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  1. Hi! Akala ko nga banyaga yang si Mugiwara
  2. Wow Grabe 5,000+ replies habang yung iba 1,000... :shock:
  3. poke---> I like to annoy people Guess I'm a sadist just kidding
  4. Welcome!!!! Don't worry, I assure you you would never get bored and feel out of place here. Enjoy your stay :wink:
  5. Sorry if this may be a little late bu anyways - - - - - - - ----> WELCOME! :mrgreen:
  6. Hey there! I think we would get along really well. =)

  7. It seems I had just fall in love with it I myself don't know the reason ---> never had been into this mania before
  8. uhhmmm...that should be DCW. =D

  9. Hello! welcome to DC...hope you'll have a good time here. =)

  10. maybe Gin has a one-sided crush on Sherry considering Gin's obsession with her and Sherry's disgust to Gin
  11. there's a high possibility it is caused by APTX. How did she took it and why---> still remains a mystery.
  12. anyone except for Shinichi ---> don't mind me, just trying to increase my post Moderator comment: Don't spam to increase post count... or else.
  13. Lol :grin: Vodka--> he's very loyal to Gin
  14. JayElle

    shinichi & kaito

    not to mention Ran also looks similar to Aoko as well as ginzo to mouri, chikage to yukiko, konosuke to agasa.
  15. JayElle

    Apoptoxin 4869

    APTX may seem bad but thanks to it DC is born...
  16. And Kogoro Mouri too ---> at least it earned him the title of Death God
  17. DC teach lesson in almost all fields...It would take me a day to mention everything i learned. It also helps me remember something which I need to memorize---> :idea: Remembering the atomic number of silver for example...DC's just pretty darn useful :grin:
  18. after watching DC I always get a hangover--->before totally falling asleep I keep recalling over and over again about the case and to find out time passes quickly. :grin: 8-)
  19. DC is aired here in our country but dubbed in our language. i find it awkward so i only watch english subbed episodes...
  20. *sigh where can I watch DC episodes and movies without spending time searching the net?

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