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  1. Locked room murder trick deduction v.2 (File 1059) (joint work with Ned)
  2. Locked room murder trick deduction (File 1058) Basically, the idea could be to utilize weight in order to turn the thumbturn lock from a 45 degrees position to a complete 90 degrees (horizontal) position. By adding enough weight for it to start turning clockwise slowly, you might have enough time to close the door before it fully turns horizontal and locks up. In the first case and second case, there were bags involved with weights on them (big lotion bottle in Atsumi's and a lot of trash in Taiji's). To camouflage the bags on the floor, the culprit messed up the bathroom and apartment. In the third case however, there was no bag, however, we were made aware of that Koretsuga had a lot of kitchen utensils hanging up the wall, possibly to make note of that they all have holes in them. This could be were a string could fit in, where it replaces the bag's effect of combining all their weight around the thumbturn lock. The culprit might have tied the string as a lasso in order to pull the knot out from below the door after locking the door in order to untie it and remove the string. When the police later opened the door, the utensils could have been pushed to the side (like in Atsumi's case), making their awkward placing from the string pull disappear.
  3. Just so you guys know, Gosho had confirmed in the Boss reveal interview, that came out with File 1008, that the anagram hint hits the mark with CARASUMA: So if there are more twists coming, it's not by the alteration of the mirror message, but by the addition of other elements as a part of the message.
  4. yeah, it has been the most likely option since the reveal that Haneda Yasuharu was Akai Tsutomu's friend.
  5. Rum specifically wasn't shown to be wary of either or. We just know the BO as a whole had their attention on both cases, because it's connected to Rum's mistake. As for Hotta, he wasn't shown to be an "allowed"/dismissed Kohji case investigator by BO. We just didn't follow the BO perspective in regards to his Kohji case segment announcement (except at the very end through Gin & Vodka after his death), as we did through Bourbon & Vermouth with Rokumichi's ASACA song announcement.
  6. Oooka & Haneda household connection Recent development from File 1042 makes Iori Muga even more suspicious, since we now found out that the Haneda household is a wealthy associate of the Oooka household. His position as a Butler for the Oooka, who seems to be trusted and relied on by the Haneda, makes for a perfect information source (without getting too close to the target) about what they know about the Kohji case and what they are up to, to cover for his 17-year-old mistake (File 953), especially if RUM suspects (naturally) that the Haneda family are behind the repeated Kohji case information upload online (File 948) which the BO keeps taking down.
  7. I actually have a theory which fits with his seemingly confirming reply to SDB BLACK+ Q92 “Is Rum certainly amongst the trio Kuroda, Wakasa & Wakita?”. I don’t actually think it’s as straightforward as he made it seem. I think that his reply stems from the fact that... "Wakita Kanenori = Highball" Theory Wakita Kanenori is the former “Rum” in the BO, and his current code-name is actually the same as the drink that was referenced in his introduction, “Highball” (File 975). Highball is a cocktail drink that is a mix of a liquor and non-alcoholic drink, and a common one among them is “Rum + Coke”. These two drinks were also referenced in his intro (as “Pirate’s spirit” & “Cola”) along with "Highball". I think that after passing on the second-in-command title, he was given this cocktail code-name as a symbol of that he is not the same Rum anymore (the same concentration of Rum in the drink in other words). In other words, from my perspective, Gosho is pulling another misleading comment like he did with Animal Crossing for File 906 (where "Rum" he is thinking of is not the same as the one you would originally think), where he had said “Rum has actually already appeared (laughs)” (which was actually referring to Lum).
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