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  1. Hey happy birthday! Hope it's a happy one! <3 *hugs*

  2. happy bith day,, drop by once a month

  3. I watched it since they first aired in Korea, which I think it was around mid-January 2000. I've known about it when I read the manga before... but I don't remember when I first read it. I'm sure I was reading it as a kid as soon as I learned how to read Korean so that's around 1996+... roughly I've been a fan of Conan since I was a little kid... 18 years at most, 15 years at least.
  4. Friendship is magic. Let's summon ponies here.
  5. These User Banners are impressive. Now I am a Secret Agent who is a lolicon lol

    1. A L

      A L

      Is being a lolicon fun?

  6. these look nice and professional! great job on these banners~~ it matches my avatar icon! kukuku...
  7. I don't mind whatever people call me really. You don't have to have honorifics, but you are welcome to do so if that's comfortable. One thing I really hate is word problems. I never really liked them since I was 3rd grade because of the language barrier despite how much I love math, ...oh about giving question... I kinda don't want to. I might give something too confusing.... so let's go with an easy one: I'm thinking about a 3 digit number that can be divided by 11. If I took that number and added each digits to find that the sum is 21, what must be one of its digit? (... if there's more than one answer than I'm screwed lol...)
  8. I noticed my typo in almost every step. it's not sum from n=2 to 100 but n=2 to 99.... Your way makes things much easier... it's basically comes down to the same thing though since the equation from my solution will equal to yours if I did it correctly. But then again, I like things complicated for some reason because... uhh... idk i just like thinking through long steps. I just find them more entertaining. I do wish I can think of such methods quickly though. I love how math can be manipulated, having multiple ways to solve a problem... or sometimes none, which is such a depressing moment. =_=
  9. Going to bed. I don't even know why I stayed up so long.

  10. banned for being noticeable. (Senpai noticed you.)
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