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  1. Got afraid when I was small kid when I used to watch some episodes. After reaching 11-12 years of age, got used to it
  2. Too hot- Girls around me like me a lot. Too Cold- Enemies stay away from me Your girlfriend caught you going on a date with another girl
  3. Take the cord of the charger and strangulate you till you die Dust
  4. Trying to reach the depth of Mariana Trench
  5. I Love bikes not bicycles. Can't ride a 2 wheeler or bicycle cause I got a weak right leg. I can play Piano and Flute. Learning violin. The person below me knows how to play 2 or more musical instruments just like me.
  6. Strategy games like Call of Duty Series, Assassin's Creed Series
  7. Old type Cassette system. First game played is Super Mario
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