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  5. Discussion Thread about Rum

    Wakita Kanenori, Katsumata Chikara, Iori Muga... he is not the only suspect. Not sure I would classify him as effeminate. What exactly suggests that? Not necessarily. Gosho could simply make him related to Hiromitsu for a nice side story, and that's that. Sure, you can say Koumei now has a tie to the BO through Scotch, but being involved with them is a completely different leap that Gosho hasn't even introduced or hinted at. In other words... we can't tell yet with the info that we have that he is 100% getting involved in the BO plot.
  6. Discussion Thread about Rum

    funny reminder.... because as far we are concerned, Koumei is not automatically getting involved with the "Rum case" just by being Scotch's brother.
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    Thanks ^^
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    thank you so much. in due time, I might start adding highlights,... but for now, that's like the next level in digital colouring for me xD
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    Muga (teen)
  13. [SPOILER DISCUSSION] File 1,009–1,012: The Black Bunny

    it is. ^^