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  2. I'm loving "Tari Tari", and I'd also like to recommend two non-current series - "Kimi ni Todoke" and "Sakamichi no Apolon" (aka Kids on the Slope), both of which are high school romances "Kimi ni Todoke" focuses on Kuronuma Sawako, whose sweet demeanor clashes hard against her dark outward appearance, and Kazehaya Shouta, the boy she meets on the first day of high school. The story is cute, if a little cliche at times, but the art is absolutely gorgeous. "Sakamichi no Apolon" focuses on a rich boy who grew up studying piano, a delinquent who likes to play drums, and the girl who has to choose between them. Everything revolves around jazz music, and while it's set in an older era, it's hard to tell which one, aside from mention of the Beatles (who obviously didn't play jazz, but their popularity does help to mark time frame). Even though it's set in an older era, the art is clean... and what really hit me on this one was the music
  3. Just because two people appear to be good friends doesn't mean they actually are, or have known each other for a long time... my theory on the events that took place in the special is that certain things turned out to be beneficial to both sides, or they were able to make a trade... although I tend not to read that much into things
  4. DCTP announced the other day that they're anticipating an October release for subtitles, as usual
  5. It used to be a lot bloodier near the beginning... I mean, there was a beheading in episode 1
  6. Being that they don't show the face of either of the two girls, I would venture to guess that they were constructed solely to illustrate a point in the video - that Shinichi has admirers he's unaware of because they're too shy to approach him when he's with another girl or group
  7. I don't remember if I'm on the list already, but I changed my name last night (for reasons) ...now it's LadyIsana
  8. You can probably get them in whatever units you need... just be careful of the exchange rate
  9. Hello, I just wanted to say hi and friend you! :)

  10. Hello, I just wanted to say hi and friend you! :)

  11. I think I can safely say the answer to that (after it being down more than two years already) is no
  12. just saw a 1-episode live action special of Cardfight: Vanguard that gave me feels I didn't know existed for that show and don't forget about the upcoming Rurouni Kenshin movie, starting Takeru Sato, who also played Ryoutarou on Kamen Rider Den-O
  13. I don't know for sure, but the ads might be helping defray the cost of keeping the site running if you really don't like them, get an ad-blocker :/
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