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  1. It's been two years, wow

  2. Happy Birthday!! (:

  3. Oh my, It's been a while! :) I missed this.

  4. hello, so you're from Manila?? I'm from Pasig. :)) How are you? Haha Chianti is quite cool. :P

  5. Chianti's back from the dead

    1. Anti-APTX4869


      My favorite BO sniper! ~ <3

  6. Hi!

    Wow, Chianti. Don't shoot me. :D

  7. hm..another filipino!! :)) happy birthday!! :))

  8. I'm also a Filipino, Chianti. One year younger than you.

  9. wow... they teased me the same thing.... now.. their borrowing dc or anime related books from mee!!! :l and BTW Don't hate twilight.. iam a fan of that movie:) but it's ok though.
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