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  1. chicken -extremely hot or extremely cold
  2. Takagi <just making sure I did not double post, cause I thought I clicked the post button twice>
  3. save you? save you not? save you? save you not? save you? save you not? -----> SAVE YOU! :grin:
  4. -rain comes out *inserts a volcano*
  5. I advise you to advise me what to advise.
  6. approachable--->my first friend(in DCW)
  7. moon and mars :grin: Japan,London,Italy,France,Holland and Palawan(Philippines) Addition--> tawi-tawi (philippines)
  8. -DCW -watching -surfing the net -doing weird/crazy stuff -anything else :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:
  9. -when you get jealous when he/she talks about someone he/she likes
  10. when he/she stammers when they talk to you
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