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  1. Have a few of my new things, won't post a crapload this time~ ;D
  2. Almost done with classes for the semester~ Time to catch up on Conan.

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      Our teacher just lets us have some electronic time on some days.

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      @ Kirsch: Yeah, I updated to a newer drawing of the same character~

  3. (( Try not to control my character's actions if you aren't modding, Ari. :V I'll do the opposite of what's posted because I'm blindly stubborn.)) As Ari took off, chasing after the impersonator with the called to Aleksander in tow, L rolled her eyes. She wasn't about to follow him. Aleks' brain should be enough to keep the foolish Ari alive. Aster was pulling things from his pocket that seemed pretty useful in the current situation, and she nodded when someone asked why he kept them on his person. "It'll be a pretty heavy target to stop... We'll need all our hands to get this thing. I say we get moving while we talk shop," she offered, pulling her stun gun from her messenger bag. "Not sure if this could work. Bronze is a conductor, and the thing's apparently alive though..."
  4. L grumbled something to herself about being sore, but awakened enough to ask where the heck she was now and make sure that her belongings were all there. After checking on her still dead phone, she looked up, hearing the conversation, but lost a bit with the topic. Hachiko, the dog? Like that lame Richard Gere movie? Oh jeez, there was actually a statue of it... The flannel-clad woman sighed as she stared up at the statue, then looked around and scratched her head. Her time in Japan had been pretty crappy, but everybody here looked at least a little tired or hurt. She wasn't sure what had happened in the time since she'd been dragged off on somebody's troublesome orders, but she supposed if she wanted to be useful, she needed to learn as much as possible about the current investigation. "So, what do we need to do?" L asked aloud, standing to stretch.
  5. ((I'm back~ Should I find a way to jump in, or...?))
  6. I should be able to return to the round in a few days. Haven't bought a pc yet, but I managed to make this one work alright ouo))
  7. ((Consider me out of the round until further notice. (I won't be on DCW pretty much at all either.) My computer won't stay on for more than minutes at a time, and I may not be getting a new one for a few weeks.))
  8. "Ability? I dunno, weirdo," she answered Ari with chuckle. "Writing? Or something..." L listened to Misaki's just-as-short explanation and nodded. "I see. I guess once everyone gets here we can go inside and check it out." She stretched and looked up at the numbers of the building before answering Misaki's question with an apathetic "Just call me L."
  9. L kicked a wall of the 109 building lightly, tapping the siding with the toe of her boot. "What is it we've come here for?" she asked, gazing over the group as for once she joined in the conversation. Being out of the loop had been no trouble before, but now that it seemed they had an objective, she was missing information that could be useful. The redhead plucked her earbud headphones out and stuffed them, unraveled, into the pocket already housing her mp3 player. She sucked her teeth watching Aster and decided against chastising him for the water bottle incident, though perhaps she'd help to get him back for it if Amber was so inclined."Are we looking for something? Or someone?"
  10. Happy birthday, Kuroneko xP

