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    Music Awareness Thread

    So we all have music that we like, some of it is popular, and some of it you think people may have never heard of. Whether it be an old time classic that was lost to the sands of time, or an underground band that hasn't hit it big, we all have music that people simply don't seem to know about. The point of this thread is to link to videos, mp3 links or anything that you can find of music that you think is good or interesting and deserves more exposure. Now I'm not setting any ground rules except that it CANNOT be popular in AMERICA or JAPAN. I'm working under the assumption that most popular American music is pretty world renown, hitting charts if not topping charts globally, and most users here are already aware of a lot of the Japanese music that is popular through anime or other means (so yes, as much as it pains me, I won't be posting any B'z in here, we all know that they are the greatest* and most popular Japanese band of our time). SO! I shall start it off with a few songs that I don't think people here have heard or know about... Hiromi Uehara - The Tom & Jerry Show http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hRgByqWT3c0 Gogol Bordello - Through the Roof 'n' Underground Lets see some interesting/good music** DCW! Notes: *B'z awesomeness may be debated, but all debates will be ignored by the stating party **Not all music posted will be seen as interesting/good by all. But lets try anyway, yes?
  2. Kyuu Nye

    Detective Conan Toxicology

    I've decided to allow commenting in thread. In the event that I need more space I'll request a mod split the topic for discussion and reference. However for now, I'm opening the thread for comment and critique. This is especially for the APTX analysis. Welcome one and all to Kyuu's Detective Conan Toxicology thread! I will be posting analysis of the drugs and toxins found in DC that have been used in conjunction with cases (Yes, that includes APTX). There are THREE CATEGORIES of drugs that I'll be doing: 1) Real (Drugs and Toxins that were 100% identified by the series.) 2) Theoretical (APTX basically) 3) Semi-theoretical (Drugs that are possible IRL, but are not identified by Gosho, and can be determined to some degree of accuracy using the information in manga canon) (unnamed poisons and Conan's tranquilizer mostly) Key Terms that you will need to know and understand before reading my analysis: LD50 - Dosage of a toxic agent that will cause death in 50% of treated animals LC50 - Concentration of a toxic agent that will cause death in 50% of the treated animals T1/2 - Biological half-life. How long it takes the concentration in the biological system to be halved. LOAEL - Lowest observable adverse effect level. The amount of a toxin that causes an observable negative effect (your basic symptoms of poisoning without dying, if you have ever seen a drug commercial, you should know most of them) Bioavailability - How much of a drug reaches circulation unchanged in a biological system. IV is always 100% bioavailability, as it is direct to circulatory system. ADME - Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, Excretion Absorption - How a drug is/can be administered Distribution - how a drug is distributed throughout the body (and what barriers it needs to pass) Metabolism - how the drug is metabolized by the biological system Excretion - how the drug is expelled from the body Those are the main, if I come to a point where I need to explain the more complex terms, I shall append them. I will make every effort to make this easy to read and understand for all. Drugs will be completely analyzed most likely using Toxnet a lot. I'll be using some other resources as well as needed. Everything will be fully referenced. If you use this information for any reason, PLEASE do the same. The drugs currently in planned to be analyzed are: (links will be added as analysis are done) APTX Tetrodotoxin Potassium Cyanide Sea Snake Venom (erabutoxin) Curare (possibly from poison dart case) Batrachotoxin (possibly from the poison dart case) Chlorine Potassium Chloride Phosphoric Acid Carbon Monoxide Aconitine (by Kjeldahl) More may be added as I reread the chapters and watch the episodes that the ones omitted appeared in while I look everything up. If you want clarification please PM or leave comment on my profile. If you wish to critique feel free to do it in topic. Also, this is being done on my own time, so I'm not sure how many I can/will get done. The ones that I am sure of are the top 3, and Carbon Monoxide. Everything else depends on my time and schedule. That all said, I hope you all enjoy this new project of mine and find it illuminating.
  3. So I've been catching up, but still don't have much time to post anything here. Don't worry, I still exist. Perhaps one day I'll finish my tox project too...

