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  1. I only remembered the last part where I was chased by a woodcutter with a chainsaw (weird) luckily I've to spot a department store and entered there safely (weirder) and the weirdest of all, it happened in the forest--> well, the reason I was chased was because I threatened them that I would bust them to the authority for illegal logging
  2. Happy Independence Day! if your a Filipino ^_^

  3. yay! no class---> Happy Independence Day to all Filipinos

  4. Happy Independence Day!

  5. Happy Independence Day!

  6. Happy Independence Day!

  7. Happy Independence Day!

  8. Happy Independence Day!

  9. WHAT!!! LALAKI KA??? haaayyyy... pangalawang beses na itong nangyari una akala ko si Sherlock Lupin lalaki yun pala babae (how stupid of me)...tsk,tsk.


    Happy Independence Day!

  10. I like Shinichi's parents... their childish attitude adds spice to the series
  11. hula lang yon (lol) kailan pasukan niyo?

  12. ah sige salamat na lang.... nga pala saan ka luzon visayas mindanao? ako visayas--> malay mo kapitbahay pala kita (lol)

  13. ba't di ako maka send ng PM sayo???

  14. In manga, beside DC i read fruits basket,maid sama and perfect girl evolution. Shinjitsu wa Itsumo Hitotsu!
  15. now I'm trying to finish Michael Crichton's rising sun
  16. same here, Conan Doyle's simply a genius :cool:
  17. dude I see this comment for about... like a hundred times.
  18. Also, nice song...Who sang this?
  19. I like the both of them---> they how to keep their cool :cool: :cool:
  20. Wanted to ask the same question
  21. yeah right By the way where did you get that monkeys?
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