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  1. I felt we needed a thread for discussion of suspicious and recurring arc characters like Hyoue Kuroda, Wakasa Rumi, Sakurako Yonehara and others so we have a place to talk about them outside of their intro chapters and the Rum thread. I figured there might be more continuous discussion if I lumped all the suspicious arc characters into one thread rather than give each one a separate thread. Secret spies? Enemies of the Organization? Hidden backstories? False identities? Awesome? Stupid? Please post theories and comments about these characters here!
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    DC Question and Answer Thread

    As requested, this thread is dedicated to answering questions about Detective Conan. You might get your answer faster by searching the Detective Conan World Wiki first. If your question or answer involves spoilers, please use a spoiler box. <spoiler>This text will be hidden in spoiler boxes!</spoiler> This thread is primarily meant for questions about Detective Conan. If you have questions about the Detective Conan World website itself or how to use it, please ask in the Issues and Feedback Subforum. Also, please do not request or give links to full anime episodes in this thread or elsewhere on the site. Clips of scenes and AMVs are OK, but it is against site policy to give links to full anime episodes. Unanswered questions Recent questions Old questions
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    User login bugs on wiki file page

    I noticed some odd problems when looking specifically at "file" pages on the wiki. One of the problems is file pages showing I am not logged in, when mainspace pages, special pages, and the forum show I am (inconvenient when I want my mod options to pop up like to delete images). Today, I had an error that I can definitely say was not related to caching... A file page shows me logged in as Jimmy-kud0-tv2 which is definitely not right, as we are different people. Maybe not-so coincidentally, he is the one who uploaded the image. Basically the little shortcut menu had his name where mine should be in the upper right, and it looked like I had normal user permissions. (Even though I can manually bring up mod only special pages just fine). It mostly seems to be cosmetic, Clicking preferences and watchlist shows me my own, not Jimmy's. I am pretty sure if someone else sees themselves logged in as me, they can't use mod options as those are on the special pages which still seem to work right. Is any one else seeing this problem when looking at file pages? http://www.detectiveconanworld.com/wiki/images/e/e5/Im_jimmy_now.jpg
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    Movie 22: [Official Title Unknown] Zero

    The Facts: The next movie is set to feature Amuro. The Movie 21 teaser was seven-segment electronic display counting down from 5 with a metropolis in the background, and Amuro spoke the final countdown number Zero, a reference to the PSB. My Speculation: We will see the logical followup of the anime/movie introduced character development from Movie 20 that Rei Furuya knew Matsuda Jinpei from police academy, and learned bomb defusal from him. Someone who likes setting bombs with mysterious clues is gonna go nuts, most likely in Tokyo since that is PSB territory, and Conan, Amuro, and whatever characters of the day are being served will go put a stop it. The seven-segment display countdown is a reference to a bomb countdown display like most DC bombs use. If this is the case, I'd expect new character Hyoue Kuroda to take a front-seat role in the movie replacing Matsumoto as the shouty police pusher..
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    Crunchyroll to simulcast DC

    http://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-news/2014/10/10/crunchyroll-adds-case-closed-to-anime-simulcasts Simulcast = airs a subbed episode an hour or so after Japan airs it. This is good news for the English popularity of Detective Conan and will hopefully bring in many new fans. Now that official subbers have finally appeared, I have heard rumors that the main fansub group has indicated they will not sub any of the episodes CR does in order to support the series. You can get a 14 day free trial of crunchyroll here if you are interested: https://www.crunchyroll.com/freetrial/
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    Movie 19: Sunflowers of Inferno

