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  1. Hi there! to spread love and happiness in the world, we are gonna hug the world! \^o^/

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  3. *Blushes* Thank you, guys. I'm glad you appreciate my work. ^///^
  4. Hmm, the content does check out, according to this blog that talked about this interview. I guess that a Mainland Chinese person who's somewhat familiar with Japanese but not quite had typed this, or something like that. I'll do my best to translate, then. BRB . . . EDIT: Found the source on Baidu. Funnily enough, Baidu says that this interview was on OtonaFami June issue, but the Japanese fan blog (which so far has given me quality information) I mentioned above says that this was on monthly B.L.T. magazine. I'm not sure exactly what's going on, but I'll translate anyway . . . (Since the Japanese text doesn't seem completely faithful to the original, I'll translate loosely this time. The translation isn't completely direct.) Q: いつ顷から、どういうきっかけでサッカーを好きになったか。 Q: Since when and how did you come to like soccer? ⇒好きになったのは“ドーハの悲剧”(1993年に开催された日本代表とイラク代表のサッカーの国际试合)の顷から。コナンが始まる前。日本中ががっかりした试合だったけど…顽张れって気持ちにもなった、あの顷からサッカーは好きですね。 A: I liked soccer since the Agony of Doha (the international soccer match between Japanese and Iraqi representative opened in 1993). This is before Conan started. Although this was a match that let down Japan, I also felt like cheering (Japan). I've liked soccer from that time, yes. Q. ロベルト・バッジョ选手(イタリアの至宝と呼ばれた选手)が好きだと闻いたが、他に好きな选手は? Q. I heard that you like Roberto Baggio (footballer who was called Italy's treasure), but who else do you like? ⇒确かにバッジョ选手は好き。他にはCSKAモスクワで活跃している本田圭佑选手もいい。喋りがかっこいいし、面白い。昔だとヒデ。コナンにもヒデがいるが、コナンの方のヒデ(赤木英雄)の方が先に出ている(笑) A. Yes, I do like Baggio. As for other players, I also like Keisuke Honda, who is active in CSKA Moscow. His way of speaking is cool, and (his speaking? he?) is interesting. In old times, (my favorite was) Hide. Although there's another Hide in Conan, Conan's Hide (Hideo Akagi) appeared first (laughs). Q. 今回、剧场版シリーズとして“サッカー”を题材するに至って、先生のこだわりとは? Q. What is sensei's fixation when researching about soccer for this year's film series? ⇒やっぱり前回のワールドカップ南アフリカ大会での远藤选手のフリーキック、凄かった。远藤选手のあの时のフリーキックは凄いカーブで、弧を描きゴールネットに…これをコナンに蹴らせたい!!と思った。その思い入れは込められたかな(笑)。本田の无回転シュートもいいんだけど…今回の作品的に无回転だと无理かなと思って(何で无理かは剧场で确认してくださいね)。 A. Endou's free kick in World Cup South Africa was amazing. Endou's free kick at that time had an amazing curve, drawing an arc toward the goal net . . . I thought, I want to make Conan kick this!!. Maybe this wish was included (laughs). Honda's knuckle shot was amazing, too . . . but I thought that knuckle shots would be impossible this time, product-wise (to understand why, please confirm at the movie theater). Q. コナンのリフティングについて。 Q. About Conan's (soccer ball) juggling . . . ⇒1巻ぐらいにしか出て来ないんだけど…コナンが推理するときに、リフティングをしてたら面白いなぁと思ったんだけど、リフティングのシーンを描くと、意外とコマをくっちゃうんだよね(笑)。だから1回しかやってない。だから今回はせっかくだし…コナンにリフティングを思う存分、やらせてみた(笑)。 A. This appeared only around the first volume . . . I thought that it would be interesting if Conan was juggling (a soccer ball) while deducing, but the juggling scenes, when drawn, eat up the panel, contrary to expectations (laughs). That's why I only did it once. That's why I had Conan juggle to his heart's content, given the opportunity (laughs). Q. 现役の选手の方々に声优を実际にして戴きましたが、どうでしたか? Q. You had actual soccer players voice acting. How was it? ⇒みなさん、顽张って戴いてよかった。カズさん(三浦知良选手)は、とても自然な感じだったし。 A. Everybody did their best for us, it was great. Kazu-san (Kazuyoshi Miura) was a natural, too. Q. 作品中に出てくる东京スピリッツ、ビッグ大阪のユニフォームのデザインは、どこかのチームのユニフォームからインスピレーションはあったか? Q. Did you get inspiration from some team for your work's Tokyo Spirits' and Big Osaka's uniforms? ⇒东京スピリッツはイタリア、セリエA“ユベントス”。昔、ロベルト・バッジョがいた、あのチーム。ビッグ大阪は特にないんだけど…あえて言うなら、昔の浦和レッズ、鹿岛アントラーズの襟部分などを参考にしたかな。 A. Tokyo Spirits' is from Italy's Serie A Juventus F.C.. The team Baggio was a part of a long time ago. There's no specific (inspiration) for Big Osaka . . . but if you insist, I may have consulted Urawa Red Diamonds', Kashima Antlers' collar. Q. 