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  1. Hi there! Enjoyment is different from judging a movie. I enjoy watching movies with exploding planes, bombs, Van Gogh and people screaming in chaos, so I am going to enjoy this for that fact (as derived from the trailer). And needless to say, I personally enjoy Kid's antics so I am going to enjoy that too. But I don't know if it was going to be executed in a good way or they are going to do it badly. I haven't watched the movie yet. So I am not going to judge if it was going to disappoint or not yet. I hope you understand what I actually meant. If it wasn't clear enough to you. Criticism? Where? trololololololollololol Just kidding, don't take that seriously Like I said: Not every episode or movie are out to please 100% of the people out there. We all have to sit back and let some episodes cater to others and wait for our turn. There's not a single thing about the DC/MK universe I hate (except the crazy murderers D:... no wait, I love them too)... That's my opinion. Everyone is entitled to theirs too. I don't want to slap my opinion on others and force them to like my opinion. It's not my M.O. Express it, the end. That's is all....... Alright, fine, I want to know. How can anyone hate anything that exists in the DC/MK universe? I love everyone and every single character, plot, relationship because it's what makes DC, DC. I may have strong feelings for some characters like: Y U DO DIS But seriously, deep down inside I looooove them. Every single one of them. Even you, Conan, even though you tick me off sometimes, but yes, I love you so much. (Because man, can he lighten up? LOL! And Kid is a thief and a human being, you don't have to SET OFF A TRAIL OF FLAMES AND BLOW HIM UP. That's dangerous D:) Kid also ticks me off sometimes you know (Pandora? Something this big should be shared with just a few more capable people. And more than one have proven their worth and trust to you, Kuroba Kaito. I know perhaps you don't want them to be in danger, but seriously? Or are you that confident about yourself? One day you will fall too you dumbass.). But that's just what makes me love his character more and like COME HERE FOR A HUG YOU GREAT CREATION. PEOPLE urgh Omg Vermouth too. Shit man! I love her. Gin is so delicious (i don't drink, I meant the character) dammmmmm. He's so bad he's so good. I know people are going to kill me over this, BUT it is my own opinion too! Oh man... maybe that's why I never understood. If someone said they hate it, they wouldn't enjoy the thing! And I don't know, I want people to enjoy it thoroughly. I want to know their reason, but if they expressed their hate, it will only cause more hate, and I am like: Okay, I am better off not knowing, if not I might end up expecting too much or await disappointment form the movie/character too, because when a explanation is given to me, it unravels in my head and I think about it and lets it find a place in my mind. And then I'd feel horrible too, and I will be unable to enjoy anything. Oh man, whatever, I am just going to watch this movie and enjoy the heck out of it. WHY ARE PEOPLE WHY AM I PEOPLE WHY MUST WE WHY I DON'T KNOW I AM JUST GONNA WATCH THIS SHOW ABT FAKE PEOPLE MADE BY MANY PEOPLE I JUST GOT EXCITED AGAIN I want to watch/read more oh mein gott PS: COME BURST MY BUBBLE. I actually want to know, because there are some things that piss me off too (but not so much as to me feeling ugh everytime I see Kid, in fact it just makes me want to see more so he can redeem himself. But generally, I like Kid. I really do. ) I got a feeling it's the same thing
  2. I know people have different tastes, like how some fans prefer BO episodes. But seriously, to go as far as to say 'hate' Kid stories. Erm, okay? Is it because Kid is popular? Or is Kid too childish? His plots aren't your thing? Personally I find Kaitou Kid episodes/movies really interesting IMO. LOL They are my favourite. I don't know what's the reason behind the 'hate' and I don't want to know. I want to stay happy in my Kid bubble, so don't come bursting it and I won't burst yours wahaha not every episode or movie are out to please 100% of the people out there. We all have to sit back and let some episodes cater to others and wait for our turn. My favourite movie is a close fight between #8 #10 and #14 so far lel fyi They all made me go like: wat and then omg and then whew and it's good, it's a good feeling So this movie got me chuffed. I am looking forward to watching it, they better don't disappoint. I won't judge the movie yet until I have actually seen it. So far, I felt like all the Detective Conan movies has their good points and bad points and I would like to say that I actually enjoyed all the movies in their own way. I'm definitely going to enjoy watching this one and appreciate the work put into writing and animating it in such a short time. seriously i heard they are underpaid and work so long and hard End
  3. I thought I saw a familiar thread title! HAHAHA -plays video- argh
  4. KAITOOO <3 Aww thank you ~ Q_Q -drags you back- nuu Vermouth's hair tho!! I shall do that
  5. Warning: Hints of BL (Boy's Love) under the spoiler. Those under 15, please don't look! JAJAJAJAJA. Very unfortunately (for some people), I also enjoy drawing BL. Don't worry, it won't go to the climax of 50 shades. LMFAO!!! *shifty eyes*
  6. Next up: Kuroba Kaito <3 I wanted to draw him with a sad face, like he was thinking about his dad at first, but then I thought I liked Kaito when he's all funny and cheerful baahaha
  7. First off, we have Shinichi Kudo! <3 I decided to throw in colours because it's the first one i'm posting up :'D And he's the main character WAHAHA Kudo-kun! I like how his hair turned out whoots~
  8. Hi DCW~ I had an old drawings thread back in 2011, but I should make a new one! MY OLD ART THREAD: http://www.detectiveconanworld.com/forum/topic/2904-swiftfeather-drawing-thread/ (Bloody hideous art IMO. Sigh) ~2015~ *cheers!* YAY!! Most of the drawings shared here shall be doodles~ HAHA Sometimes I may share a few at one go, sometimes I might not having anything to share with you all at all (((( I hope that everyone will enjoy my little doodlings! <3 PLEASE PLEASE DO LEAVE COMMENTS <3 I want to know if people are actually looking at them Q_Q HAHAHA If not they are basically useless they are for people to stare at hahaha AND ALSO! Do give me ideas to what to doodle WA HA HA HA HA Sorry if they are not very good QwQ woe is me
  9. I was still waiting for them to animate the underwater one... ... and that Robot Kaito chapter (LOL! it's such a weird chapter)
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