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  1. sashanksrikar

    Did you ever get scared watching DC?

    Got afraid when I was small kid when I used to watch some episodes. After reaching 11-12 years of age, got used to it
  2. sashanksrikar

    Wacky Words

    haemophobic leech
  3. sashanksrikar

    Throw something at the person above you!

    Throws a bottle
  4. sashanksrikar

    4 Letter Challenge!

  5. sashanksrikar

    Find the positives

    Too hot- Girls around me like me a lot. Too Cold- Enemies stay away from me Your girlfriend caught you going on a date with another girl
  6. sashanksrikar

    What Pokemon is the Person Above You?

  7. sashanksrikar

    KILL the Person Above You [Forum Game]

    Take the cord of the charger and strangulate you till you die Dust
  8. sashanksrikar

    Ban the Person Above You [Forum Game]

    Banned for not being a detective yet
  9. sashanksrikar

    1000 Ways to die (Forum game)

    Trying to reach the depth of Mariana Trench
  10. sashanksrikar

    Describe the Person Below You [Forum Game]

    I Love bikes not bicycles. Can't ride a 2 wheeler or bicycle cause I got a weak right leg. I can play Piano and Flute. Learning violin. The person below me knows how to play 2 or more musical instruments just like me.
  11. sashanksrikar

    What game do you like the most?

    Strategy games like Call of Duty Series, Assassin's Creed Series
  12. sashanksrikar

    Any games that you currently play right now?

    Ultimate Tennis
  13. sashanksrikar

    What's Your first Video Game console and Video Game

    Old type Cassette system. First game played is Super Mario