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  1. Just testing something out >.>....................Hehehehehe how does it feel to be a test subject??? >:D

    1. Diamond


      Nuuuuuuu D: Don't make me a test subject!~ :P I have no idea if i'm replying to you or not xD this layout is evil!!

  2. I went onto DCW today and I was like.... (0.0) They Have a new layout,,,, or what ever you call it >.> Arrugh =_= I gotta get used to this now...... but I really do like how it looks ^.^. What do you guys think about it??

  3. Hmmm well since your asking I guess I better give you a small spoiler, you see in the game there's a girl called Aya, her father, Alfred, her mother, Monika,and her maid, Maria, Alfred murders Monika because Monika was going to take Aya away, because Monika overheard that Alfred wanted to make aya into a doll, using dead bodies for pieces, so Monika sets a curse on the mansion.

    1. Linh


      Yep I know! ^^ I already played the game! I loved it! Although wouldn't it have been awesome if she paired up with the boy in the game?? But, he's already dead. . . isn't he?? Ahhh but i wish he had more parts in the game! I mean...he olny showed up like... three times!! Grr! But all in all it was a really awesome game ^^

  4. O.o Really?? A Curse?? >D I wanna play it now!! XD Although I don't really like to play scary games too much.... Won't be able to sleep at night >.> But I wonder... why would he mom set a curse on the house?? Did she get killed by someone and wants revenge or something?? Hmm... -_- I guess I gitta go play it... XD

  5. Linh

    Really? What was it about??

    1. vawli


      This girl who wakes up mersteriously and doesnt know who she is.

  6. vawli

    Yep, I watched the whole thing, it is pretty awesome, I started watching Amnesia but I am kinda confused about it.

  7. Well, it's not really that interesting actually, ¬_¬ it's kinda like missing footage, only one gory scene in it. Want to know what's scary? A game called Mad Father. It's about a girl called Aya and she lives in this mansion with her scientist father and his maid, anyway her deceased mother comes back to life and sets a horrifying curse on the mansion, sad but messed up.

  8. I got into a heated argument with a friend at school over this question... "Who's better Goku or Batman?" So now I''m going to my fellow manga lovers.... "Who's better? Goku or Batman??" REMEMBER TO PUT IN WHY!! >.<

    1. Chekhov MacGuffin

      Chekhov MacGuffin

      Batman. He's more clever and generally comes up with something more elegant than MOAR POWER KAMEHAMEHAMEHABLA to defeat otherwise intractable enemies. Also you don't get batman episodes that are basically just flying rocks.

    2. Lovestruck


      Batman of course. You don't compare those two toegther.

  9. Omg really??? O,o I gotta go check it out >.< Was it really that scary???

  10. Linh

    Pfft....of course!! I would love to share awesome anime with you! XD Actually I've recently watched Shaman King and I think it's an awesome one to try! Have you watched that??

  11. vawli

    Hahaha, any animes you really like of all time, that you would like to recommend me?

  12. Actually I think Corpse Party already turned into an ova, Ao oni though...I would be terrified if I saw that show xD

  13. Yea that would be interesting wouldn't it?? If it did turn into an anime, I bet we would be so engrossed with it we wouldn't

    ... no ... couldn't stop!! I know I would >.>

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