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Detective Boys Badge

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Japanese name: ディテクティブ・ボーイズ バッジ
Romaji name: Ditekutibu Bōizu Bajji
Dībī Bajji
Created by: Professor Agasa
Used by: Detective Boys
First appearance: Manga: Volume 6 - File 6
Anime: Episode 12
Appearances: Chapters: 26
Episodes: 85
Movies: 18
OVAs: 2
Openings: 11
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The Detective Boys Badge (ディテクティブ・ボーイズ バッジ Ditekutibu Bōizu Bajji?) or DB Badge (DB(ディービー)バッジ Dībī Bajji?) is the sixth gadget created by Professor Agasa for the Detective Boys.


Detective Boys Badge Specs

Agasa created these badges for Conan and the rest of the Detective Boys group to use in order to communicate with each other from a distance, much like a set of walkie-talkies. The badges also give out a signal that can be located using the Criminal Tracking Glasses. In Movie 18, it has been modified so that the Detective Boys can communicate at a distance. Also when changing the settings and press the buttons to talk they lit up which they had LED lamps. One can even choose the colour and which badges to light up. Through the badges now produce a mosquito noise.

Unique uses

  • The badges were sometimes used for critical reasons such as revealing the culprit of a case.
  • During The Desperate Revival the Detective Boys throw their badges to the ground while trapped in a cave to startle bats into flying into the men who were chasing them.
  • In Emergency Situation 252 Conan tapped his badge to the floor to direct the other members what to do when Haibara and Conan are kidnapped.
  • It was used to locate the culprit in the dark in Movie 18.



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