    Most of you have already heard the news, but just in case some of you haven't Movie 19 is going to feature Kaitou Kid and Vincent van Gogh's artworks. The sunflower teaser preview at the end of Dimensional Sniper was a reference to van Gogh's "Sunflowers" series. (Source) Movie 19 will be released in theaters around April 19th, 2015. You can expect Gosho's poster, basic plot information, and maybe the first teaser trailer (very short) to come out around somewhere between the middle of November and the first week of December (estimation based on past recent movies).
  7. Sorry, I didn't mean you as in "you, MeitanteixX". I was using the more informal generic second person pronoun set (you, your, yourself) in place of the formal generic third person set ("one", one's, "oneself") because it sounds excessively formal and kinda pretentious in forum postings. I edited my post. About the lack of bold lines, I think that means it probably isn't flat with hard edges like a shogi piece, and is instead something more three dimensional and wouldn't cause such lines in a pocket.
  8. If you arrived at that conclusion independently, I feel better about it. I didn't know what to expect when I started my shadowshape sketch, but your one's subconcious loves to bias things even if you want one wants to be completely objective. I wonder how other people will think.
  9. That shape is even more shogi-like than before, but now it's especially clear there is still more junk in the trunk. The second thingamajig is now more complicated so it absolutely is not another shogi piece as I earlier theorized. That deep shadow on the upper right part means it definitely has some bulk on one side, like it has a round base which tapers into another shape. I, without prejudice, scribbled a shape I thought best matched the shadows from my artistic perspective and it came out looking like a lopsided chess piece? Because it is kinda lopsided, a knight because that's the only one that isn't symmetric? Edit: the relative sizes are kinda questionable though, now that I look harder. It might be too small to be a chess piece even if the shape maybe fits. I'm not going to take it back or fix my artistic impression though because that would be twisting my "data" (more like my immediate innocent first reaction to the shape) to suit theories. Edit Edit: I did kinda draw my shogi piece a bit large, I think I could shrink that just a bit still maintain the correct lines and shape.
  10. Chekhov MacGuffin

    [SPOILER DISCUSSION] File 997–999: The Lost Phone Strap

    Now that I have read the full case and have more case context, I think there is a more-than decent chance the other hat guy could be involved as well. (and he could be the shadowman) Anyone innocent finding a lost item after a jarring incident would ask the surrounding people if it was theirs. Thus I am inclined to think the boy and his father are the actual owners of the Sanada (19) charm, because they were expecting to find it when they dropped it and got Higo (9) instead. I don't think they look like the type who would steal and keep the wrong charm. That means that someone else got Sanada. I'm going to guess the incident went something like this. Sneaky shadowdude wanted the Higo charm (thought Higo gave it to Ai from nearby in the stands?). He pressed emergency stop or conveniently the train came to a sudden halt and the two charms went flying along with the detective badge. Shadowman didn't realize there were two at the time. The father-son couple grabbed the wrong charm before shadowman could get Higo, and thus the shadowman was left holding Sanada and didn't realize it at first because the numbers are similar. By the time he figured it out, dad and kid were long gone with Higo. So shadowman came up with a plan. He would drop the Sanada charm off at a convenient lost and found (Chiyari-cho rather than Baker-cho) and then wait for the duo to realize their error and collect it. He would wait around for them. Shadowman would tell the father/son he dropped the Higo charm on the train, picked up Sanada by mistake, and was hoping he could have his Higo back. Shadowman's plan had an interloper in the form of the DB looking for the Higo charm, so the shadowman is probably worried that if they find the couple before he does, he will lose out on Higo. I'm not sure who (shadowman or dad n' son) has the badge or if they even know they have the badge and it didn't land in some clothing somehow. Finding the boy and his dad: Both boy and father have intense glove tans on both hands, so they both do something outside (probably together) with hats and gloves on both hands in intense sunlight (so not baseball or golf, where players wear gloves on one hand). The father is also thoroughly tanned on the whole length of his leg below his shorts (not baseball again because they wear long pants for sliding). The lack of shinguard tan means he isn't on the field as a ref or something, not that I would expect him to be soccer related anyway since he mixed up the charm. Combined with his steadiness on his feet and the bulky square object in the bag, and we have a pretty mystery. Tennis players sometimes wear gloves (but not often, wristbands are more common) and short pants, and a racket might explain the bulge, but not the shape. Sports cameraman might make sense, but to not know the numbers of the players is questionable.
  11. Chekhov MacGuffin

    [SPOILER DISCUSSION] File 997–999: The Lost Phone Strap

    It was Mitsuhiko's phone. Earlier spoiler pics just had the panel of Amuro reaching for a phone Conan was holding. I assumed it was Conan's since he was holding it, but it was the wrong color. But now I want to know about the bartender friend that Agasa lent his beetle to. Jii (more billiards than a bar) or Yuzu?
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    Discussion Thread about Rum

    I spent a lot of time counting the directions characters' heads are facing for a personal project. This slight turning of the face is normal for Gosho and other western and eastern comics alike because it looks better and allows the reader to see more expressions instead of the back of people's heads. It doesn't mean anything unusual and if you look on other pages you will see the same oblique turning.
  13. Chekhov MacGuffin

