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  1. Happy Birthday!!!! \o/ *hugs*

  2. I think you can upload here onto the forum? Not sure XD (*check* yeah :V) Otherwise you upload it (there are sites for that, like tinypic.com ot whatever) and then you post the link here (or you put is as a image with the code button or [ img ] stuff)
  3. Thank you! Yeah, noticed there aren't so many posts in this section anymore D:
  4. First thing, chemistry is reaction between molekules, which you will never be able to see. So you can't see chemistry between the two people LITERALLY And yeah, there certainly is chemistry between Shinichi and Haibara, since She developed APTX and Shinichin shrunk because of that. Yep, chemistry indeed. :3 And now for a serious answer (sorry ): I don't think Haibara and Conan fit together at all, because the way they think is too different.
  5. Something new! \o/ This was for a contest :3 http://kleeneonigiri.deviantart.com/art/Treasure-Island-with-Detectives-381900130 It's a crossover between Detective Conan and Treasure Island Gin is John Silver. And Conan/Shinichi is obviously Jim Hawkins. Coincidentally , Conan's English name is Jimmy Kudo XD So the names do fit, haha! XD Here, both of them just finally found the Treasure! I wanted to add more people, but I didn't know where to stuff them in D: Like Gray as Akai. Since he's the only other badass person in Treasure Island and also kind of a rival to Silver XD Or Vodka as that blind pirate XD Huch, I never posted those D: Careful, possible SPOILERS!!! File 818!!!
  6. But why is that terrible signature of mine your sig. :V I swear my handwriting is not usually that sloppy. ;____;

  7. Hehe ^^

    Well, I'm not so active in posting here. I do in some threads, but not everywhere I guess? :V

  8. Meh. Was just surprised to see you here. :V *hugs back :3*


    Why the caps? XD


  10. YOU HAVE AN ACCOUNT HERE, KLEENE??? Well, hello there. :V

  11. Do you mean the name Onigiri or Kleene Onigiri?

    Because I like rice and Onigiris are nice XD

    And Kleene means "small one" in german (tho it's in slang). So it means "Small Riceball" :)

    Why do you wanna know? XD

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