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  1. I baked chocolate chip cookies yesterday. I managed to not mess them up, so they taste pretty good, though I wish I had mixed the chocolate chip in a bit more evenly since some are 50% chocolate chips/50% cookie dough, and others are 20% chocolate chips/80% cookie dough.
  2. TIL that the female version of "bromance" is "womance", there's a Crazy Frog vevo for some reason, and that even Steelers fans call their little yellow towels "terrible towels" Browns fans hate the Steelers, so I assumed that we just called them that because we don't like them for whatever reason
  3. machine

    Your latest Buys

    How tall is it? The Mettaton mask looks good sized, and it's hard to tell.
  4. Do documentaries count as movies? I've been watching quite a few of Louis Theroux's documentaries lately (for the record, he has a delightful accent). I watched two on the Westboro Baptist Church, one on neo-nazis/skinheads, one about a rehabilitation hosptial for pedophiles and sex offenders, another about people with dementia, one on children who are on medication for mental illness(es), and I just finished one about the porn industry, specifically male actors. Don't particularly feel like I've learned anything, especially since all are from ~2000 -2011, and a bit outdated, but the people featured have all been interesting in one way or another. I do wish Louis went about some of the situations he finds himself in a bit better though. To clarify, especially in the ones with the Westboro Baptist Church, the goal of the first documentary was partially to get to know the members of the church on a somewhat personal level. All of them, unsurprisingly, answered questions about their beliefs very similarly, and it was clear early on that he wasn't going to get better answers by pressing them, so I wish he would've moved on sooner and asked about other things. I get that the main "appeal" of the church, cult, hate-group, whatever you want to call it, is that they are so out there, and unapologetically offensive, but if you want to pick and prod at their beliefs, you're better off asking one of the ex-members since they can offer less cryptic perspective on just what it's like being, and partcipating in, such an envirnoment. Like it'd be much more interesting to ask about why they feel the need to picket so often, despite their intent to not convert people to their belief, or how they feel about being labelled a hate group, or if they ever wonder that their lack of empathy is something to be concerned about. Why spend 10min of a 50min documentary asking the then teenage members if they've ever been "tempted" or if they wish they could date. They're teenagers, you already, more than likely, know the answer, and considering just how staunchly anti-sex, and anti-"self indulgent" they are, of course they're gonna say "no" and change the subject; just move on. (self indulgent's in " " because they seemingly view all enjoyable things negatively, and don't allow themselves to enact on those "desires" despite most, if not all of those things, being completely normal) It's not a huge negative, I mean, despite that complaint, I ended up watching quite a few more documentaries by him, but it's just a bit frustrating.
  5. Young the Giant - St. Walker d o y o u e v e n v a p o r w a v e b r o ? ? ?
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9GavnF2SuOc tfw nostalgia
  7. I tried that back when the error first appeared. Once or twice I was briefly able to access the forum, but when I tried to login, it went back to giving me the error message. Oddly enough though, another forum I frequent uses the same forum software, and I can access that just fine on my phone. My phone's browsers haven't had trouble with any other websites either, so it seems to be just a thing with DCW's forum.
  8. Welcome to DCW! Glad the wiki's been useful to you!
  9. nice to see that MK still lurks around here The old warning just went away not too long ago, so I wonder what it is this time. Regardless of whether or not it's the same thing from last time, hopefully it's an easy fix. -------- Though I'm not sure if it's directly related or not, this only started occurring after we got the phising warning last time, so maybe it's got something to do with the warnings we've been getting. (If it's unrelated, I can make a separate thread for it) My phone's browsers (neither chrome nor safari) haven't been letting me access any part of the DCW forum for the past couple weeks. The desktop version is accessible from my laptop without issue (aside from the recent warning), but I keep getting "Fatal error: Call to a member function userHoverCard() on a non-object in /home/dcw/public_html/forum/admin/sources/base.ips.Member.php on line 164". I'm assuming it's not just on my end since "fatal error" sounds kinda concerning, but in case it is, sorry for bringing it up here. Anyone else experience this though?
  10. Mystery Skulls - Freaking Out really digging their animated music videos, hopefully they'll stick with 'em
  11. machine