    Discussion Thread about Rum

    https://www.strawpoll.me/13277646 Everyone, please consider voting in round two of the who is Rum poll! (Kor's 25th strawpoll)
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    Haneda Kohji Case Theories

    The method I described does work. You are basically cracking glass along a line of pressure provided by pressing the edge of scissors against it. You can't expect clean breaks without scoring the glass, not will all the pieces fall out, nor will all the residue fall out either. There is also probably some sort of glue-like substance meant to hold the mirror into the backing too. Quick cbox transcript Kor: planned to wait with another rum poll until 1000 but since it doesn't seem 1000 will have anything to do with that, and it's so far away (if gosho delays it even more, pokemon may reach 1000 episodes before we reach 1000 files ), I may do it in the upcoming days instead. 22 Jun 17, 12:34 Kor: We don't have that much more hints than the last time (file 920), but we do have more characters, so... 22 Jun 17, 12:34 Kor: results from the first ever RumPoll™ http://s23.postimg.org/ckgnb5v57/Screen_Shot_2015_04_01_at_12_32_32_AM.png 22 Jun 17, 12:35 Kor: top options were: A person who switched places with Kuroda mid-coma, and Another character that appeared in the past 22 Jun 17, 12:36 Chek: I think the Kohji case changed a lot. 22 Jun 17, 12:47 Chek: It provided a direction: could I see X character kdoing this crime. Also the revealof three suspects helped too I think. 22 Jun 17, 12:50 Chek: Have you redone the poll any? 22 Jun 17, 12:50 Kor: not entirely sure what this question means 22 Jun 17, 13:03 Chek: Sorry, I meant have you rerun the poll to see how beliefs have evolved in the intervening time? 22 Jun 17, 16:19 Kor: About Rum? Not yet. 22 Jun 17, 16:26 Kor: Rundown of story relevant plot results: 22 Jun 17, 16:28 Kor: "What's your speculation regarding Kuroda?" <--- top result: He's another some sort of an agent who will fight against the BO eventually Kor: Rum's identity: as noted below. 22 Jun 17, 16:28 Kor: "What's Chiba's first name?" <--- top result: Keiji 22 Jun 17, 16:29 Kor: "What do you think is the true purpose behind APTX 4869?" <--- top result: reverse aging 22 Jun 17, 16:29 Kor: "What do you think is Rum's main objective?" <--- top result: Find infiltrators or traitors in the organization 22 Jun 17, 16:30 Kor: "What do you think was the affiliation of Shuichi's father?" <--- top result: He was in the Black Organization 22 Jun 17, 16:32 Kor: "Who do you think is Wakasa Rumi?" <--- top result: Asaka (but not Rum) 22 Jun 17, 16:33 Kor: some more trivial matters: "Who do you think is the character with the odd eyes that is hinted at the latest movie 20 promotional video?" <--- top result was Rum (second from the top is a movie only character). 22 Jun 17, 16:36 Kor: Also the Scotch poll has a bit of a muddy conclusion. https://image.prntscr.com/image/XF5TrtAISee_REBaMzr0rA.png <--- Akai was kinda responsible (and also kinda not), and Scotch also killed himself, and also Amuro misunderstood 22 Jun 17, 16:37 Kor: wait forgot something in my "random crap we're still waiting for Gosho to resolve and it's part of the akai family stuff" list from a few weeks ago. Over 100 files ago we got that sentence from from MG for Masumi to tell conan that she's “the little sister from outside the domain”. Conan still has no clue what it means and he hasn't really pondered about that at all. 22 Jun 17, 16:47 Kor: Considering Conan already figured out who MG is (and by figure out, I mean, he overheard Masumi refer to that girl as mom), not sure he really needs to decode that sentence. Wonder if Gosho forgot about it. 22 Jun 17, 16:48 Chek: That's super interesting. I'd love to see the Rum poll rerun. 22 Jun 17, 17:24 Chek: And maybe a what is the meaning of the dying message mirror: ASACA RUM, WAKASA RUMI, KARASUMA, part of a bigger message, was not intentionally made, etc 22 Jun 17, 17:26 Chek: The not intentionally made theory is pretty interesting, although I am zero% buying the reasons people are presenting like the so called debris 22 Jun 17, 17:33 Chek: As if a mirror is expected to crack perfectly without residue and have all the broken pieces fall out neatly. Besides, some of the markings could be material that sticks the mirror to the backing. And it is concerning that none of the "cut out letters" are shown around the mirror, although other pieces that don't matter to the message like the heart and the wing are. 22 Jun 17, 17:36 Kor: ugh, I can buy Akai and Conan reaching the wrong conclusion about the meaning of the message, but this is a mystery series. If a clue is actually not a clue at all but something of pure coincidence then that just makes the author a dick. 22 Jun 17, 17:37 Chek: The surprise might be then hand clue I pointed out a bit ago. 22 Jun 17, 17:37 Chek: My thoughts on the mirror being a "juke" are as follows. 1) The edges of the frame of the mirror are more undamaged than I would like them to be if the miror was cut or poked with scissors. 2) Second, the sink being on in the wrong room presents a potential problem to the mirror clue's creation if and only if Kohji didn't have a reasonable opportunity and sensible plan to take advantage of it. We can't resolve this until we know the layout. 22 Jun 17, 17:41 Chek: There would also have to be another reason for the sink to be left on. 22 Jun 17, 17:41 Chek: A red herring mirror + a juke that none of the three presented suspects are guilty. Maybe that's the theme of the arc. 22 Jun 17, 17:43 Chek: Mary coincidentally saying the same thing as Gin ... This arc might be all about the fakeouts, where Gosho didn't bother before as much.
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    Haneda Kohji Case Theories

