then again, our love of leetspeak, 1/1 and T07 are ironic as well). I scrolled up to our earliest conversation, and saw the stark contrast. You treated me with animosity at the beginning (because of my grades? because of my weird way of answering your questions? I don't know), and I returned that bad impression right back at the beginning of the school year. You thought I hated you at that time, yes? That only brings up how deep I've gone into the world of deceit. We became friends, or maybe just two people with a lot of inside jokes shared virtually. Whichever it is, it made us hang out more. Spetember 17 happened. It was a good night. It was a bad night. It was this weird conglomeration of emotions that I can't describe. Relief? Happiness? Frustration? I don't know! The number of messages grew from 800 to 25.8K. I would have been happy if that happened under normal circumstances, but it feels like I'm being dragged further into despair. A box of problems, a box of depression, a box of messages. I just stand there, and I stare at it. Doing nothing. I can't stand it. I want to leave. ~cactus
  11. "What are you saying?! The truth is that not everyone's pretty! Everyone's smart, that's what's true!" ~A,T. (hahaha it's funny)
  12. Back after five MBTI tests. The first was an INFP, then an ISTP. In the school-administered one, I was an INTJ, and then in two consecutive tests I was an INTP. Funny how the only thing constant is the I.
  13. Dear J, "Dear"? Well, that's just a formality. We chat often. We filled up the group chat with absolute nonsense. Thirty-six thousand messages of teasing, back-and-forth cursing (well, for you), being high, and generally being friends. Friends? I'm not actually sure. You don't talk to me much in real life. You have your own little group of gamers that I'd never fit in with. But I care. You said you wanted to die. As if no one would miss you. I would. ~
  14. "A party without cake is just a meeting."
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