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  1. Hang out with my best friends who are girls more without being accused of "fancing them".
  2. Wonder is amazing, and it gave me so many feels I cried. It's wonderful.
  3. Wicky

    LGBTQA+ Community

    I'm actually pretty pissed by the fact that you still can't marry same sex in the UK.
  4. Wtf, I can't see it now. I saw it yesterday on everyones... it was probably a temporary glitch.
  5. I can see it on everybody elses... :L
  6. First of - I am not entirely sure what these are, but I'm guessing they're for breaking the rules (even though they aren't verified in anyway). But, to the point. Presuming these are for that reason - why are they in such a obvious place? Who actually needs to know if they broke the rules? Also say you got in an argument with another user - you were mean and you regret it, do you really want it to say "Warning points: 5" or whatever... And by the way they're like underneath the profile picture... Tbh, if you are going to keep this, it shouldn't be there for anybody to see.
  7. ... and that's pretty stubborn like guessing a book by it's cover, because you'll be shocked by how serious a meaning her songs have... :L I dunno... She's one lady yeah cuz I think Diamonds is her fan or she's trying to act... stupid for the crowd, cuz she's acts all diva-y to the crowd... Or some people say Diamonds are the fans, I dunno...
  8. That would be nice, and I would settle on that if it is completely knocked out. No matter how small, how big, don't we want nice things? Most of the people here have agreed that it would be nice. Don't we like nice things?
  9. ... and the matter of fact is that you're comparing DCTP to DCW and they're both two completely different sites altogether, it's like judging to people together which is wrong. Another reason: When I first joined this site, I didn't know what IRLs are. When I saw them in the chatroom, I read the rules and stuff, but had no idea what it is, until I found the roleplays. And come on, these could no doubt happen to anybody else. So, having a roleplay subforum would actually clarify what irls are.
  10. I think that creating a sub forum will possibly spawn more roleplays, don't you think? I mean, it's just really messy having it all in the Chatroom...
  11. Is it possible for there to be a roleplay subforum? It could be used for roleplaying (obviously xD), as it seems to be quite big here (the DCW IRLs). I guess it could be under chatroom or Fan art section, I guess.
  12. Signups have technically ended, but if you do want to sign up for DCW IRL now, perfectly fine with me.

  13. About time we had a moment of appreciation for my, Marina. Her music's amazing. I like Teen Idle and pretty much all of her songs. Anyone else like her?
  14. Wicky

    Desktop or Laptop?

    Yeah, quite a few people do use laptops
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