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  1. HEY! You're here! and people talk about leaving.. lol

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    2. Kid the Phantom Thief

      Kid the Phantom Thief

      Well, more than a couple, but yeah, we aren't many left. Hano just returned too, don't know for how long though

    3. Hejle


      Apparently I returned... ONLY TO BRING HAVOC XD

      Anyway, Hello ^^

    4. Kid the Phantom Thief
  2. 陪我说会话吧!can't pm you anymore lol

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    2. AiSuigetsu



      i've been wanting to leave this town forever

    3. - Ryuuji -

      - Ryuuji -




      已經填了吧哈哈哈到哪告訴我一下 我很好奇 妳應該是考很好

    4. - Ryuuji -

      - Ryuuji -

      到哪跟我說 我蠻好奇的

      無法 被摧殘好久

  3. Happy Birthday! :) I hope you'll have a prosperous new year ahead! Take care <3

  4. Hey! You still making deals? :P

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    2. Metantei Kiddo

      Metantei Kiddo

      Haha no need :P I already investigated myself xD so slow response :P

    3. AiSuigetsu


      lol sorry been busy with school, on the other hand you're fast wow

    4. Metantei Kiddo

      Metantei Kiddo

      Meh, It was coincidence that you posted at the time you visited

  5. are you watching zankyou no terror ISN'T IT SO GOOD SO GOOD SO PSYCHOLOGICAL AHHHHHHHH also tokyo ghoul kaneki my baby <3

  6. lookie who here wanna make a deal ;0

    1. AiSuigetsu


      what are you willing to pay?

    2. A L

      A L

      soap? :V too late nowww

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