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  1. Earlier I used my desktop to access everything. Now I have my own laptop
  2. Anyone talking odd about Detective Conan series
  3. Watched my favourite DC episodes in the first 50 episodes
  4. It seems like my experience didn't count in this one. I got a long way to go.
  5. When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth -Kudo Shinichi There is no deduction that is superior or inferior.....because there is only one truth -Kudo Shinichi Zero is where everything starts! Nothing would ever be born if we didn't depart from there -Kudo Shinichi A detective who uses his deductive powers to corner a suspect and then does nothing to stop them from commiting suicide, is no better than the murderer himself -Kudo Shinichi The strong one doesn’t win. The one that wins is strong -Franz Beckenbauer The fear of death is worse than the death itself -Akai Shuichi
  6. i go with the black demon. It is because of curiosity about what happens in the end.
  7. did a nightout and studied for my exam
  8. only if you try not to write anything in the answer sheet during the exam Is it possible for me to get stronger?
  9. pawn stars modern marvels man vs wild dynamo magician impossible Ben earl trick artist etc
  10. well i guess that gin and sherry are co workers.
  11. I wish that I have a pleasant life
  12. Hi everyone I am Sashank Srikar. I go by Srikar. Its nice to meet you all guys.
  13. I mostly use my desktop rather than my laptop. But for gaming i go for my laptop only
  14. Maybe vermouth took some other drug made by the organization before APTX 4869
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