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  1. skyechan

    Wiki maintenance in progress

    Thank you for your hard work, Maurice!!
  2. Happy Birthday Skyechan! :D

  3. Welcome back after so many days XD

  4. Happy birthday to u, skyechan ;)

  5. skyechan

    Translating Interviews

    http://www.pref.tottori.lg.jp/secure/721242/kensei201206ol_10.pdf Relevant link regarding the Conan Station thing. PDF date seems to be June 2012.
  6. Hello! Have you had a good day?

  7. It's OK, I've found it. It's in Vol 7. But thanks anyway :D

  8. Sorry, I don't know the answer to your question off hand. ^^; I haven't really had much of an opportunity to sit down and "read" my special manga yet. That's why only volume 1 has summaries so far. ^^;

  9. (Sorry, there's a character limit) Here are more clues that I remember: The victim's death was cause by a wound on the head, the motive was related to love/romantic jealousy if I'm not mistaken. The culprit tried to kill the victim's girlfriend at the end but was knocked off by Ran instead XDD

  10. Hi Skyechan ! Can I ask you something ? Do you remember a Special Manga case where Conan went to some kind of haunted house (the kind for entertainment) and the victim died in his monster disguise ? The victim was male, the culprit was also male, who got finished by Ran's Karate at the end of the case XDD If I remember correctly, it was probably from one of the earlier volumes (1-5?)

  11. skyechan

    [DCW + Chibby] Nonchalant Lupin (Released!)

    Direct download link has been updated. Enjoy!