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    2. Kjeldahl


      Can I contribute in your tox project?

    3. Kyuu Nye

      Kyuu Nye

      sure :) I love toxicology, but if someone can help me continue it it would be appreciated. Mainly because I hate leaving projects unfinished.

    4. Kjeldahl


      Yay PM me the details, specifications and format you like to follow and I'll get started :3

  4. Kyuu Nye

    Crunchyroll to simulcast DC

    I thought DC was already popular with carpetcrawler (CC)
  5. Kyuu Nye

    What's on Your Mind?

    I don't watch anymore... Though I do want to catch up on bo cases...
  6. Greetings DCW! I've noticed in my time here, that there is a severe lack of understanding of when or how to use the search function or any other search. So I'm going to give a run through of the different aspects. FIRST! When to use search? Well, the first thing you should always do when starting a topic is check the thread reference guide that Chekhov MacGuffin created! That is a great resource for finding old threads on a variety of topics in relation to Detective Conan. But let's say that you cannot find something similar to the topic you want to create or you are making a topic not in Detective Conan forums (like Chatroom or elsewhere). It is at this point you should always use search. There might already be a topic for what you are creating, or your questions might have already been answered. Where to find search bar (And other searches): Regular search and advanced search act exactly the same way. Advanced allows you to use tags and other parameters, if you know them. Like Date range, Author, and tags. You can also search based on number of posts and number of views. And be aware that the search bar is always there, no matter what (It is the nice thing about IP Boards). On top of that, it will search the specific forum you are in. (So if you are in "General" under Detective Conan. It will only search that forum, unless you select otherwise). And it even goes further than that, being able to search specific threads. (Which is great if you want to find something you know someone wrote in a long thread.) Type of searches (And how to use them): Now there are THREE ways to search this website. The first is the one everyone always tries (if they choose to use search), and subsequently becomes frustrated with. This is known as keyword searching. What does that mean? Well first it means that you can't use words under 4 letters long. This is due to the fact that many 3 letter words and under are too broad or unspecific enough to make the search effective! What it does is this... It will take the words and search all of the words in the forum posts. Trying to find threads in which the words occur. Example: Say like you were looking for Shinichi vs Heiji. If you search that. It will search for the words Shinichi and Heiji. It will disregard the word "vs" So here is a basic search. (I used advanced to show it) Here is the results. Please note how "vs" was completely disregarded, And here is how it actually searches. Notice how the words are NOT in tandem. It finds, in threads, the words. It does not however search thread titles. So that is how that search works! And how to use it. Because of how it is designed, it will give you the most results, but be the least accurate. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The second is what is known as phrase search. What this is, is a search of a specific phrase. So it completely disregards the under 4 letter rule. To use it is very simple. You enclose the search terms in quotes! And here are the results. Notice that only one result shows. Because it is the only thread with that specific string of words. And that does it for the site specific searching. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yes, I know I said there were three, but it is really more like three and a half. The last one is GOOGLE! You can use Google to search the contents of ANY site in the same two ways as above. Use it if you don't like the site search or just trust Google more. The way it works is that you type into google site:detectiveconanworld.com/forum/ [search query] (Consequently you can also use this to search the wiki too, just use the right site search.) Both the types described above can be used. But because it is using Google's algorithms, the results are a bit different. So here is just a quick example using the same search terms I've been using. Now there is a benefit to using Google over the site's... Google's search is a bit more flexible, and thus it doesn't have any requirements like "No words under four characters" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So I implore everyone to use all the resources available before creating a new thread, or claiming something wasn't available when it was. And I hope this is useful to everyone.
  7. OK So I've been out of the loop for a while but kinda want to get back into it. I remember there was a site or something on the wiki about Plot related cases. Anyone care to direct me to that so I can catch up?

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    2. Kyuu Nye

      Kyuu Nye

      Right I don't remember where it is. I mean I'm sure I can find it by digging around, but still, it would help if someone has it bookmarked



      This? http://www.detectiveconanworld.com/wiki/Manga

      Replace “Manga” with “Anime” for that one.