今回の构想期间はどれくらい? Q. How lond was the planning process this time? ⇒大体2年前から始めた。それくらい始めないと间に合わない。 A. We started about two years ago. We can't finish on time if we don't start around there. Q. 作品を描く时、どうしているか? Q. When drawing your work, what do you do? ⇒音楽がかかっていると集中できない、だから无音。たまに気分展开したい时に音楽をかけたり、気晴らしに映画を観たりしている。集中して考える时は绝対に音はない。逆に絵を描くときは、音楽をかける。昔は、大滝咏一さんとかブルーハーツ。ブルーハーツは“1000のバイオリン”という曲が大好き。がっかりすることがあると、この曲を聴く。大体オレの头の中って、この曲の歌词みたい。ブルーハーツはコナンの最初の主题歌だし。あとはアニメを流したりもする。例えば、“ちはやぶる”は超おもしろくてあれはいい。このアニメを流しながら、コナンの杀人シーンを描いたりした(笑)。 A. I can't focus when music is playing, so no music. I play music to improve my mood, or play movies to brighten my mood. When I'm thinking with focus, there is never any sound. In the old days, (I played) Eiichi Otaki, Blue Hearts, etc. Q. 今回のようにサッカーという要素の中に、事件・推理・爆破などの要素を入れて、1つの作品として完成させるのは大変だったと思うが、どうだったか? Q. It must have been a lot of work to include elements of soccer, incident, deduction, explotion and finish them as one product. How was it? ⇒大変だった。漫画の原作でサッカースタジアムで犯人が狙撃して、コナンが阻止するというのをやってしまったので、狙撃はもうできないし(笑)。狙撃できないなら爆発しかないよね(笑)。 It was a lot of work. (I) already did (a case) in the manga where the culprit is sniping, and where Conan stops him, so (we) couldn't do sniping anymore (laughs). If sniping is out, you can only do explosions, right? (laughs) Q. 打ち合わせは何度も重ねたんですよね? Q. Business meetings were held repeatedly, right? ⇒打ち合わせは大体仆の家でするんだけど、暗号をどうしようとみんなで悩んでいたとき、仕事场でトリックの一部を完成させて“これにしよう”と言って决めたり…。トリックは思い浮かんで决まるときは早い。作品を完成させる时は、まず“トリック”を完成させる、トリックが决まらないと全然话にならないので。今回の场合だと、サッカーに全体が引っ张られ过ぎるとよくないし。トリックをしっかり决め、そしてサッカーの要素などを加えて完成させた。 A. Business meetings are usually done at (Not a Japanese name, not sure wtheck this is)'s house, but when everyone was pondering over the cipher, we'll complete one part of a trick at the workplace and decide while saying "Let's use this!" . . . For tricks, the time when thinking up and deciding is fast. To finish a work, first finish the trick. If the trick isn't decided, the story doesn't form. In this case, it's not good to pull apart soccer as a whole. (We) first firmly decided the trick, then added elements of soccer to finish. Q. これまでの作品で、実在する人がモデルになっているキャラクターはいるか? Q. In your work so far, do you have character(s) who are modeled off of people in real life? ⇒高木刑事だけ実在ではないけれど、漫画家“よしまさこ”さんの作品で、です・ます调のキャラクターがいて、そのキャラの见た目でなく、中身を参考にさせてもらった。 A. Only Detective Takagi isn't based off of a real-life person; he is based on a character who speaks politely in the manga artist Masako Yoshi's work. I consulted that character's insides, not (his/her) appearance. Q. 今回の作品を実际に観て、特に印象に残ったシーンや“细かいところだけど気づいてほしい”というシーンがあれば教えてください。 Q. Tell us about scenes that left you an impression or scenes that you want others to notice despite being insignificant when you watched this year's work. ⇒お~っと思ったのは、スタジアムの电光掲示板が爆発して…あることが起きるじゃない?!あとコナンのサスペンダーが(あとは剧场で)。それとカズのシーンが良かった、全体的にアップテンポな进行の中で、ゆったりとしていて。 (The scene that) made me think Wow! is when the stadium's electronic bulletin board explodes, and . . . something happens, right?! Then Conan's suspenders (go to the theater for more). And Kazu's scene was good, its pace was easy-going in the middle of an up-beat one. Q. 剧场版コナンを一般の映画馆で観るか? Q. Do you watch Conan's films in an average (or public, I think) theater? ⇒耻ずかしくて一般の映画馆では観ない。でも『世纪末の魔术师』という作品で、怪盗キッドを出そうってオレが言ったんだけど、本当に作品に登场するのか?と思って、映画馆へ『世纪末の魔术师』の予告编だけを确认しに、ガメラか何かの作品を観に行きました(笑)。あの时の怪盗キッドはオレが描いた原画だったし、スクリーンサイズで観れて感动した。 A. I'm embarrassed to watch in an average theater. But in the work "The Last Wizard of the century", since I suggested making Kaito Kid appear and I thought, Will (he) really appear?, I went to a theater to just confirm "The Last Wizard of the Century"'s trailer while watching Gamera or whatever (laughs). Kaito Kid at that time was (based on) my storyboard, and I felt happy to see it on the big screen. (My comment: . . . Does this mean that Kaito Kid knows Conan's identity in canon? Hmm.) Q. 今回のコナンは冒头からハードアクションだったが、どんなアクション作品のイメージがあったのか。 Q. This time's Conan is hard action from the beginning. What action work did you base it on? ⇒ダイ・ハードか24かな。それと、“パニック・イン・スタジアム”というスタジアムの中が大騒ぎになる作品も少しイメージした。 