    LGBTQA+ Community

    Sorry for the double post! thread revival attempt #128753 There's been quite a bit of talk around another one of those 'bathroom bills' that would legally require transgender individuals to use the public restroom that corresponds with the gender on their birth certificate. (How they would enforce this, I haven't the slightest clue) Mississippi passed one of these not too long ago, though it's not in effect yet, but it's North Carolina that's currently getting all the attention. (That's probably because the law also prevents cities from passing anti-discrimnation ordinances that would protect LGBT+ people) A few artists that were set to perform concerts in NC have cancelled those stops, Paypal was going to build an expansion in Charlotte, but has since changed their minds, a 2017 NBA All-Star game might also get moved out of NC, the UK has issued a travel warning to its citizens that Mississippi and North Carolina have recently passed these anti-LGBT+ laws; it's a bit of a mess. It's a mess that only gets hairier as time goes on too. Donald Trump has (surprisingly) also come out against the law. Fellow presidential candidate, and Ohio governor, John Kasich has said he would probably not sign a similar bill into law. Target, while not directly referring to either NC or MS, released a statement saying transgender customers are free to use whichever restroom/fitting room they feel most comfortable with. But also, recently fired ESPN baseball analyst Curt Schilling, shared a tasteless, transphobic meme on facebook and added "A man is a man no matter what they call themselves. I don't care what they are, who they sleep with, the men's room was designed for the penis, the women's not so much." Though I could not find the exact post myself and could only find descriptions of it (granted I didn't look very hard), I presume this caused a problem because he shared it on his public facebook, rather than his private one for personal use. The aim of these bills is to protect mainly women and children from predators that may exploit any laws that allow people to use whichever restroom they are most comfortable with and/or best fits their gender identity. Sounds alright in theory right? There are undoubtedly horrible people out there who do want to harm others and want to do so when they're vulnerable and most likely alone, but the issue lies in just how much of problem assaults in public restrooms is. I wasn't able to find reports of any transgender individuals, or someone pretending to be a transgender person, assaulting anyone in a public restroom; so it appears to be a virtually nonexistent problem. However, I did come across two cases which are related, though neither occurred in public restrooms. One was a man claiming to be transgender to get into a women's shelter, with the intent of sexually assaulting women staying there. (He was a known sexual predator long before this incident though) And the other was a man who walked into the women's locker room at a pool and began undressing in front of patrons saying the "transgender law" allowed it. In short, it has happened, but it's a rare problem. Exploited or not, assault is still illegal too, so there's no added threat because no loophole is created. In fact, transgender people themselves are the ones who report having frequent problems regarding public restroom use. In Washington DC, 70% of transgender people polled reported that they had experienced some degree of negative reaction/ when using public restrooms. 9% of that 70% reported that they had experienced a physical confrontation/assault when trying to use one of those public restrooms. John Oliver on Last Week Tonight actually did a nice segment on this is one of his videos last June. (If you aren't familiar with LWT, it can be nsfw at times, but overall the content is informative) It's not perfect, and covers more than just bathroom bills, but it does explain it quite a bit better than I probably could. Overall, these bathroom bills being passed does more harm than good. It only adds to the stigma transgender people already face, and also makes people unnecessarily fearful. If the worry at the heart of the problem is that dangerous people, primarily men, will exploit these laws, the fix is going after these predators, and taking them into custody so they can't hurt anyone else, not faulting the entire transgender population and forcing them into potentially dangerous situations. Obviously tracking down all sexual predators is no easy, or even really possible, task, but the way to prevent sex crimes, especially ones that rarely happen, isn't by unjustly pushing the blame onto an undeserving, often misunderstood group. sources: x x x x x x x x x x (sorry if I forget any) Sorry for any mistakes too, it's almost 5am, so there's bound to be an error or two somewhere in there. Hopefully it's not too incoherent though.
  12. Oshiete Galko-chan Girl Talk: the anime essentially. It was alright, nothing particularly noteworthy to be honest. Gundam Thunderbolt ep 3 There's only one more episode left (assuming it won't get extended), and this episode felt like it was mainly to set up the stage for the last episode. The 3rd episode was more grim than the last two, since both sides are very desparate, and people are dying left and right. Will be very interesting to see how everything wraps up. I think the last ep will be out later this month, so hopefully, unlike ep 3, it won't take 3 or so weeks for it to get subbed im so hyped tbh (please watch this if you have any interest in it at all it's fantastic. Being familiar with the One Year War from Gundam 0079 helps, but it's not needed to enjoy the ova) MSG Iron Blooded Orphans Do you like child soldiers, nearly all male casts, unfulfilling romantic subplots, strong platonic bonds, occasional shirtlessness, cool robot designs, ridiculous hair, and pretty explosions? If so, get ready to raise your flag because boy do I have a show for you tl;dr though the deaths in the show are pretty predicatble, this was better than expected. If you're sick of whiny, pacifistic protags, Mika's quite the breath of fresh air, though he can be a bit bland at times. Am definitely looking forward to s2 and, as of right now, would recommend to people looking to get into Gundam. (hopefully season 2 won't make me regret saying that)
  13. machine