    4. Kyuu Nye
  8. Kyuu Nye

    Cute Culprits

    Gosho has always made it a point to paint the culprits in his manga as something readers could sympathize with. The point of this is to drive home the ideal that no matter the situation, murder [and other crime] is wrong. Even within the Black Org there are lights in the darkness. Gosho is painting with ideals, which isn't bad, but certainly not realistic. I think that is part of the reason why I've slowly drifted from reading DC recently. (though I'm not done with this fandom yet, I will see this series through to the end)
  9. I'm still living and still working on that project of mine, it only stalled because IRL...

    1. Balthazar Manfredie

      Balthazar Manfredie

      hold the phone, you are

    2. Kyuu Nye

      Kyuu Nye

      *Checks for pulse* Yup, still am.

    3. Balthazar Manfredie

      Balthazar Manfredie

      this is wonderful to hear

  10. Kyuu Nye

    Kaito Kid is He Shinchi Cousin

    Because I can't tell all of that from tapatalk.that's why
  11. Kyuu Nye

    Kaito Kid is He Shinchi Cousin

    I think he just likes the design and reused it. Not unheard of.
  12. Kyuu Nye

    I need to buy an anime poster...

    It depends on where you're near. Amazon is great in general, but if you are in a city with a China town, it would serve you well to check there. However, when I was buying anime merch, I always frequented animecastle.com. This was even before I discovered they were local.
  13. Kyuu Nye

    Martial Arts

    Alright. So this was bound to happen, whether it is because there are a few martial artists on here or because several of the DC characters are martial artists, this thread was inevitable. Whatever your style or philosophy of martial arts, it is welcome. I for one do not believe in competition because it clouds the pure style with rules. Most sports practitioners call me cheap because I use certain moves that are illegal in competition due to the nature of my training, but those whom I have befriended in the martial arts all agree with me to at least some degree, though we all love the sport of MMA.
  14. Kyuu Nye

    Forum rank icons

    They look good maurice. Keep up the good work.
  15. This site seems to hate me at times, and then I end up forgetting about it while Chrome sorts it's issues with it. So for now... I'm back

    1. PhiBrainChild


      Whenever a browser starts trollin' me too much, I start usin' another.

    2. Kyuu Nye

      Kyuu Nye

      The problem is I log into my chrome account everywhere, so it is the most convenient for me.

  16. Kyuu Nye

    Is anyone even subbing anymore?

    Just because an episode isn't subbed before the next episode is released does not mean that subbing has ceased. You have to give fansubbers time. Be patient and grateful that you are receiving a free service. (Also please remember the dark ages of DC where you were lucky to get case every couple of months)
  17. I'm going to try and finish CO analysis today and tomorrow. Tox thread needs to get back underway.

  18. So yeah... for a couple of months Chrome wasn't letting me near this site, I couldn't even override it. So... Hi everyone! I'm back... again

  19. I'm still around just been busy. I'm still going to finish my tox project eventually... stay tuned

  20. Kyuu Nye

    no link to first episode, season1

    Please refer to the following threads. News about Watch Section being down and When and How to Search This question has been asked numerous times, and the information as to why it is so is in several places. Look around a bit more before you post next time. Tl;dr the links: link 1) Lawyers said take down the watch section, so Maurice did. link 2) Use the search before posting a topic if there is even the slightest possibility your answer is elsewhere. It is an awesome tool!
  21. I got interested when looking for mystery anime long long ago (before Adult Swim). Effects? My involvement with DCTP. I think that sums everything up. Note: I'm not exactly addicted, in fact I haven't watched or read in months due to being annoyed at the current path. I'll get back into it eventually... perhaps...
  22. Kyuu Nye

    hey people want to see some of my drawings?

    This belongs in "Drawings"
  23. Kyuu Nye

    If you hate ONE thing about Conan

    Perhaps start a new discussion thread for that? I really fail to see the relevance in this topic.