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  1. 12:51 by krissy and ericka ---> my sister kept bugging me to listen to this song but its actually nice :cool:
  2. JayElle


    Yay! another member was added into our family...WELCOME!!! and hope you'll like it here
  3. Dear Anonymous, Thanks for all your gifts lately but I hope you realize I need more than that... Signed, :idea:
  4. JayElle


    Ben 10? teen titans? --->sorry can't think of anything else :???:
  5. guess I'll start.... Dear Anonymous, Thank you for the hope---> I thought I really had no chance. Signed, :idea:
  6. JayElle

    LGBTQA+ Community

    In my opinion, people who discriminate homo are even disgusting...they make it appear as though homos have fatal disease and needs to be isolated from the society. To be honest, I find homos comfortable to be with cause they are sensitive and can understand other's feelings better than those who are "normal". I have friends who are homo so I'm supporting this thread to strengthen the continued opposition.
  7. yeah! I think DC manga is not even sold here.... :sad:
  8. Avatar and signature both deserve to earn a perfect 10 ---> simple but cute
  9. I did some survey about bishounen in school...and yeah Usui did stole the girls' heart away and same way did Gray and Natsu of Fairytail.
  10. I really like it---> the unusual plot and twists in the story makes it interesting.The funny Kotoko remains young at heart until the end...and clumsy too. :grin: :wink::razz:
  11. NICE!!! I like the sound on the intro...Good Job!
  12. JayElle

    Gosho's boys

    I like it--->it's cool thanks for sharing the video
  13. yay! I have survived this antagonizing pain but the ringing still won't disappear --> for 10 mins. I did nothing but laugh
  14. totally agree......but yeah, now that I only got a limited time I don't know if I could get a right timing. Don't worry someday you could think of solutions for that problem and as for me I will always be here to continue supporting DCW.
  15. JayElle

    Fairy Tail

    ---> nearly got addictive with it. but unfortunately my schedule got tight and I only got to watch half of the total episode :cry:
  16. I suggest not to make the crime scenes look realllllyyyy real like rizzoli and isles cause it gives me nightmares. It's just a suggestion though, but I really like the idea of making it like an adventure game, sounds interesting... just hearing the plans makes me wanna play already ---> Please inform us when its out Good Luck.
  17. the last one is the funniest...(just look at that ever cool and great thief )
  18. Also Irish of the Black Organization as seen on movie 13
  19. JayElle


    Hey there! WELCOME and have fun!!!!! BTW, I like your signature
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