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  1. Hello and WELCOME!!!!!!! :grin:
  2. JayElle


    Hi I'm 14 about to turn 15 :unsure: :grin:
  3. Nice to meet you too, Welcome and enjoy
  4. I found out that she can sing... :cool:
  5. Chemistry, speech...i guess---> only a few remained in my mind
  6. when he/she can't look directly into your eyes
  7. I wish that they'll(teachers) lessen our homework cause its sooooooooo tiring
  8. awesome---> best day since school started
  9. I like it when my groupmates cooperate
  10. Dear Anonymous, Why do you have to say that... you didn't even bother to ask my opinion and feelings about it.. Signed, :idea:
  11. yeah I totally agree --> I find it embarrassing :oops: - people who takes advantage of you
  12. me too (exception for God, my family and friends cause I've always been in love with them) --> that's why almost everyone calls me ignorant
  13. I wish I could cope up with the current situation *sigh*
  14. GREAT! really GREAT!!!! :mrgreen: :razz: :cool: :-) :grin:
  15. Dear Anonymous, Hope my list would work out fine--> can't wait for that day Signed, :idea:
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