A. Die Hard or 24, maybe. (My comment: Gosho has mentioned in the manga how he has watched 24 before. It's a US detective series, so you guys should be able to watch it, if you wanted to.) I also based it a little on the work Panic in Stadium (Note: the US title is Two-Minute Warning), where there's turmoil in a stadium. Q. 兰が新一に携帯电话で连络するシーンについて。 Q. On the scene where Ran contacts Shinichi with a cell phone. ⇒原作では既にエクスペリアじゃなくてエクスペリカンというスマホを使っているし、灰原はプ●ダフォンだし、ベルモットはアイ●ォンだしね。 A. In the original work (Note: the manga), (Conan?) uses a smart phone called XPERIKAN (Note: this is what's on the manga to avoid copyright violations, probably - not a real phone), not Xperia. Haibara (uses) Prada phone, and Vermouth (uses) iPhone. Q. 兰など素敌な女の子たちが登场しているが、『名探侦コナン』という作品の中で特に好きな女の子は谁か? Q. Charming girls like Ran appears (in your work). In the work called Detective Conan, which female character do you especially like? ⇒やっぱヒロインの兰かな。好きなのは兰、そして特别な女の子が灰原かな。こなん通信社の中で灰原の一言もオレが考えているんだけど、ほぼ灰原はオレの代弁者になっているね。あと兰は勇往迈进というか(新一のことを)待っていてくれるのは嬉しいというか…あと强いしね。ちなみに女の子が强いシーンを描くのって嬉しい。今、世良ちゃんも出ているけど、描くのが楽しい…目の下にクマがあるけど(笑)。 A. I guess it would have to be the heroine, Ran. I like Ran, and the special girl would be Haibara. I think about Haibara's comments in the Conan News Agency, too; she's become my spokeswoman, hasn't she? Ran is full of courage, and she waits for Shinichi, which makes (Gosho?) happy . . . she's strong, too. By the way, I feel happy drawing scenes where girls are strong. Right now, Sera-chan is appearing, too, and it's fun to draw (her) . . . although, she has bags under her eyes (laughs). (My comment: Whoa whoa whoa, does this open the possibility that Sera isn't Akai's sister, if the lower eyelid thing is just bags under her eyes and not some kind of genetic appearance-related thing?) Q. ジャイアンツが好きだと闻きました。剧场版の作品で、スポーツに関する题材としてどんなスポーツをやってみたいか。 Q. I hear that you like the Giants. What kind of sports do you want to do as the theme of a film, if the theme is sports-related? ⇒野球だね。でもジャイアンツに肩入れするのも…(笑)。やるなら世界的に有名なスポーツがいいと思う。スポーツ観戦するのが好き。基本、何でも観る。 A. It would be baseball. But supporting Giants might be . . . (laughs). If (I'm/we're/etc) going to do it, I think that it's good to (pick a) sport that's famous all over the world. I like to watch sport matches. Basically, I watch anything. EDIT: I'm done!
  5. dunno if it is real or not... By content it checks out. fake interviews usually contain massive fake spoilers and usually aren't so long. Maybe the person who typed it up did so semi shorthand?

  6. *Gasp* Is that the monthly B.L.T. magazine interview? Is there already a translation somewhere, or do you guys want me to translate this? That's a really funny text, though. I see a few Simplified Chinese characters in there. I guess this means that this was on a Chinese forum somewhere? EDIT: Actually the Japanese is funny. It doesn't flow very nicely. Is this real or no?
  7. *Idea jumps into my head* Since neither Yukiko nor Yuusaku showed up, I wonder if Akai is growing his hair out? XD . . . Assuming that Akai=Okiya, of course.
  8. I somehow managed to avoid all spoilers! \(;v;)/ . . . I wonder if the suspects will consist of the murdered girl's boyfriend, her brother/male friend, and a female friend who has masculine tastes in fashion? AND THE CULPRIT TURNS OUT TO BE THE FEMALE FRIEND /shot I wonder why Aoyama made Sera and Conan's phones the same? He seems to care about the type of phone his characters carry, based on what he says on Sherry's Soliloquy/Comment/etc. . . .
  9. Trying not to look at any spoilers . . .

  10. I wonder if Gosho should slow down publishing? I think that his schedule is killing his brain cells.
  11. ^ Thank you thank you thank you! Ah, I see it now. Thanks for pointing it out!
  12. Erm, I guess I'll translate what I can read. Some liberties are taken to make the English sound good. This is a WIP so far, so it's not completed yet, ha ha. Done! Aaahhhh . . . Apparently, someone else translated these already. Oops! Well, it never hurts to have more than one translation of a text, right?
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