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  11. ((I totally forgot to log on and post today :V So just a little thing until L gets back in the swing and action.)) L went with the flow from breakfast on, sure to take her tamagoyaki when everyone began to migrate toward the hospital. She ate and walked, listening to her mp3 player and forgetting that she still hadn't introduced herself to anyone yet. She hovered at the edge of the group, not wanting to be separated from the other English-speaking foreigners but not much for the socializing and introductions that were going on. While everyone got situated and comfortable around one another she sat a few feet away from the largest grouping and listened to Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture, mulling over a way to introduce herself. 'I'm L, 'sup,' was about as good as she could come up with to keep things simple, and despite her confusion she wasn't overly concerned with how they'd all arrived in Shibuya. After all, this could all be something as simple as a dream. She only hoped there was no sleep paralysis here, and that if somehow it was the true, real world that her sister was taking care of her belongings. L gazed up at the sickly off-white ceiling and wished there was a pattern to count to occupy her mind as for the third time a round of cannon-fire ended the overture seeping from her red earbuds.
  12. Just for fun on the pirate one I'll say 100, because if you're that ruthless you could just kill the others and get all of it :V
  13. L watched the unbearably theatric interaction going on within a meter of her person, heaving a slow sigh. She crossed her arms at Aster's request of breakfast, sucking her teeth in annoyance and flipping her bangs out of her face to give him a dry stare. "Of course a skinny little kid like you is vegetarian," she observed blankly, glancing over the out of place group that seemed somewhat familiar. It was strange that they all seemed to speak English and appeared out of their depth. "It looks like everybody here could use some grub. Since I guess I'm playing chaperone by the look of ages, guess you guys should follow me and I'll treat." The short redhead closed her eyes, trying to remember any restaurants she may have passed since waking. "There's a breakfast place a block down on the left. By the smell there should be fresh tamagoyaki and miso soup coming up any minute now." Shoving her hands in her pockets, she rolled her shoulder to straighten out the strap of her bag and began to walk. "C'mon."
  14. Pirate? Didn't see that one. *goes back to read it*
  15. Cherry-red curls darted through the crowd of heads bobbing along in view of the street cameras. L had gone through her messenger bag and taken a look around after having jolted awake in an alley outside a great-smelling ramen shop, but as it was only the early hour of preparation she had decided to investigate how she'd gotten here. Japan wasn't exactly on her list of locations to visit in her spare time, but for some reason her belongings were packed and she had the proper cash. Perhaps she'd done something stupid and given herself situational amnesia. After all, one doesn't often wake up on another continent with luggage and no clue how they'd arrived there. Her phone was where it had always been, tucked into her front-pocket, and she was both wearing and carrying familiar clothes. However, there was no passport among the pencils, booklets and pages jumbled in the bag she was carrying. That was the first odd thing since she'd discovered which country she was in... Raising her cell phone to try and call home, she stared at the black, dead screen and sighed She'd have to find a Verizon store, because once again it appeared she'd forgotten her charger. Having picked up and joined the pedestrians, L worked through the mass of people to get to a clearer street. Several commuters smelled of damp clothing, and while she supposed it may have rained nearby, she and her belongings were dry. "More strangeness," she mumbled to herself, skipping out of the crowd to check out a newspaper stand. She could at least get the date... not that she remembered what day it had been before this. The man behind the stacks of papers gave a dry, friendly laugh and asked in a voice that resulted from too much smoking, "Looking for the comics, kid?" Now, despite her shape L was often mistaken for someone at least three or four years younger, but today the girl wasn't in the mood. "I'm an adult," she sighed, skimming the titles of the newspapers... which she could read. "Possibility one, I got here in the Tardis," she mumbled as a headline about 'Kaito Kid' caught her eye.The paper was crumpled at the edges and had been leafed through by a potential buyer. The newspaper hawker gave a price and with a shrug L waved off the offer, having skimmed the article and forgotten about checking the date. She moved on toward the more interesting alleyways and buildings on the emptier side of the street and within a minute had stumbled across what looked like a middle school student talking with a floored teenager. The smaller one had said something as she'd approached, but it wasn't loud enough for her to hear. L frowned, studying them for a moment. Even today it was unusual to see a young man lying on the ground under his luggage... and another boy with a similarly packed bag. Jeez, how many people were traveling around here? Unless they were also... "Somethin' happen?" she asked curiously, raising an eyebrow at the younger two.
  16. Well, if there's no overlap between the half-bodied and headless/tailless fish, which I assume there isn't because to remove those would make it less than half a body, then he had to catch at least 13, so I'll make that my base guess and go from there since I haven't seen a riddle in a while.
  17. Kekekeke, more rp? Hells yeah. -I'll post later, multi-tasking calls-
  18. Yet more new stuff :V Mostly rp group art, but a couple of prizes at the end.
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