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  1. M dream from last night was I topped in the final exams
  2. usually I go to bed around 12 in the night but times when I make night outs It may be 3 am or 5 am
  3. eating lots of apricot kernels before sleeping
  4. Yes a lot because I watched a funny video just about an hour ago
  5. well I wont look for him. Whom do you like the most?
  6. make you drink the bottle of aqua regia after tying both your hands.this will burn all your inner parts as we know that it is mix of conc. nitric acid & hydroclhloric acid apricot kernals
  7. DC music pizzas, ice cream books
  8. Well as a fan of DC I always like the ShinRan only because of the lovey dovey between them. Also we can get interest in episode only if Ran in danger not someone else because Kudo cannot think of anything bad happening to her so he will try to his extent to save her when compared to anyone else. Well even AiCon is also nice but I think ShinRan is better.
  9. firstly freak him out by calling Kudou shinichi and saying that i have a codename and I am from B.O Later take him to my house say the truth and apologize Make him stay with me for atleast a week take an autograph etc..............................
  10. how about conanian conantics deteconanics conanics etc
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