    I replied in the DCTP cbox about this, so here is a paraphrase. http://forums.dctp.ws/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=13211&p=874525#p874525 Mirror dying message = red herring coincidence is interesting, but I think the mirror can still be cracked in a controlled fashion. You press the edge of the scissor to thin glass in order to break it in a controlled fashion under water. And if it was a coincidental fracture from being dropped, where are the missing letter pieces nearby? But I agree the mirror which has a backing is worrisome. The faucet being on in the "wrong room" may be a signal that the clue could be coincidence, and the faucet was not used at all to crack it. And, while not a real clue, the name of the hotel "Juke" is an English word for "a feint", like a sidestep or trick used to pass someone in football/soccer. It basically means red herring. Yikes!. That leaves us with the hand clue which I think is solid.
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    Can anybody help me on this??

    @Otaku3670 I think you are wise to consider the possibility that Wakita is reading something other than the Rumi article. I think the arc is structured so that Wakita will round off the three suspect formula along with Rumi and Kuroda, therefore, I expect him to be reading the Rumi article. I would be less confident if something else important had happened at the same time as the tennis player's case.
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    Boss of The Black Organization?

    Presence or absence of bodies wasn't specified at all. The topic never came up in manga.
  18. Chekhov MacGuffin

    Manga series

    The wiki page for Episode 861 says the episode is based on manga files Volume 89: File 11 (948) ~ Volume 90: File 2 (950)
  19. Chekhov MacGuffin

    Do u think Jodie is more fitting with Akai than Miyano Akemi???

    I used to prefer Jodie and Akai because I thought they balanced each other's personalities and because they were funny. However, after Akai treated Masumi so coldly on the beach, I realized there was no way they would work. Akai was not someone who responds positively to warmness, and that still seems to be the case.
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    [SPOILER DISCUSSION] File 994-996: Following Ran

  21. @Jimmy-kud0-tv2 I'd just put the two versions side by side where it matters most.
  22. Apologies for the double post, but I just remembered there is a disorder which can cause temporary blindness is one eye: Retinal migraine. It seemed weird to me how Rumi was very obvious in how she was searching around right after she recovered from her heavy thoughts in 988. If she is blind in one eye, it's like she isn't used to it. She also didn't appear to have vision problems or overturn in normal circumstances in her earlier chapters. I remember that stress can trigger it, among many other factors. It's a long shot, but maybe worth thinking about?
  23. Because it was written in the manga as "Kohji." Being consistent is nice, but there are enough ingrained instances where the wiki deviates from the typical "chop the vowel" that there is little point in trying to claim some standard beyond "we generally do it." Tooru, Hondou, Hyoue - it's common for plot characters. New editors typically spell names the way they are used to seeing them. Usually that's how they are written in manga or the fan translation version (initial trendsetting). For instance, Shuuichi with two 'u's was a consistent problem back in the Bourbon arc. In the interest of minimizing work, it's better to go with the flow. For contentious cases, we typically take a poll. The real problem children are the "Helena" people. エレーナ (ere-na) has no starting H -- that would be ヘレーナ.