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  1. have a happy bday, i can still remember when you were a kid

  2. TheBlackTac


  3. TheBlackTac

    What was the recent Anime you watched?

    Barakamon, yo! <3
  4. *TacTac lurks*

    1. The Banana Paladin
    2. TheBlackTac
    3. Rye


      *chases after kuroneko* Yo!~ It's been a while!

  5. TheBlackTac

    Men vs. Women #1

    -6 ~ ;3
  6. TheBlackTac


    Much wow. Such AL. gg. In any case, welcome to DCW ~ (;
  7. TheBlackTac

    Hug, Poke, or High Five

    *high fives* (For now. )
  8. TheBlackTac

    What Manga Are You Currently Reading?

    I'm surprised that no one here has ever mentioned Koe no Katachi before. >_> I guess I've got a bunch, but I'll list some of 'em either way ~ - Orange - Koe no Katachi - Taiyou no Ie - Haji-Otsu
  9. TheBlackTac

    Whats up Newbie here

    Hiya there. Welcome to DCW! ^^
  10. TheBlackTac

    Who should Ai end up with at the end of DC

    Lolwat. >_>
  11. TheBlackTac

    Top Anime Characters

    This may look OP, but whatever. 1 - Izumida Touichirou (Yowamushi Pedal) 2 - Izumida's right pec (Andy) (Yowamushi Pedal) 3 - Izumida's left pec (Frank) (Yowamushi Pedal) Yes, I'm actually trolling.
  12. Happy birthday, Kuroneko xP

    1. TheBlackTac


      Thanks a lot, "Kuro"saki. ;p ~

    2. Rukia Kurosaki

      Rukia Kurosaki

      -insert name pun here- xP