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    Click the spoiler button for links to older episodes. 3/15/13: Episode 32. On the premiere episode of 2013, special guest Melkior fills-in kinda last minute for Chekhov and does a fantastic job for being a first-time guest. Everyone explains what they did during the Winter, and Southpaw reads her resume on the air. We call Gosho Aoyama out on various issues, including how inexcusably long the Bourbon arc was, as well as how much of a poor romance writer he is. But the entire thing isn't anti-Gosho!! We swear!! Melkior talks about her fandom history, as well as running an Ask Gin and Vodka RP blog on Tumblr, and we all get into an interesting discussion about Gin and Sherry's relationship (and even a discussion about the APTX). Also, Southpaw has Tokumei Sentai GoBusters feels and Skyechan discusses the latest with her rewatch. She's in the 500's, so... yeah, feel sorry for her. We also talk *a lot* about pairings, so if you're a shipping fan, this podcast is the one for you!! Manga spoilers from 4:32-5:43. Length: 1 hour and 26 minutes MP3 download link: Here Streaming link: Here
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    What's on your mind, everyone !? Me start: I plan to make a site which will be containing a Wiki page like here, in DCW... but for Japanese studies in our case ...
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    Link to the Wiki Article Oversights in Detective Conan I have a test article set up where I hope to catalogue oversights in Detective Conan, that is errors, plotholes, omissions, etc. It is a new type of article in that it is going to be full of opinions a bit like how tvtropes works. I am hoping it will work out considering how well speculation sections are doing across the board. If you want to add something or a rebuttal, please follow the guidelines. If you have anything to add, or suggestions on how to improve the layout, I am open to advice.
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