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  1. One day, Conan had a walk along the streets of Japan. While walking, he noticed someone suspicious. A man wearing a black shirt with a black cape (i think it's called a tuxedo... "). Also with a black hat, black shoes and bringing a briefcase (leather... I think) which is obviously black. Because of his strange looks, Conan followed him. While following the man, Conan noticed that a small bottle fell from the briefcase so he ran and looked at it. Conan: -APTX.......... (BLA... BLA... BLA...) After knowing this, Conan gasped and decided to run to Prof. Agasa's lab... -o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o- Haibara: Sulfuric Acid....... mmmmmmm...... Oh my! This is the cure for the drug you took Conan... I THINK??? Conan: You sure? (still shocked) Haibara: Sort of... (still examining the bottle) Suddenly Conan ran and got the bottle away from Haibara's hands, ran to a room and without hesitation he drank it. Prof. Agasa (knocking on the door): Wait Conan! We are still not sure about the effects of it to your body... After Conan drank the substance, his body became hot... sweating... heart's pounding fast... Then, a high school student went out of the room... Haibara & Prof. Agasa: Shinichi! Shinichi: Woah! I miss this body... I'll just go and meet Ran Shinichi rushed outside... Haibara (still reading the bottle): Wait Conan or Shinichi, this substance... -o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o- Shinichi running fast towards the Mouri Detective Agency Shinichi: Should arrive there fast... Excited to see Ran with this... (breathes fast) original body back... When he arrived, he rang the doorbell & planned for surprising Ran Tensed... Nervous... Excited... Happy... Suddenly, the door opened... Shinichi: Sur... Ran: Hello Conan! You came back early and why are you wearing louse clothes??? Conan rushed to the room and saw his small body back... Because of this , he was shocked. Haibara: I wonder if he spent his ten minutes... WISELY!!!
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