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  1. Detective Conan Movie 1,when Conan tried to help Ran cut the bomb
  2. Favorite male character: Heiji. He might not as good as Shinichi, but IMO he's cooler and i enjoy his hot temperature scene. He also protects Kazuha in a really funny way, for example the drug case, he was willing to take down any guys come close to Kazuha. Favorite female character: Ran. She's my favorite manga character of all time. I love everything about her except she cries a lot, but that's reasonable. I love her so much which make me hate Shinichi sometimes because of his heartlessness.
  3. There maybe this someone.. someone important that i want to protect the most in this world! Someday..i'll come back..even if i die. That's why.. i want you to wait for me. That she was right..After all, there was an angel for me. If i said how i feel about her, she would miss me even more...All this time, i've been breaking her heart by keeping her waiting, yet i still can't appear before her eyes. I never want to see her cry anymore, even if it means i no longer exist in her heart. How immature of me, right? Something like that. At that moment, this reckless rescuer's safety was all that was on my mind. Flower are fragile and ephemeral..even if you meant to protect them with surrounding fence from rain and wind, the flowers die without sunlight.. and a spindly fence has no power against strong wings.
  4. We have switched back to have single case topics for cases that aren't likely to attract a lot of posts. Some people don't read case solution spoilers so remember to use a spoiler box for at least the answers to the case. According to dctp spoiler, the last part of file 884 is:
  5. Gōshō has thought of having one of Ran’s karate opponents die during a match, but he abandoned that idea. There will be a case about a national Karate tournament, a sport that Ran is good at. [bD NOTE: The way she wrote this made it unclear whether it would involve Ran.] Can i ask are these information separated or same? So does that mean there will be a karate case, but Ran's opponent won't have to die or there will be no case about Ran's karate tournament?
  6. oh.. i see Thank you very much XD
  7. On file 621, when Eisuke met Conan the first time, Eisuke fell on purpose, not by accident to trick Conan. I don't understand the meaning of pretending to fall in front of Conan. What can Eisuke find out by pretending to fall? I know this is way too long ago but i just can't figure out so if anyone understand, please answer me
  8. Thank you so much for posting these. Great job guys
  9. j.v233

    Random Predictions

    but it really doesn't matter who do the kiss first, i just want the KISS!!!!
  10. j.v233

    Random Predictions

    1. I think Shinichi will do the first kiss 2. I also think Vermouth wikk betray the organization to protect Conan and Ran 3. Big case will happen on Ran's birthday. (Gosho said he will make something special to celebrate this day) 4. Bourbon hates Akai because he also loves Akemi and Akai caused her death. Bourbon seems to stay close to Ran (Ran looks like Akemi) 5. Shiho and Gin were some kind lover, Gin was not so bad at first but he changed (maybe he did something bad to her), so Shiho scares and hates him so much. 6. Sera's sister was also shrunk by the drug. These are just prediction. How about you guys?
  11. OMG That's a good new. Is the information sure?? Hope next case will be a big one
  12. Well there's one thing i can believe that is Akai still alive, Akai will appear in movie 18 We all know that Amuro really hates Akai, and i guess because Amuro also loves Akemi ) But since Akai caused her death, plus Akai betrayed the BO, so Amuro hates Akai so much. There were some scenes Amuro stay close to Ran in manga (she looked like Akemi tho) Just my guessing lol ..
  13. I read on an interview of Gosho and he said Ran's karate is equa with Makoto, and she even get stronger if 1 fight 1:o:o
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