    LGBTQA+ Community

    Hello! Always nice to see this thread get some new activity I'm sorry to hear that some of your family members don't seem necessarily happy about you not being straight. It sounds like aside from some disapproval though, you're not in an unsafe situation which is good! If you don't mind me asking, how did you come out? I don't believe anyone here, including myself, is out to their family, so hearing what it was like for someone who's made that step could present a new perspective. And could you perhaps elaborate or at least vaguely describe at sort of help you're looking for? Even if no one here can help you, I could at least try to point you in a direction that would help you find the answers you're looking for.
  14. Yup. Long running series aren't very common, or are split up with a season or two of downtime in between. If you don't like what shows are currently airing in that format, you're kind of out of luck. Sure you can go back and finder older series, but there's a different feeling that comes with following something every week, for a fairly long period of time. And that feeling's getting increasingly hard to come by.. I wouldn't have pictured you as someone with a sophomoric sense of humor. Maybe by the end of the season, you'll grow to like, or at least not be completely bored by, the comedy in the SOL shows..? But then again... Hopefully you'll like the characters enough to not be too bothered by the comedy at least. You don't drop shows right? So good luck sticking with everything through ganbatte or however it's spelled Also, why do you like keeping your average at 5.0? but... if they're going to try to appeal to a certain age group, and be at least somewhat realistic, is it too much to ask they at least try to portay something that's taboo, but shouldn't be, positively? it probably is asking too much, but still.... it's just a nitpick but ahhhhhhh it bothers me im sorrrrrry
  15. ..can't.. let... KtPT win. .. .
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    Wacky Words

    antibacterial bourgeoisie
  17. It'd be really, really surprising if BnHA never got additional seasons, but 13 episodes is so short. There's a lack of long running series (long running as in longer than 2 consecutive cours), and it would've been cool if this could've had a longer intial run. Bones is pretty busy at the moment, but it's still a little disappointing imo that the first season isn't at least 2 cours. I was gonna post this, so you wouldn't have to double post but... Since you mentioned it, what is your sense of humor exactly? Is it just very specific like only liking one or two types of humor, or is it just bad luck that most, if not all of the comedy this season doesn't seem like it'll appeal to you? and I'm glad I'm not the only one that didn't particularly like the first ep of Sakamoto --------------------------------- I don't want to write much since I haven't seen the second ep's of most of these yet, so this'll have to do and this post would be really long if I went with the usual formatting so bare with me 12-sai Chiccahana Mune no Tokimeki - these kids move so fast. The two kids kissed on a whim, and like a day later they're already saying they love each other plz slow down kiddos 6th grade relationships aren't worth it. I'm a bit miffed how the whole period thing was handled since this is actually aimed at young girls, and while showing the characters be embarrassed about buying pads is relatable, part of the way you make people feel less embarrassed about it is by making it not a big deal. And the girl being hesitant to tell her dad about it since she doesn't have a mom could've been a really good scene becase, yeah it's gonna be awkward, but he kinda needs to be aware of that and agghhhh idk hopefully this'll be cute at the very least Anne Happy - ...Only really started this because the intial translation was "Unhappy" and that title intrigued me considering how bright the colors are. The two characters that caught my attention haven't really shown up much yet so... The opening's kinda catchy I guess?? pun-pun-pun-punchline punpunpunpunpunchline Boku no Hero Academia - The main character's deisgn, and personality a bit too, reminds me Tsuna from KHR, but with a color palette similar to Gon's from HxH. First episode left a nice impression and hopefully it'll follow the manga closely since I've heard almost exclusively positive things about that. High School Fleet/Haifuri - please be good, please be good, please be good, please be good, please be good, please be good. The first episode ended on such a good note and I'm going to be so incredibly disapointed if this takes a moe/SOL route. Especially since I just watched the first ep of Girls und Panzer not too long ago and wasn't a huge fan of it because of the school SOL parts Kiznaiver - Neat premise, hopefully the execution will be good. And I like the school's uniform and character designs and color palettes Koutetsujou no Kabaneri - Came for the industrial revolution setting and steampunk elements, staying for the SnK-like atmosphere and also maybe Mumei Kuma Miko - The ending song alone convinced me to stick with this one. The atmosphere of this one reminds me of Inari Konkon Koi Iroha for some reason, but that's 100% a good thing imo Shounen Maid - tiny protagonist.... just want him to be happy. Not a huge fan of the art style, but this seems alright so far. also this one has a title very similar to a shota hentai and that's hilarious tbh Tanaka-kn wa Itsumo Kedaruge - This is probably the one I was looking forward to the most, and the first ep didn't disappoint despite it being more laid-back than expected. Kinda gives off a Kimi to Boku feeling which is refershing. The art style is also a nice breath of fresh air
  18. Fantasy Life The character customization is neat, the writing's quirky, and there's a nice variety of enemies. There's a ridiculous amount of quests though (like 300 if I'm remembering correctly)
  19. Maybe... There's so few things that are truly black and white in all instances though, and because of that, it's hard to give generalized answers, especially since some are a question of morals, and situations that have to do with morals aren't always cut and dry. And the inclusion of a neutral answer could've doubled as a bit of a cop-out response too for questions you don't have an opinion on/don't want to have opinion on. Not having one just makes it more difficult since it forces you to choose a side
  20. ʕ´•ᴥ•`ʔ☆゚・*。*✧。゚kumaan~ village folklore is suprisingly erotic and weird as hell the little kids weren't in this week's episode and I'm disappointed --------- Smallpools - No Story Time
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